New Prop 13—Education Scam to Finance Higher LOCAL Property Taxes and More

Do not confuse Prop. 13, passed in 1978, led by Howard Jarvis. That IS NOT on the ballot March 3 in the 2020 primary.  This Prop. 13 is a $26 billion school bond, $11 billion of which goes to Wall Street—NOT education.  Prop. 13 in 1978 protected homeowners and business owners.  The 2020 version of Prop. 13 finances special interests, illegal aliens, “diversity”, and bigotry and does nothing to fix the failed government education available in California.

This Prop. 13 is anti-worker.  Only those who are dues paying union members are allowed to work on its construction projects—leaving 94% of California forced to pay the payoff to the unions which control the Democrat Party.

While Guv Newsom and most Democrats have openly supported it, GOP leaders have been silent.

New Prop 13—Education Scam to Finance Higher LOCAL Property Taxes and More

Stephen Frank Editorial, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  1/20/20

In an ironic quirk of fate, the March primary ballot will see another Prop. 13.  In 1978, that Prop. 13 was meant to save homeowners money and protect their homes.  The 2020 version of Prop. 13 is meant to reward failed government education, finance assistance to “illegal aliens, “diversity” and to RAISE your local property taxes.  All of this, and more, at a cost of $15 billion for “education” and $11 billion in payments to Wall Street.

Almost All Democrats supports this bond, as do GOP Assembly members Jordan Cunningham and Tyler Diep.


The bigger question is why didn’t the California Republican Party at the September convention take a stand on this measure.  Since then, the CRP Board of Directors have not taken a stand on this, nor has the CRP Executive Committee. 

This measure does not fix or solve the problems of our government schools.  Where is the outrage that tuition is going up for the next five years in the UC system, while this Prop. 13 will help finance attorneys for illegal aliens, scholarships for them and now money for graduate schools for illegal aliens.

The UC and State College system is spending tens of millions of dollars on “diversity” administrators and discriminatory entrance policies—this Prop. 13 allows them to double the money available for these outrageous policies.

Note that UCLA is the first in the nation being investigated by the Federal government for anti-Semitism.  By assured, UC Davis, UC Irvine and other California campuses are in line for the same type of investigation.  Our campuses are unsafe for those supporting the Constitution, believers in open and free discussion of issues.  Campus after campus has had riots, open bullying—even by administrators and faculty.

This is what you will hear Prop. 13 will give us:

It will authorize $15 billion for school and college facilities in California, including $9 billion for preschool and K-12 schools, $4 billion for universities, and $2 billion for community colleges.

But the scandal is how it forces local school districts to raise property taxes to take advantage of the “free” state money.  Free? From Ballotpedia: “The state would use the bond revenue to provide matching funds for school districts that cover between 60 and 65 percent of the costs of modernization projects and 50 and 55 percent of the costs of construction projects.”,_School_and_College_Facilities_Bond_(March_2020)

To get the State money the local districts, many of which are almost bankrupt and up against their debt limit will need more bond money to get the State money.  So how do they do that?  This is a Texas two step.  First pass Prop. 13 and by doing so, you can DOUBLE your allowed debt.

  • Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, stated, “Currently, there are strict limits on how much bond debt local school districts are allowed to carry. But a hidden provision of Prop. 13 (2020) nearly doubles the limits school districts can borrow. This means huge increases in property taxes are a near certainty. Who pays property taxes? We all do, either directly in property tax bills or through higher rents and other costs. Unlike the Prop. 13 from 1978, this Prop. 13 puts all taxpayers at risk of higher taxes.”[, from Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, “Hidden agenda in masquerading big bond measure,” November 24, 2019

Then you have the union backed section of the ballot measure. “Within each of these factors, the Department of General Services  would further prioritize projects that include the use of a project labor agreement..

What does that mean?  California has only 6% of its workers as members of unions.  But this section demands that they are the only ones, under a Project Labor Agreement, be allowed to work.  That means 94% PAY for the bond—but 6% are allowed to get the work.  Discrimination?  Of course.  That is why Gov. Newsom is the major endorser of this measure along with most of the Assembly and Senate Democrats.  Only two Republicans in the legislature support this anti-worker, anti-family, pro illegal alien effort.

And that brings me to the California Republican Party:  LEADERS LEAD

The role of a political Party is to take a stand on issues, show folks where the Party stands on significant measures.  While this is a $26 billion statewide measure—local districts will have to pass bonds of over $10 billion to take advantage of the matching funds provisions.  So, this is really a $46 billion bond measure—with Wall Street getting $11 billion from Prop. 13 and then getting another $10 billion for the local bond measures.  The big winner is Wall Street—not the children.

How should Republicans vote?  Should the State CRP give a direction, a reason to support or oppose the measure?  The bigger question has to do with voter registration.  As voters note that the CRP does not take a stand on the measure, they have to ask, why register with a political Party that has no voter registration program—and does not take a stand on important issues of the day?  Could this be part of the reason the California GOP has 23% of the voters registered—and NPP, the Chad Mayes Party—has 26%. 

The purpose of a political party is to take a stand, support candidates—and run candidates.  If it doesn’t, then why have the Party.  There is still time for the Board of Directors to “recommend” voters oppose Prop. 13 and give the reasons why.  While this is not an endorsement, it does give direction. 


About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Col.John&Suellen Shea says

    THANK YOU for this info – I’ll be passing it far & wide…and YES, the GOP should & must take a lead on this!!! They need to get a spine.

  2. Thank You

  3. Grandpa dog says

    Yes let’s give the overpaid California teachers more money. Right now 12th graders can only do third grade math, with this big pay increase maybe they’ll get to the fourth grade level, but the way California works it’ll probably go to second grade.

    If the real Prop 13 goes away, a lot of senior citizens will be forced to sell their homes because they cannot afford the taxes and crashing real estate values because of the flood of inventory.

    One last thing, the Republican Party should just admit defeat here and close up shop in this state. Their pathetic response to this initiative and others is completely unacceptable. Not one word from any republican on the recall and they’re not helping at all. The Republican Party here is probably in bed with the Democrats – we need to start over…

    • you’re right; politicians cut a fat hog. people got drafted for a war, draft people for political office, once your term is over, you’re done! couldn’t be much worse that what we now have, even if we draft college dropouts.

  4. Don’t fool yourself…any monies given toward schools will be used for the pension plan and NOT the children.

  5. The San Mateo County Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to OPPOSE Prop 13 on the Mar 03, 2020 Presidential Primary.

  6. Who do you trust?

    This will pass. Who cares…..

  7. Ballotpedia lists the Democrat Party, Democrat Presidental Candidates, CA Democrat Congressional Caucus, and nearly every state Democrat in its support of Prop 13. NOTHING mentioned for opposition by a single Republican Party, county, group, official, or candidate. CAGOP, county committees, and officials (both running for office or elected) need to get ahold of Ballotpedia and edit the record, and officially join the Campaign here> #GetAgressiveGOP

  8. And guess what they else the Dems – hold on to your hat, its huge and very well hidden – use that Bond money for, not just funding Dem Union-Only Pockets with pay in California, the “Not-The-Right-To-Work-State”?

    Oh it’s huge…..hold on to your hat……

    It ensures the Dems get funds to pay off all their own Dem Officials, spending money “For the Kids.” (Wrong, Not.) Owning their votes forever. That’s why they vote lock step…one way.

    And fill their political coffers from them, too. Massively!

    That Bond money goes to illegally sole-sourced construction products in schools, in all kinds of areas. Which is how they quietly raid these Bonds, stealing from the taxpayers. Yes, I said stealing.

    I would suspect close to 90-100% of the Bonds are not needed at all.

    Side Question: Is California losing so many residents they HAVE to import illegals to keep up the ruse of needing schools “For the Kiddies????” To keep up this huge, massive hidden scams going on all over the country and Canada with the left and other countries now too-for decades???

    The FBI certainly thinks these scams are huge and real, knows alllllll about the political connections/Dems and in schools for 12+ years now out of the largest political corruption unit in the country (and in CA)…… but keeps going after singular Republicans instead. Wonder why…..hmmmmm……. Read on….

    For Example – how it works, just a few of the massive theft items:
    1. Roofs yes roofs – who would ever even watch that going on…a “natural” and assumed to be necessary expense – since at least the 1960’s in Los Angeles area…and since the 1930’s all over the country. Roofs are put down in illegally sole-sourced specifications at 3-8 times the cost, done every 6-8 years, not every 25 years. That’s what tipped this Atlantan off…..they have 72 inches of rain there every year, CA not, so it didn’t add up….and turned out the largest roofing contractor in the world Bryant at the time was along with the mfr. caught at my job “shorting” the asphalt between the plies – to ensure the roofs needed to be redone so fast. (And at IBM’s chip making facility in the Silicone Valley, they lost well over $100 million in two Clean Rooms due to the shorting.) Oh how sweet! (Sarcasm).

    School Bond funds spread into roofing contracts requiring “Maintenance” costs to be paid every 5 years, which the legitimate four real roofing manufacturers and the good boutique manufacturer on the west coast out of Portland does NOT do – they have real warranties, that might cost $500 to $2,000 to fix, picked up by the manufacturer in the 25 year life of the roof. Not $50,000 every 5 years but whoops you don’t seem to meet their “terms” to pay it, so you have to pay instead for a new roof, at years 6-8. Reps under those schemes in California make over $1 million a year ripping off schools, under “School Bonds”…..mfrs. much more, while the salesmen for the 4 real major mfrs./Portland mfr. make $60,000 a year, working so much harder and up against that massive corruption wall getting NOWHERE. With real products that last, with real warranties. The scammers give Mercedes, $10,000 in debit cards/travel coupons etc. for contracts to each of the (Dem) School Board members. It was a sweet-looking “Grandma” on the SF School Board/SF DCC told me “EVERYBODY!” was involved, then threatened my life twice in the next two minutes – during my justifiable whistleblowing case..with men and women in the roofing industry in 24 states and Canada and the press and so much more calling…and never going away. Thank you California for destroying education to fill the Dems pockets, to own votes and politicians and help the left win. At everyones’ expense while rippling the taxpayers off happily. And no one listening or doing a thing, other than the State Auditor and one Legislative Committee that did. Their laws stopped by yet another dirty now in prison former SF Sch Board President…then State Senator….carrying bills to Gov. Schwarznegger. Oh yes, the infestation is everywhere – and they get away with abuse of power like crazy…including that last State Senators’ family still threatening me while he’s in prison, no matter where I go. How Sweet!

    2. Mechanical Equipment. You don’t understand or see that one going on, but the FBI in that case, after having “Strongly Recommending Prosecutions” of my bosses at UCSF involved in the massive scam above….and being stopped by the US Atty Gen here at the time Robert Mueller… kidding…..went on to try to unearth this scam and did – and got stopped again. The Dems own the Feds, including the DOJ, that is very, very clear.

    It’s a beauty.

    What happens is that in new Construction and Maintenance Products, the Mechanical Engineers “write” specs (usually handed to them, same with roofing, etc.)….and they “Bundle” products for many items into one product/contract. In that world, for instance, the Air Control Valves are leaking 30%, guaranteed to “fail” quickly, and cost $10,000. One mechanical engineer in Texas had developed an air control valve that did not leak, 100% effective, that lasted….and cost only $1,000. But he could not compete. In the overblown specs, likely being redone every few years, at the same high rates, giving Union workers yet again more and unnecessary work…..they were also doing it at UCSF and in the Hospitals and many others around the SF Bay Area and California and the US…..which is dangerous when it comes to disease and everyone’s health. It’s still going on. NO ONE WILL DO THE RIGHT THING.

    3. Hardware. This is real beauty. In Contra Costa Schools (for instance), they will put out a hardware spec (locks, handles, door closers and so much more), and at the bottom of the bid sheet?

    In the lower right-hand corner will be two letters, “NP”.

    What does that mean?

    “Not Permitted”.

    In other words, if you bid any other product than shown, you will lose your $250,000 deposit with that company – one of the three major “manufacturers”. Hardware stores/suppliers involved have their hands tied – they can’t bid if they don’t pay the deposit, and they lose it if they bid competitively.

    So how could specs be sole-sourced and get away with it?

    Normal bid specs country-wide and federal have to list 3 products (equals) and the term “Or Equal”. If not, you could lose your license or go to jail for it.

    But not in California, when I first reported it. Not only was it against a 1979 Amendment to the California Constitution that required UC to bid out construction competitively, ir was against state law – which only required you to list 2 products and the term “Or Equal”. Which UCSF officials would not tell me for the first 2 years I worked there….I pushed back, got nowhere.

    Today? The Dems have ensured the state Public Contract Code does not require the listing of a product or just one. And no “Or Equal”.

    California, you have screwed yourselves royally for the Dems and helped foist this living, horror of a hell on the rest of the US.

    Just think of what that money could go to – if it even needs to be spent and create more taxes – for what??? and do we really need to spend any of it?

    It’s going to take a cleanout of the DOJ and more to get any of this rooted out, and pain. People you know and love are involved.

    Bill Lockyer as State Atty. General did – he was in the Roofer’s Union, his stepfather was a roofer who did these roofs. It was the Unions’ LA branch that called and said that if they were talking to me, to watch out, they were deep-sixing it. They certainly did deep-six it.

    EVERYONE is involved.

    I found that out with one in the SF GOP, in charge of a trade union involved, telling speakers from the PRI etc. “Don’t listen to her” when I would speak, standing behind me at the former SF School Bd Pres/State Senators’ Town Hall when I spoke one time, pointing down at me and mouthing “That’s Her”. Caught outright. That was the State Senator later caught in bribery, racketeering and corruption and whose family is still threatening me.

    They are badly, badly hurting a lot of good people, not just educators and kids and taxpayers, but also well trained professionals too who won’t go along with it. California has and is losing the best and the brightest, like New York, and Chicago – due to massive – massive – corruption.

    Exposure is a bitch, but it has to be done – or we are lost as a country.

    Don’t believe me? Just ask if it was ever caught where I worked. The answer is yes….and not just by John Karamanos at HVAC Sales in San Jose, trying to competitively bid against the cooked-up Mechanical Bundling in bid specs in schools in the SF Bay Area/UCSF/UC Davis. He reported it a few years after I reported the roofing scam, to the same two FBI Agents.

    But the kicker? In the small Architecture, Design & Engineering Unit I worked in as Senior Architect at UCSF when I caught onto the scams?

    Summer of 2018, one of the Hospital Inspectors, Juan Martin, who contracted with outside consulting Hospital Inspectors?

    Caught by attorneys for a consulting firm that could never get work because only one firm did. Taking $200, 000 to $300,000 per year in kickbacks from them, for sole-sourcing them, with family members.

    Another Dem tactic….aka Beresma/Biden.

    You can read about that one in the SF Business Chronicle in August 2018. One of the clean and very good Hospital Inspectors contacted me to tell me about that one.

    What a nightmare of corruption unchecked this state is – nothing good will ever happen until these specific issues are tackled.

    THAT’S what your School Bond Funds are really going to.

    And not just in California, all over the country and beyond.

  9. To use the English language to confuse the electorate to vote against their best interest, freedom is tyrannical. We need A state constitutional convention in california and in all the states that have follwed California’s lead to ambush the county people’s right to be governed from their county level of government.
    Centralized government is Socialistic and unAmerican. Then too our Federal Government needs an overhaul if we are going to protect the freedom of the people.The people need to give congress a constitutional ultimatum; either serve the people or look for another Job. And the Supreme court has become a political court without a constitutional, conscience. They make laws but are emune to them. Congress tells Sunshine sates to build affordable housing, destroys the building industry because their is no such thing as affordable housing, orders the lending institution to lend, then when the mortgage goes belly- up instead of a Mia-culpa they give them a bail out from the people’s treasury. Wake up.

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