Kristin Olsen: “GOP is dead in California”–Upset with Trump Economic Successes!

To be very clear—this attack on President Trump is just an excuse.  The movement to kill the Republican Party in California started in September, 2007 by Arnold Schwarzenegger—way before Trump was a GOP political figure.  This has been a coordinated effort over a period of years, not since January, 2017.

The September 8, 2007 L.A. Times reported the opening salvo to destroy the California Republican Party:

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a warning to his fellow California Republicans on Friday: Their party is doomed if it does not move to the political center.

In a speech before 1,200 delegates to a semiannual state party convention, Schwarzenegger said the group’s failure to reach out to independent and moderate voters — and embrace politicians who, like him, govern from the middle — is causing membership to plummet.

“In movie terms, . . . we are dying at the box office,” he said. “We are not filling the seats.”

Since then, under the support and guidance of Arnold, we have ended nominating Republicans in a Republican primary (on Nov. 6th there were 41 legislative seats without a GOP’er on the ballot), we ended Republican registration (the California Republican party stopped voter registration programs—with a flip from one million more Republicans than Decline to State voters, to 700,000 more Decline folks than Republican—in six years),

Thanks to these and other policies, we will start the 2019 legislative year with 19 Assembly members, 10 State Senators and 8-9 members of Congress.  At the same time groups like New Way California want the GOP to be an adjunct of the Democrat Party.   I am sure than Kristin Olsen is angry she is not longer GOP Assembly Leader, forced to resign as Vice Chair of the Republican Party and now declares the GOP dead.

Now is the time to look forward, remembering the lessons and failures of the past—not repeat them.  The GOP has positive policies, proven societal results and stand for uniting people.  We need new strategies implemented now.  Filing for the 2020 election is only 11 months away.

Trump state of the union

My turn: GOP is dead in California. A new way must rise


By Kristin Olsen, Special to CALmatters , 11/14/18

The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead – partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics.

Painful though it was, that was the message I delivered at the California Priorities Summit, sponsored by the Sacramento Bee in Sacramento last week.

I’ve spent my entire adult life in Republican politics, so for me to make such a comment wasn’t easy. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I and others have been warning people for years that this day of reckoning was coming if we didn’t do something different.

And as Election Night proved, that day has come.  While the rest of the nation saw a mix of Republican and Democrat victories, we in California experienced a blue tsunami. It looks as if  Democrats will win nearly every target seat, including some in districts that have been historically considered “safe” for Republicans.

Republican principles used to be about helping other people. We believed in lifting people up out of poverty by giving them robust and free economic opportunities and by providing a world-class education. We stood for giving people the freedom to run their own lives and businesses without undue government interference.

We welcomed people from all over the world who sought to live the American Dream and contribute to the economy and society. They could be secure in knowing that they would not be persecuted for who they are and that they could build strong families and vibrant neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, tragically, that is not the Republican Party promoted by President Donald Trump and his brand of national politics today. We have lost our way, and it’s killing any opportunity for political balance and thoughtful debate in California, elements that good public policy relies on.

One party rule is not good for any community, state or nation, but that’s what we have in California today. It’s because the Republican Party has failed to adapt to changing demographics and to get back to our basic fundamental belief in liberty and responsibility, freedom, economic opportunity, and educational excellence.

Without a viable second party to voice concerns about increasingly progressive policy proposals and to advance alternative policy solutions for addressing the many challenges facing California, our state will continue to veer leftward.

It is time for a New Way. And if the Republican Party can’t evolve, it may be time for a third party, one that will appeal to disenfranchised voters in the Republican and Democratic parties who long for better representation and a better California for all.

Individual Republicans are good, conscientious people dedicated to serving their communities, but they belong to a brand and a national party that is toxic and growing more toxic by the day.

Millions of Californians, millions of Americans, want and deserve leaders who will shake up establishments and help those who have felt ignored for far too long.

These leaders must understand that words matter, that healing and unity is important to the sustainability, strength, and growth of our nation, that end goals do not justify vindictive or hateful or ill-conceived means.

As Californians and Americans, we must work together to find and promote such leaders— people with the courage to help us return to bold and civil discourse and who value and promote the fundamental principles and values of our American Republic and constitutional democracy.

We must hold people in both parties accountable for governing, truth-telling, and civility.

For Republicans, the first step is to acknowledge that we have a serious internal problem. Ignoring the toxicity is not enough, as California’s election results demonstrate. We must call it out and model a different and better way because that’s what our fellow Californians deserve.

Kristin Olsen is a Stanislaus County supervisor and former Assembly Republican leader

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. While Trump’s STYLE may be grating, his SUBSTANCE is refreshing…
    Grow up and learn to differentiate the two…

  2. Oh, and she’s a fine one to lecture about “responsibility”…
    Does the name Chad Mayes ring a bell???
    Please remove the plank from your own eye, lady….

  3. Whistling past the graveyard

  4. Harry Maltby says

    This article is the toxic, calling the national toxic. You really need to have mirrors to see what hate is there in Cal.

  5. Maybe Kristin Olson should have said “I am a total failure”

  6. A complete RINO and anti-Trumper and an Adulterous to boot. She’s the one that has to go.

  7. James STEELE says

    They want the Kalyfornzuela GOP to be a branch of the dem’s Socialist policies.. If Iwant to vote for a “D” .. I’ll do it. I vote GOP for a reason and it ain’t to be marxist lite. Time after time, I see the CA GOP simply makes token elections candidates who don’t get in the mud and play dirty or sling poop. We should be out there every day with press releases, challenging the reds to debates and generally raising holy hell and pointing .. DAILY.. the slow moving disaster called Kalyfornzuela.. point out the huge numbers of big businesses leaving.. Boeing is the latest.. The D’s are killing off the golden goose as the middle class leaves and the well paying jobs become scarcer and scarcer, outside of silicon valley.. Otherwise, all I see at election time is .. ” It’s my time to run and lose”.. Dump the RINO’s from leadership and make it a point everyday to take a poke at the D’s. NO voter outreach for a few years while the D’s excell doing this.. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We now have 2 years to start taking it to the streets with protests and media coverage while Newsom starts to finish off Kaly.. And please get rid of the head of the CA GOP.. He’s worthless and stop putting losers in leadership positions time after time.

  8. Jeffrey Michael Elfont says

    Steve, I was telling you and Del Bacaro this long before Arnold ever thought of running for office. California is a pro-choice state, a CRP study told the leadership so, McGraw was chair at the time. Wake up, I know you are bright, remember helping me with a pro-Israel resolution?

  9. Now the Republicans who helped create top 2 understand how they failed.
    Now the Republicans who helped create the Carbon Tax understand how they failed.

    As a Republican Ex-Director when Arnold was running I raised the issues of not bracketing him into traditional Republican Values and the wrath that descended on me was amazing. I was told not to criticize him….

    When I answered when does the party get to question and get answers? The great wall of cone of silence happened. The Republican Party is not dead in California it is missing in action. Basic Middle Class values wins. Trying to kiss @$$ with a bunch of Socialists with money has not worked and will not work.

    The message is right. If you are not willing to stand by it you will lose.

    Obama Care is the example. Republicans refused to kill it and replace it with a free market answer that is less expensive and at a minimum matched the promise of the Socialists. Now Calif. is facing $440+ Billion plan by brain dead Newsom.

    Lay with dogs, don’t be surprised with the fleas.

    • “Republicans” didn’t refuse to kill ACA, ONE Rino did — John McCain. Was Trump idiotic to treat him the way he did in the primaries? Yes, indeed. But McCain’s middle finger to the party he’d supposedly called his own all his life — and the American people — and justice and fairness was truly despicable. As is our failures to call out the lies of the Dems that kept spouting that Republican plans didn’t protect pre-existing conditions. We’re probably going to have to fail completely, the checks that half our people (citizens or not) get from the gov will probably have to stop before people in this state get a clue…and then it WILL be too late.

  10. Clear thinking Senior says

    Jim Steele is right. The Republican party in California is going to the donkeys. There is nothing to loose by becoming a challenging, antagonistic and very verbal counter to the liberal party in California. There is a huge number of former Republicans that now register as independents, not because they are middle of the stream, but because they are disgusted with the leaders of the Republican party. There also are many liberals that would shift their vote if they understood the true facts about what is happening in California. The liberal party truly is destroying California – a once great state the is rapidly becoming third world.

  11. This may be true today, but tell me the Democrats are not committing suicide by letting illegal aliens in, 1/3 of whom are criminals often in the drug business that is killing 60,000 Americans a year, but it is not an invasion?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  12. It is said……”It will take a shovel to dig up the Republican Party in California.”
    I disagree, it will take a backhoe; That is, if you can find a non-union operator.
    ” The Republican Party” is persona non grata in the State of California. The Clinton machine and the liberal left, starting in 1992, have captured the large coastal populations and the election of Obama created an
    unbeatable plurality within the State; Trump only garnered 31.62%. With
    the growing political strength of the minority “voters” California will
    probably revert back to the State Constitution of 1849 and return to a
    two language State.

  13. Totallyfedup says

    As long as I am alive, and still in CA, the GOP is not dead.
    Everyday Day I tell democrats to get their heads out of their ass and see the way democrats are killing California.
    Only a complete fool or someone who is not paying attention and doesn’t care can’t see how CA is on track to total collapse.
    Better wise up soon people.
    As for Kristen, better pick a different subject to try and write about.

  14. We’re losing because California is self selecting for progressive radicals and indoctrinating the children for the same. Still Cox did pretty well.

  15. This woman can’t believe what she’s saying. R’s haven’t changed, it’s the D’s that offer-cradle-to-grave government gimmies, a very appealing prospect to the majority that pay little to nothing in income taxes. Until CA fails financially due to the social welfare gluttony, R’s should abandon the state.

  16. CA is already a two language state – that happened when the English language voted on was passed by the citizens but repealed by our liberal state court! And, it’s not the Republican party that stopped e-Verify, stopped federal laws that anyone must show and prove residency to vote, drive, and receive entitlements! It’s the big businesses ( supported by Chamber of Commerce . Ag., etc.), liberal
    education indoctrination, and unions that have made my state a 3rd world country that has become SO CROOKED that the state’s AG picks propositions and writes them deceivingly so votes support their plans. And those of us who are legal, law abiding, and patriotic citizens have NO WAY to stop the sanctuary and open borders policies that are driving us out of the state if we can…..I once was fired with enthusiasm that we could change the path this state has taken, but now I’m so sad it’s time for me to make a decision if it’s time to leave.

  17. After Gillibrand, and now Sinema, Olsen confirms that political women named Kristen are not to be listened to.

  18. The first lesson of self defense is to know what is going on around you.

  19. Keith Hardine says

    “If the foundations are destroyed,
    what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3, NIV

    By Keith Hardine

    I would say yes, if we who call ourselves conservative Republicans will humble ourselves and return to the agenda of advancing America’s Founding Principles, the way Abraham Lincoln and his original Republican Party did in order “to form a more perfect Union,” abolish slavery and champion equal rights for blacks.

    “Let us re-adopt the Declaration of Independence, and…the practices, and policies, which harmonize with it…Let all Americans — let all lovers of liberty everywhere — join in this great and good work. If we do this, we shall not only have saved the Union; but we shall have so saved it, that the succeeding millions of free happy people, the world over, shall rise up, and call us Blessed, to the latest generations,” said Lincoln in his October 16, 1854 Speech at Peoria.

    If you truly believe that the “self-evident Truths” asserted in the Declaration are true for all mankind, and for all times, then you are about as enlightened as were Lincoln’s, and George Washington’s generations for that matter—in the idea that “to acknowledge a Divine interposition [intervention] in our affairs” today, is just as beneficial to preserving our Constitutional Republic as it was during their time.

    That agency of an Omnipotently Sovereign God, which Washington expressed “was so often manifested during the American Revolution,” is still available to us, through faith in Jesus Christ today. All we have to do is repent of our compromising ways and turn back to His way doing things—as John Locke wrote in his Second Treatise Of Civil Government, Chpt. II, Sect. 4:

    “To understand political power [authority] rightly, and derive it from its original, we must consider what state all men are naturally in, and that is, a state of perfect freedom to order their actions, and dispose of their possessions and persons as they think fit, within the bounds of the Laws of Nature, without asking leave or depending upon the will of any other man.”

    It is by the consent of the governed, not by coercion, that men should rule other men—within the bounds of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God—it is what preserves a virtuous-civil society, which is something that California is in desperate need.

    The problem is that the progressive Democrats who rule California have “a long history of abuses and usurpations all having a design to reduce the People under absolute despotism.” Evidence of this lies in the disproportionately large numbers of unassimilated illegal aliens who live and work here under a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution. By this I mean that many of them who have entered our southern borders illegally at one time or another have settled into our communities, with no regard for our immigration laws, or understanding of how to preserve the American Republic. It is also what I believe contributed towards the New Democrat supermajority legislature that we now have after the November 2018 election which allowed non-citizens to vote—thanks to the “Motor Voter” law passed by Progressive Democrats.

    Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed the law in October 2013 to give legal driver’s licenses to the 2.5 million undocumented immigrants in California alone — most from Latin America and particularly neighboring Mexico.

    That announcement renewed interest in another California law, the “New Motor Voter Act,” which was passed in October 2015. The combination of these two acts, one allowing undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses, the other automatically registering citizens to vote when obtaining driver’s licenses, sparked legitimate fears that California was allowing undocumented residents to vote.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano said that “if you are an illegal alien in California, get a driver’s license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state, and federal elections in California and those votes count.”

    On “Fox & Friends”, host Steve Doocy explained, “The state of California has passed legislation (the Motor Voter law) that will automatically register eligible voters when they obtain or renew a driver’s license. Governor Jerry Brown says it’s a way to increase voter turnout, but critics warn the measure could add millions of illegal people to the rolls because the state allows undocumented aliens to get driver’s licenses.”

    California did all that in defiance of Congress’s authority “to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which means future elections will have little or no effect in “…securing our Blessings of Liberty,” without “a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, virtue, and a frequent recurrence to Fundamental Principles,” the way George Mason emphasized in his “Declaration of Rights, Article I, Section 15, in the Virginia Constitution of 1775.” So let’s pay the most careful attention to speaking and hearing, these principles, so that we do not drift FURTHER away.

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