June 1: Back To Work Day in Los Angeles. People Declare

The people are fighting back.  No longer can families wait till Guv Newsom gets his billions from the Feds to balance his bankrupt State.  He needs to keep the State closed as long as possible so revenues go down, poverty goes up and government is the only way to survive.

Organically, people have come together to create June 1 as Back to Work Day in Los Angles.  Just as Tulare County told the Guv to mind his own business, they will open without his permission, businesses and workers in L.A. have given the Guv till May 31 to open the County—if he doesn’t, the people will do it.  Remember, churches are being re-opened on May 31, without Sacramento permission.  Permission?  That is found in the First Amendment.  Join this effort and get to work in Los Angeles—and everywhere else in California on June 1.

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Back To Work Day.

Open L.A. Business Now,  5/19/20 

A group of citizen activists is calling for a county wide “Back to Work” Day on June 1.  In light of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ refusal to acknowledge the realities of the Corona virus, their insistence on picking winners and losers among the County’s businesses, and the skyrocketing numbers of permanent business closures and unemployment filings with the cascade of other consequences to this destruction of our economy, the group feels it’s time for businesses to open up in a safe and responsible way and get back to work.

During the course of the lockdown, many businesses have been “allowed” to operate, while others are discriminated against and forced to stay closed for an indefinite period of time which continues to increase despite the absurdly low health risk to the general public posed by the virus.  Businesses of all kinds face the unfair consequences of the Board’s and Mayor’s arbitrary discrimination, with minority owned and businesses owned being the hardest hit.  It’s time for this to end.

June 1 is designated as a “BACK TO WORK” day, where businesses are encouraged to resume operations, taking on the same health and safety measures recommended by the state and the CDC that are effective at those businesses which have been among the lucky few to be opened during this lockdown period.

The economy-destroying policies put in place by the Board and the Mayor are in no way commensurate with the actual nature of the risk of the virus, and rather than save Los Angeles, they are killing this great city.  The “Back To Work” day aims to stop the hemorrhaging, and will benefit these businesses, their patrons, the entire supply chain, the city, the county, the state, and because of the relevance of Los Angeles to the culture and economy of the United States, the nation as a whole.

For more information, contact us at 213-788-2182 or visit our website OpenLABusinessNow.com

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. ExCaliExpat says

    It’s about time…

    This is our generation’s Boston Tea Party…

  2. As one protest sign read “when you elect tyrants, you get tyranny”. Sadly, people vote for a living in this state and will receive less and less as the state goes bankrupt. Police need to honor their Oath to the Constitution, and if not they become tyrants also.

  3. If the police or city leaders make arrests and/or shut of their utilities, it won’t be good considering they look other way of illegal aliens and homeless with all the illegal things they do.

  4. When push comes to shove, shove. Shove Newsom off his ☭ommunist demo☭rat pedestal, open up California, get back to work. Period. And he can go suck his thumb if he doesn’t like it.

  5. Need to stand up against President Donald Trump mandatory Vaccine to be dispensed to every American, or else. He is now become an enemy to our constitutional freedoms and liberties.

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