Maxine Waters Celebrates Radical Abortion Bill: ‘Governor Abbott, This One’s for You!’

Maxine Waters is cheering—there is a bill in Congress to kill black babies and female babies—folks she does not want to exist.  Yes, I know Waters is black and a female—but she is alive.  If her values exited when she was born the eugenics based, hate black people Planned Parenthood would have aborted her.

“”We are very proud of this achievement,” said a Pfizer spokesperson. “We can now confidently say that there is only a very small chance your child will suffer life-altering complications or death from the vaccine. Chances are still a bit higher than the chances of your kid dying from COVID, but hey! Give us some credit here! Not bad, huh?”

Experts confirmed that even though there is a statistically 0% chance of kids dying from COVID, parents should still require kids to get the vaccine immediately, to make up for Pfizer’s financial loss from the FDA not approving booster shots right away.

Why does Waters and her Democrat Party hate black people, hate females so much they want them killed—someone needs to ask her that question.  She opposes the Klan killing blacks—so why dies SHE approve of Planned Parenthood doing it—as if they were the Klan.

Maxine Waters Celebrates Radical Abortion Bill: ‘Governor Abbott, This One’s for You!’

Hannah Bleau, Breitbart,  9/25/21 

Far-left California lawmaker Rep. Maxine Waters (D) celebrated the Democrat-passed abortion bill Friday, which essentially bars state governments from enacting any “law, rule, regulation, standard, or other provision” that violates the act permitting the brutal killing of unborn children even up to birth.

“Leave women alone!” the 83-year-old lawmaker declared, blasting Texas for prioritizing protection for unborn children.

“The Texas legislature voted to interfere with a woman’s right to choose & they’re rewarding vigilantes for coming after women & their doctors. Today, I voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. Governor Abbott, this one’s for you!” she said, using the hashtag, #LeaveWomenAlone:

Waters’ slight to Abbott follows the enactment of the Lone Star State’s pro-life law, which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The Democrat-led House passed the bill, Women’s Health Protection Act, 218-211, with no support from Republicans, who blasted the brutal nature of the legislation.

 “Socialist Democrats’ radical, pro-abortion position has shifted from ‘safe, legal, and rare’[1] to, in some places, pro-infanticide,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who voted against the bill, said in a statement.

“Their extreme position is repulsive and science denial of the first order because science confirms that human life begins at conception,” he continued, identifying America as “one of only seven countries worldwide that allows abortions after 20 weeks.”

“That puts America in the same category as notorious human rights abusers China and North Korea. That is not a record Socialist Democrats should be proud of,” he added.

The Democrats’ radical act deems restrictions on abortion as a means perpetuating “systems of oppression, lack of bodily autonomy, white supremacy, and anti-Black racism.”

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  1. Maxine Waters is such a disgusting repulsive creature thing, she makes serial murderers look good…oh, wait

  2. If there was ever a case for abortion.

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