Johnston: Gov. Newsom, Stop the Killing Fields of California

Is Gov. Newsom honest when he says he wants to save lives by closing down California for several months—killing jobs, killing education, causing more suicides and drug overdoses?  He has also spent the $21 billion reserve of the State and begging President Trump for more money to keep the doors open in California.  But, how does Newsom spend the money now?

He finances the killing of babies by Planned Parenthood and another abortion providers.  What he is saying is clear—the government and taxpayers can kill babies—and using tax dollars, kill the future as well, in the cause of “saving lives”  He does not want murderers to be given the death penalty, doesn’t want citizens dying of a virus, but has no problem with financing the killing of babies.  Is he mentally ill or just another wanna dictator, using his office to determine who is allowed to live and who dies?  No need to be “nice” about this—lives are at stake and babies are being killed in our names, with our money—while the Governor is killing the future of millions of people.

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Johnston:  Gov. Newsom, top the Killing Fields of California

Brian Johnston, California Pro-Life,  4/2/20 

Governor Gavin Newsom, like many other Democrat governors across the nation, has gone out of his way to show deference and special protection to the ideology of unlimited, government support of abortion. There is no abortion to which elected Democrats are allowed to say, “No.”

Restricting abortion for ‘reasons’ (the child is too old; the child is perfectly healthy; the child is wanted by the other parent or family members; there are no physical problems with the mother’s pregnancy; etc.) any reason given to monitor abortion mean you are restricting the unlimited ‘right to choose’ to end the life of that child, even healthy, late-term children.

But Governor Newsom’s administration goes well beyond his radical-Democrat, gubernatorial contemporaries. In February, when the governor shut down or restricted all other medical procedures, all churches, all restaurants and businesses that had dealings with the public; he granted carte-blanche to the Democrat party’s sacred cow: unlimited, human abortion and government financial sponsorship. As Chairman of California ProLife, I wrote him the following letter.


Governor Gavin Newsom

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Newsom,

We appeal to you, Governor Newsom to no longer encourage, pay for, and protect the unregulated practice of unlimited abortion in California. The ideological and non-scientific, belief in unlimited abortion and the continued operation of these abortion centers is the intentional spreading of death in the deadly era of coronavirus transmission.  

On Feb 4, Governor Newsom, your Department of Health Services, in response to a  California Freedom of Information Act request,  admitted they will pay for abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy and without any need for a medically indicated reason. Neither the condition of child nor of the mother need be at stake for state government payment. (Request response, pg. 2)

Abortion is California’s only elective medical procedure (‘choice’) that is now practiced without any regulation or medical standards of oversight.  All oversight and regulations were removed in a sweeping measure sponsored by radical  abortion advocate Richard Pan, in AB 980.  This lack of respect for mothers and babies, and even the safety of individuals involved in this unregulated corner of the health industry – particularly in the era of Covid-19 – is a blind and illogical commitment to the culture of Death. California Veterinary law requires much  greater cleanliness and medical safety  for dogs and cats than the state offers these mothers and their babies.

 We urge you, Governor, to reconsider this belief in unlimited abortion and the ‘special privileges’ you are now granting to this ideology of death. In a just society, no person can own another human being. No person is entitled to kill a human being they “own.”  The era of Corona virus requires additional concern for the lives of the vulnerable. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Brian Johnston, Chairman

on behalf of the Officers of the California ProLife Council, 

concerned California citizens and the individual members, chapters and affiliates of

The California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation,

The California affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee

cc. Members of the California Legislature,

   concerned members of the public

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  1. Gov Nusance……of Ca is another to keep careful watch on, he is dictate nutz..the nephew of Nancy Pee the loose cannon of the House, have common traits..Both are Clear and Present Dangers to this Country….

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