Kennelly: Interview with 2020 Presidential Libertarian Candidate Jacob Hornberger

The 2020 election is going to be like no other.  Gov. Newsom, without approval or public hearing changed the November election to all mail in ballots.  Watch other BLUE States do the same.  The Republicans are solid for President Trump.  The Democrats are looking for a gracefully way out of the projected Biden nomination.  .  Sanders people are upset, legitimate Democrat feminists are upset, his DISAPPROVAL rate is ten% higher than Trumps”!

The Libertarians, while never winning a congressional, Senatorial or Presidential race, discuss issues that become part of the political fabric.  Just as th Socialist Eugene V. Debs ran for President eight times—his goals and values are now the goals and values of the moderate wing fo the Democrat Party—the rest have fallen in love with bigotry, hate and government control of every aspect of our lives.

In this article, as part of the on going interviews with Presidential candidates, Edward Kennelly interviews Jacob Hornsberger, a long time leader inside the Libertarian Party.  Read it carefully, you will see a lot of the direction that President Trump wants our nation to take.

Interview with 2020 Presidential Libertarian Candidate Jacob Hornberger

By Edward Kennelly, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  5/11/20

Jacob Hornberger is the President and Founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He was the key note speaker at the 1996 Libertarian National Party Convention. He is the recipient of the Thomas Paine Award for his communications of libertarian principals. For the past thirty years his organization has promoted libertarian principles. He is the author of a wide variety of books including one on Kennedy’s assassination and another on the CIA.  He is now running to be the nominee of the Libertarian Party. On May 5, 2020 I had the privilege of doing a Zoom interview with Mr. Hornberger.

Kennelly: Why should somebody vote for you for president? How do you plan on winning support among Republicans and Democrats?

Hornberger: Well those are two separate questions. I don’t hold much hope that Democrats and Republicans would vote for me because I’m going after them both. They both are jointly responsible for the plight in which this nation finds itself. They are jointly responsible for our destruction of our liberty and our well-being. What I want to go after is the people who are not Democrats or Republicans. People who don’t vote, disinfected voters. African Americans that have played the biggest price for the Democratic-Republican war on drugs which is nothing but a Jim Crow type of government program. I want to go after Hispanics who have been vilified with this vicious, evil, immoral war on immigrants [and] on this socialist system of immigration control. I want to go after young people.

I keep telling the party that this is much more than a political race. This is a cause. This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Libertarian movement and the Libertarian party. Does the party want to go with some republican-light version of libertarianism, which I don’t consider as libertarianism at all, or do we want to go with a pure campaign of principles for the Party of principle. I say let’s do something bold for a change.

Kennelly: Why is a libertarian approach so important to the Coronavirus? What role should the federal government have in combating the Coronavirus?

Hornberger: It is an extremely important role because it is only libertarianism that can pull us out of this crisis. That would be the message I would be telling the American people if I was awarded the honor of this nomination. I would be saying, look ‘you have a choice here.’ This is not an exoteric choice anymore. This is a choice between life and death. If you like the system you live under: the healthcare system, economic system, and monetary system stick with Biden or Trump. It doesn’t matter which one you vote for because they both support the same philosophy, the same system that government should be centrally planning the economic, medical, and monetary sphere. With libertarianism we offer an entirely different world. [A system] based on liberty and free markets. So, we advocate a free market economic system, one where people keep everything they earn. No more withholdings.  Where you will have savings to get through an emergency like this.

A total free market healthcare system is the only way that will pull us out of this healthcare morass. There is no other solution to America’s healthcare crisis than the libertarian solution which is a separation of healthcare and the state, getting government entirely out of the healthcare business.

Kennelly: How do you plan on doing away with all government involvement in healthcare if people are so accustomed to it? What will people do who are dependent on Medicare, Medicaid, or the Affordable Care Act?

Hornberger: Well it is extremely difficult, when you grow up in a system like this, to imagine what life is like without the system. You are growing up in public schools where they are teaching you that this welfare way of life is freedom and free enterprise. Welfare statism is like a narcotic. Once you get on it, you get this mindset of dependency.

I grew up in an entirely different system than what you are growing up in. I grew up in the poorest area in the United States. I grew up in Laredo, Texas. Every day doctors’ offices were filled with poor people. The doctors knew that many, if not most of their patients, couldn’t pay. And it didn’t stop them from treating the patients. I never heard of one instance of where a doctor turned away someone for their inability to pay. They were still making a lot of money off of patients who were paying because the income taxes, at that time, were still relatively low. So, Doctors were still among the wealthiest people in town but they gave back to the community.

And the thing is this, no one had healthcare insurance because they didn’t need it. Healthcare costs were so low and so stable that going to the doctors was like going to the grocery store.

Then Medicare and Medicaid came in and that was the end. That’s what caused healthcare costs to soar. That’s what’s bankrupting people today. So, If you knockout these programs now all of a sudden there is no more withholding. They are taking two trillion dollars out of the younger people’s pockets. Leave that two trillion dollars in the pockets of the younger people. I have no doubts that you will take care of your parents if they need your help.

Kennelly: On a similar note, under your plan you want voluntary education, what will families do who can’t afford an education for their children? How will these children learn how to read if they can’t afford to go to private school or whose parents choose not to send them to school?

Hornberger: I have long favored the total separation of school and state. So, in a free market you have the dynamics of educational entrepreneurs coming in and offering a wide array of educational services to consumers. That way families can treat each of their children differently. Because, as you know, each child is different. Free markets are able to satisfy the unique desires that adhere to each person.

So what about the poor? First of all we should acknowledge that the poor are the ones who pay the biggest price for public schooling, like people in the inner cities. They get horrendous education. Then there is that mindset that is produced in public schooling that smashes out of kids the natural love of learning that comes with being a human being. You look at any child from [the age of] zero to six, he’s got this awe of the universe and he’s endeavoring his parents with that three letter word ‘why?’. By the time a lot of young people graduate from high school they’re not asking that question anymore. They hate learning. They can’t wait to get out of school. That is what the regimentation army-like public school does.

If you look at churches. The poor don’t seem to have any problem finding churches. Nobody locks out a poor person. The wealthy and the middle class tell them to come on in. No churches check you at the door to see if you donated. Well the same thing would happen in education. In a free market you would have entrepreneurs catering to the poor. Just as many restaurants cater to the poor. This is the concept of voluntary charity again. You see it all the time. That’s what we need to recapture again in our country: that feeling of believing in our self and believing in others and believing in freedom.

Kennelly: Several conservative commentators have been deplatformed from the internet. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson were deplatformed from social media.  What do you think the government can do to address this issue?

Hornberger: YouTube and Facebook are privately own entities. They are not government owned. They have the right to run their operations the way they want. People may boycott it if they do not like the policies and so forth. They can go to alternative means of communication. But they don’t have the right to go in there and use the government to force places to include people they don’t want to include.

Censorship is only when the government suppresses speech. It is never censorship when a private institution says I’m not going allow you to post on my site. That’s just private ownership.

Kennelly: Your solution to most of today’s problems is to let the free market handle it. Is there any problem the free market can’t solve?

Hornberger: No, the free market is your best vehicle across the board. Nothing is going to fix the system. The only thing that works is freedom and free markets. So we have to ditch the [current] system entirely. Get government entirely out of healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, and central planning. Have an entirely free market system. Now what I was saying earlier, it’s entirely a life or death choice. If people choose to stick with Biden or Trump they will live with the consequences and die with the consequences. What I’m saying is that a free market system will tremendously not only lower healthcare costs, they will get back to low and stable prices where people need insurance anymore. It’s also the way to significantly reduce the infection and death toll from this Coronavirus crisis because you will have the dynamics of a free market healthcare system that will be addressing this issue instead of know-nothing politicians, bureaucrats, and central planners.

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