LA Times Op-Ed: I Don’t Know About All These Blacks Owning Guns

The original group promoting gun control was the KKK.  They did not want blacks to have guns and shot back at them as them invaded the homes of black people.  Today, in cities like Chicago and New York, gun control is used, again, to prevent black people from protecting themselves—in this case from other blacks who want to kill them.  Gun control has been like Planned Parenthood, to pare down the number of blacks in society.

Now the L.A. Times prints a headline that is outrageous and racist:  “

LA Times Op-Ed: I Don’t Know About All These Blacks Owning Guns

Did the Klan take over the press room?  Is this the continuation of the jihad against people of color by the white supremacy ownership of the paer—kill off their jobs, their future, support the genocide by Planned Parenthood—and for the remainder, take the Second Amendment away from them.

LA Times Op-Ed: I Don’t Know About All These Blacks Owning Guns

Matt Vespa, Townhall,  6/27/22 

Well, this was an inevitable piece from the Left’s meltdown over the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Second Amendment. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen was a landmark case that struck down the Empire State’s justifiable need clause in their carry law. It also affirmed that American citizens have the right to carry outside the home for self-defense. It was the worst week ever for liberals as they had to deal with this ruling and the overturning of Roe w. Wade the next day in the Dobbs case. So, how does the Left deal with an expansion of civil rights? They worry about gun ownership spiking among nonwhites. Yeah, they’re going all ‘rifle clubs a la Reconstruction’ on gun rights when it comes to black Americans, and we’re supposedly the side taking America backward. That’s what hit the op-ed pages of the LA Times:

Nathan W. Jones leads the Bay Area chapter of the Black Gun Owners Assn. But until a few years ago, he wasn’t even into guns.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, sending racial justice protesters into the streets. And white supremacists trashed the U.S. Capitol in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Suddenly, it seemed as if America was on the brink. And with the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade on Friday, emboldening a militant array of white Christian nationalists, we clearly still are.

“I had visions of mobs dragging people through the streets, and something just kind of switched,” Jones told me. “We can’t rely on anybody else to come and save us. It has to be us.”


If the Supreme Court’s ruling sticks, Jones believes more Black people could start carrying their weapons in public — particularly if the white supremacists and Christian nationalists in our midst start doing the same.

In our polarized political environment, that’s a dangerous scenario that seems increasingly likely. Just as likely as some Black people wrongly getting shot by police while legally carrying a firearm. When society is armed to the teeth, bad things are bound to happen.

Jones feels he has little choice but to be a gun owner, though.

“What we need to do,” he said, “is redefine the notion of Black people with guns and what that means.”

The Left still doesn’t get that the Second Amendment is for everyone. This proves it. Whatever the reason, you have a right to bear arms. Whatever the reason. And yes, while the liberal media overstates the number of white supremacists and Christian nationalists—I can absolutely empathize with nonwhites wanting to pack heat in the wake of the Buffalo shooting. Of course, this piece just glosses over the fact that nonwhites and women have been stocking up on arms for the better part of a decade. Women especially have been for obtaining carry permits and participating in shooting sports. And there was a retelling of the law that banned open carry in California in the late 1960s. The Black Panthers roaming the state capitol was cited as the reason. Look, the whole point of concealed carry is to not draw that kind of attention. You do need to go through safety courses. You do need to go through a background check. This isn’t like signing up for a new credit card.

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  1. Did foreign and domestic enemies steal (coup) the 2020 election…look at gun narrative and not the overthrow of our government?

  2. Otis Needleman says

    I don’t care what color a gun owner is, as long as they are a law-abiding person. CA badly needs Constitutional carry.

  3. For long a time Blacks couldn’t own guns, even after the Civil War ended. Certain groups still wanted control over the Blacks. Certain states, Blacks weren’t allowed to own guns until later in the late 50’s. Can you imagine if a group of Klans men come to a black man’s house, and he came out with an AR-15? Awesome! To me, not just Blacks, any law-abiding citizen of all color including white, should own a gun to protect themselves from uncivil rest, breaking into their home, and the possibility of ‘severe government control’ from our 2nd Amendment. The Dems/Reps are really hacking away our rights to the 2nd Amendment. California is really a good example of those A-holes in Sacramento are really trying to prohibit law-abiding citizens to own guns.

  4. Richard Wahl says

    Stupidfornia AG Bonta just released to the public all of the names and addresses of CCW holders throughout the state. Be ready. Theft should not be a problem, because of the deterrent, unless the scumbags know you are not home.

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