Jane Fonda Called American Soldiers “War Criminals” To Speak at UCLA Graduation

Full disclosure—I am a Viet Nam vet and remember how Jane Fonda caused American soldiers to be tortured—how she told the North Viet Namese the secrets the soldiers told her to take back to their families. She is an inhumane, hateful person that prefers the Chinese system, to freedom (“If you understood communism in China you would get down on your knees and pray for it here.”). She loves government and really loves it when people pay to see her act. Otherwise she hates capitalism.

Yet the bigots that run UCLA (these administrators use race, illegally, as a reason to enroll students) have invited Hanoi Jane to speak to graduates. She can tell them how to support totalitarians against America. Fonda can tell them that making a profit is bad, owning a car kills the planet and eating a good steak is disgusting. I am embarrassed that students will be forced to listen to this hateful person.

“We are truly honored to have Jane Fonda speak at this year’s commencement ceremony,” said Teri Schwartz, dean of UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. “Jane is a visionary and a remarkable artist who has spent her life telling deeply powerful stories that have moved and inspired audiences worldwide to action for the greater good and to a greater understanding of our common humanity through her films, philanthropic efforts and personal journeys.”


Veterans see red as Jane Fonda tapped to speak to UCLA grads

FoxNews 6/2/14


Vietnam veterans in California are furious all over again with Jane Fonda, after the actress was chosen to speak this month at a UCLA graduation ceremony.

Fonda, who in 1972 traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, to meet with enemy soldiers and called American soldiers “war criminals,” has been picked to be the graduation speaker at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television’s commencement ceremony on June 13.

“We hate her.”

“We hate her,” Nick Callas, 67, president of the Santa Clarita chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America, told FoxNews.com. “We won’t ever see any of her movies or support anything she did. It makes me sick to see her get this kind of recognition.

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  1. Please stop posting this misinformation. The very soldiers who are quoted as attributing the “War Criminals” Fonda quote have repeatably over the years stated it was fabricated and that they wish the rumor would stop being spread.. http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp

    • thefatefullightning says

      Eric stop being a waterboy for George Soros, Saul Alinsky and the rest of the rabble that would take this country down. Sopes.com is a Liberal extremist couple in the San Fernando Valley who are funded by Mr. Soros. Go to factcheck.com for a better breath of fresh air, or to an American Legion Post. If you come to ours you can see our collection of Jane Fonda pictures— epoxied into the strike zone of our urinals.

  2. Elliott Mitchell says

    Steve, i agree with the sentiment of your article, but UCLA has the right to get whomever they wish to speak. It is up to the students, their parents, and others to let the university know how upsetting this selection is.

    In 2004, John Kerry learned that we Vietnam Vets don’t forget or forgive. Fonda, I’m sure knows that, UCLA doesn’t, or more likely, doesn’t care.

    Thank you for you service.

    E. Mitchell, in memory of the 58,000+ who didn’t make it home alive.

  3. UCLA has the right to have any speaker address their graduating class; that is correct.
    Although it’s UCLA’s choice, of all who might wish to speak to encourage these young adults, the future of our country, leaders and or politicians, using and PAYING HANOI JANE to speak is just slap in the face of PATRIOTISM.
    S. Fukiage (it is 58,235 whom which never returned)

  4. Bruce Jacobson says

    Where do we start? the hatefulness of Jane Fonda or the plain stupidity of UCLA. I am a Vietnam Vet, I did not ask to go there but I went there as my country sent me there. UCLA may have THE RIGHT TO PICK ANY SPEAKER THEY WANT but consider the audience and the 58,000 people who never made it home. This is sick!

  5. askeptic says

    Hanoi Jane is a fitting figure-head for UCLA.
    BTW, Jane, how’s that movie career going for you?
    I’m sure those residuals are just rolling in from the massive audience that your work draws to cable and DVD.
    A question though:
    Do you send any of you Spousal Support from Ted to Tom?

  6. thefatefullightning says

    Jane Fonda made a huge internationally prominent mistake early in her career, 1972, when she spoke her heart in Hanoi. Many years later she apologized to a group of Vets [about 20] in a VFW Hall in Connecticut. Since then, she has continued to espouse the thinking of Saul Alinsky and every other Leftist radical subversive she could get her mouth on.

    We fought, and continue to fight, for freedom of speech. Just don’t ask us to hug those who would take this country down.

    Ms. Fonda will continue to have a great career, because it is only about 5% of the country that truly and deeply hates her. That would be our military and their families

  7. To think I almost went to UCLA, the school has gone down hill a long ways and had to look on the barrel bottom to scrape this useless skagg out, Hanoi Jane is a great American disgrace, thanks to or law she would not be stoned in a public square…..in my case I would love to throw a rock or two at her…in spite of the law.

  8. The Traitor “B”itch calls war evil while she is pictured with a combat Helmet, sitting behind a Anti-Aircraft Gun……….. That is a traitor and should not be walking on ground called America.. We as tax payers need to defund any learning institute that would have her as a speaker.

  9. Bruce Boyer says

    Shall we go out to UCLA to tell her to get lost?

  10. She is, was and ever will be a seditious bitch.
    No honor should befall those who would betray their country.

  11. Vance S. says

    The story about Hanoi Jane taking the secrets of the prisoners of war back to the North Vietnamese soldiers is a myth according to Snopes dot com. Can we just stop this boycotting of controversial figures speaking at universities. It really undermining the intellectual milieu of the university.

  12. Vance S. says

    I admire Jane Fonda for what she is, a great actress in the tradition of her father. I forgive her for the mistakes she made in her youth. We’ve all made mistakes. Fortunately for most of us, most people don’t remember and hold it against us when we get old.

  13. Hi Steve. This is a disgrace to vets. Of course Jane Fonda, one of the most controversial figures would pick THE most controversial school at
    UCLA. Their dean Teri Schwartz was the subject of an independent 2 year investigation revealing abuses in travel and entertainment. Thank you kids for your tuition increase. Was it donor money, student money or taxpayers money she used for her $20k London stays? Hey Schwartz, didn’t feel like driving LA traffic so you stayed at a hotel in Long Beach and charged it to UCLA. This is the person that had a limo pick up her dog from the kennel and charged it to UCLA! 350,000 annual salary not enough? Did you get a 15% increase last year?

    Of course the Chancellor would allow Fonda. He protected her during the scandal. He allowed all the travel exemptions. Ever wonder why LA Times never carried the story other newspapers did and why UCLA Bruin tried to bury the story? He’ll back up her decision here. He’ll backup her renewal this month too! That’s corruption for you. UCLA deserves Fonda!

    Thank you donors for letting these employees have $15,000 Christmas staff parties, $3,000 Christmas cards printed, $250,000 Chiat Day PR consultants, $200,000 Wilkinson consultants, $100,000 Lippin Group press group.

    Just Google “Center for Investigative Reporting CIR UCLA Officials Bend Travel Rules”, also “Youtube UCLA Officials Accused Of Lavish Travel Amenities” (CBS news) and “Youtube Luxury Spending by Deans” (CNN).

    UCLA Officials Bend Travel Rules (see infographic and case study)

    CBS Los Angeles News Report

    CNN Luxury Spending by Deans

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