Katie Hill Made BIG Decision: She Wants Women Only (in Congress—Sexist!)

Katie Hill ran for Congress as a bi-sexual.  That means that while she was legally married, she would fill her bed with men or women.  She got caught advertising for a swingers cruise.  Katie was caught advertising her body on Reddit—asking for any and all.  To do this she used pictures to show what you would get.  But she got caught using her campaign funds to warm her bed.  Then got caught using her congressional budget, to warm her bed.   She was forced to resign from Congress. 

Now, she has shown her true colors:  She is a sexist.  While she has no problem with having men (and woman) in her bed—she does have a problem with men running for Congress.

From Politico of 11/14/19:

TWEET OF THE DAY: CA-25 candidate and Assemblywoman Christy Smith to potential competitors (more below): “Here’s an idea. How about all of you man spread in your own damn districts?! #CA25 belongs to #CA25”

Katie Hill is a sexist.  If a man had said ONLY a man could represent the 25th congressional district, he would be run out of the State on a rail—by the media, Democrats and Republicans.  This shows how immature she is and has been.  I do not care who she sleeps with, but as a resident of the 25th District I want the best possible person to replace her.  That could be a man, it could be a women, but it would be someone that does not abuse the taxpayers, staff members, does not want higher taxes or uses Congress as a campaign committee to create a coup.

We need someone with maturity and knowledge—male or female does not matter—except to the

Democrats.  For them, especially Katie Hill, if it weren’t for double standards, they would have no standards.

Katie Hill Only Wants a woman to replace her in Congress

California Politico Playbook,  11/14/19 

CENK AND CERNO AND CHRISTY, OH MY: The race to fill the CA-25 seat Rep. Katie Hill just resigned got more muddled yesterday. Progressive media star Cenk Uygur filed a statement of candidacy but was coy about his actual intentions; right-wing provocateur Mike Cernovich mused about matching him; and Hill sounded an awful lot like she was endorsing a successor in telling them to butt out and make space for Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith.

“A local gal flipped a decades-long Rep seat to win by 9 pts,” Hill tweeted. “A local gal is the only one who can keep it blue and the only one the community deserves. I called @ChristyforCA25 before I resigned to make sure she would run. Boys, please be gentlemen and step aside. She’s got this.” (As a reminder, this is a seat that former Trump adviser and Mueller target George Papadopoulos could also seek

(The Hill proclamation is simple—once a woman wins a legislative seat, it must always be held by a woman.  Obviously she needs to grow up emotionally and politically—sexist went out in the 1950’s)

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  1. Otis Needleman says

    Katie Hill can want in one hand and crap in the other. See which one fills up quicker. She is now a nonperson.

  2. The question becomes will the voters in that district see the errors of their ways? Hill is just another example of failed concept and failed goals.

    She is just another pretender with Socialists dreams that eventually collapse in dust.

  3. The Captive says

    She still is disgusting. Her whole out look on life is skewed to the left and how to screw the public —and she certainly does ,doesn’t she? She is just the type of ilk that the LGBTQ is looking for. Have they found her with all the crap she exhibits. Yes, she is an exhibitionist and is still sickening/

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