Letter to Department of Justice: Give California Back the Constitution

Letter to Department of Justice:  Give California Back the Constitution

Please look at this letter—and act.  If you want your freedoms back, want the Constitution to be followed in California, we need the Federal government to intervene on our behalf.

Letter to Department of Justice:  Give California Back the Constitution

California Political News and Views,  6/3/20 

Dear American Citizen,

Now is the time to stand for your First Amendment rights. Attorney General Barr has assigned Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband Civil Rights Division to receive all civil rights infractions during COVID-19. Focusing on the “Freedom To Assemble” in the First Amendment including the right to worship and legally protest on public property without restricting the number of attendees. A sample letter is listed below.

Please submit your complaints to the website listed below for an email complaint or a written complaint may be sent to the address listed below. NOW is the time to raise your voices for freedom!

You can submit your complaint via email to:

https://civilrights.justice.gov/report/ – email form


Written complaint mail to:

ATTN: Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main
Washington, D.C. 20530


Dear District Attorney Dreiband,

I am writing to you regarding my Constitutional rights, specifically the First Amendment,  being infringed upon in California. As we collectively fight against COVID-19, Governor Newsom has attacked our rights in several aspects.

Listed below:

* Edict determining only up to 25% of legal occupancy or 100 people can assemble in a house of worship.

Against the First Amendment. Freedom to Assemble and discrimination against religion.

* Edict determining that only up to 100 people can protest against him or other entities.

Against the Freedom to Assemble clause in the First Amendment.

We, as Americans, cannot allow our Constitutional rights be dissolved under a health order. If we succumb to this, this could be utilized by governmental entities and dissolve our protected constitutional rights every time  there is a deemed crisis. 

As it stands now under a health order by the State of California, the fact that one Health Director (UNELECTED OR VETTED) of every County in California can supersede the Board of Supervisors of each County is despicable. The fact that City Managers (appointed) of each city can supersede a City Council and make arbitrary decisions without City Council’s approvals or hold City Councils powerless in decision making is despicable. This is NOT what our Founding Fathers envisioned.  

We, implore you as our protector in the Department of Justice, to intervene in California regarding the Houses of Worship restriction to number of attendees to freely assemble by Governor Newsom. This is the foundation of our Republic.

We, also implore you, to intervene for the “Freedom to Assemble” for our right to protest on public property without being restricted by a number’s game. This also, is a foundational factor of our Constitution.

It is time for legal action. This overreach is destroying businesses, churches, and more importantly, lives of American citizens and eroding our “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Governor Newsom’s citations/regulations for houses of worship and protests – 




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  1. William Hicks says

    Ironic that the death of a man allows demonstration with impunity. That said, this is reason for demonstrating. But, if people demonstrate against an unconstitutional edict given by an out of control governor, they will be at least ticketed or even jailed. Yet rioters, looters and arsonists receive a stand down by police. Who gave that stand down, or is it assumed that police will receive the full force of an out of control, politically motivated Governor or mayor?

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