Mexican President Claims to be “CO-Governor” of California

The President of Mexico has told the United States to open our borders—so California’s confused Guv Brown announced any and all illegal aliens are welcomed in our State. The Mexican President demands California give drivers licenses to criminals from his country—and Sacramento Democrats do it. The Mexican President wants illegal aliens to get a free UC education—and the Democrats in Sacramento do it, to the detriment of honest American students and taxpayers.

Who is Governor? Who runs the Sacramento legislature? “According to the Los Angeles Times, Pena Nieto claimed to have a responsibility for all Mexicans, “regardless of where they live,” as the Times put it.

“This is the other Mexico,” Pena Nieto said, vowing to improve services at Mexican consulates in the U.S.”

Why vote for Kashkari or Brown for governor—the man running California policy is the Mexican President.

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Mexican president calls US ‘the other Mexico’; warns US govs to back immigration ‘reform’

byJoe Saunders, BizPac Review, 8/27/14

Pena Nieto must be Spanish for “arrogant.”

On a two-day trip to California this week, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto insulted his host country at least twice, referring to the United States as “the other Mexico” and criticizing states that want to control immigration as not having “evolved” as much as California when it comes to letting illegal immigrants run roughshod over their social structure.

Do they not teach manners south of the border?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Pena Nieto claimed to have a responsibility for all Mexicans, “regardless of where they live,” as the Times put it.

“This is the other Mexico,” Pena Nieto said, vowing to improve services at Mexican consulates in the U.S.

Actually, it’s not “the other Mexico.” It’s the only United States of America — and still the envy of the world. And if some poor-relation border country president wants to pay another visit, his time might be better spent figuring out how to make his own country worth a damn instead of bragging about how he was going to help more of his own countryman who clawed their way away from home get the free education and health care illegal immigrants enjoy in the United States.

But Pena Nieto sees it differently. While congratulating California’s liberal Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown for cravenly – and probably illegally — turning the once-Golden State into a haven for foreign criminals, il signor presidente had the effrontery to obliquely threaten Brown’s fellow governors who still think immigration into America should be controlled by American laws.

“There are still states that have not evolved so much as California, that still skimp on recognition and, even worse, the rights of immigrants,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

“Those who still believe and bet for the exclusion and discrimination or the rejection of diversity … I only have one thing to say: the future, and a very near future, will demonstrate your ethical mistake. Time will show we’re right.”

Those are not the words of a guest. They are the threats of a thug. Take out the buzzwords of “exclusion” and “diversity,” take out the obscenely deliberate misuse of the noble word “ethical,” and what you have is an unspoken gangster’s “or else.”

And this is a man whose own country was a conduit for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who flooded the United States this summer from countries even worse than Mexico.

The worst part about it is American Democrats, from the White House in Washington to the California Governor’s Mansion to the community organizers around the country are doing their damndest to make Pena Nieto’s words come true.

“The other Mexico.”

Is that what those dead, white males in Philadelphia were aiming for?


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  1. this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! He has NO right to demand we do anything for HIS citizens… HIS citizens are HIS responsibility.. that man is nothing but a thug (NO RESPECT FOR THIS COUNTRY, OUR LAWS AND OUR CITIZENS) and our sorry politicians are bowing down to him… How about HE PAY us some money for HIS citizens!!!!!! HIS citizens are draining OUR resources and OUR tax dollars!!! Someone needs to grow a backbone and tell this thug of a Mexican President and tell him THIS is NOT his country!!! And I’m betting, he won’t change his immigration policy for Mexico… they will remain tough against all foreigners while he destroys the USA and causes our collapse from the strain of HIS citizens on our economy and OUR citizens are paying the price while HIS citizens get a free pass!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE OR GIVE UP AND SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE USA!!!

  2. And we have an American soldier rotting in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed the Mexican border with a gun in his truck…….and he told the officials he came across the border by mistake (which is easy to do) and that he had a gun. And months later he is still rotting in that jail. Did Governor Brown or President Obama do ANYTHING to demand his release? NO. But they allow Mexicans and everyone else to just cross freely into our country. America you better wake the heck up. It is just about too late. I hope you like working for the rest of your life to pay for these ILLEGALS.

  3. The people of CA need to STOP paying taxes. Go to your HR department and change your deductions to 15 so no taxes are taken out. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING except essentials. Believe me Gov. Brown will sing a different tune fast. If you don’t have what it takes to stand up then you better get out of CA fast.

  4. And this helps explain why mexico is just a corrupt, crappy little country run by an ignorant thug. You idiots of CA knew Brown was a airhead when you voted for him, twice, so don’t complain now that he is just doing more of the asinine tricks he has always done. He is in so far over his head, he can’t see the sky. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT MORON BROWN AGAIN.

    • Well people if you don’t boycott all Mexican products and this includes cruises to Mexico, you won’t make a dent in their economy. Look at all the Mexican produce in our super markets. It’s terrible how they compete with our farmers. We only buy produce grown in the U.S.A. In fact, lots of produce grown in Mexico isn’t safe to eat. Remember the strawberry yogurt from Mexico that poisoned people some years ago. Also listeria fro their cheese products. So quit buying their stuff and support American made products!

    • “…a corrupt, crappy little (state) run by … ignorant thug(s)…”

      Wonderful description of current-day California.

  5. Gee, I wonder if I can get a drivers license in Mexico, and of course they’ll provide the testing materials in English (right?).

  6. The Mexican president can run his own country but yet Stupid Brown is going to let him tell him what to do. You idiots that voted for Brown should be very happy with yourselves. I just pray that some illegal takes your job and impregnates your kid too. Stupid asses.

  7. Signs of the ungodly, the end times…

  8. The Scarlet Pimpernel says

    If he has “a responsibility for all Mexicans” then I suggest that HE be jailed when they commit crimes here.

  9. notosharia says

    Do we really need another ILLEGAL to funnel and suck our taxes into the pockets of Mexican politics ?

  10. Commie stupid democRATS libturd politicians stolen our money to feed those mexican invaders. The mexico president thug threaten us that in the near future mexicans will take over USA just by votes. Mexico pres. thug dumped his uneducation, unskill and poor illegal mexicans & latino countries invaders to the US plus their gangsters and terrorist also.
    Democrat party = communist, socialist = Corruption party= big gangsters = Mexico thugs party.

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