If Kamala Harris was an honest person — she isn’t — she would give up the gun she owns, since she does not want you to own a gun. If Harris was honest she would drain her banking account and sell off her assets to pay reparations for the slaves her family OWNED in Jamaica. But, Harris is a socialist with an ego — she is incapable of being honest.

“Some Democratic candidates want reparations paid to the descendants of slaves. Other candidates claim that the matter of reparations should be studied or dropped.”

Democrats are eager to defeat President Donald Trump.  However, they need to avoid antagonizing American voters over the issue of reparations.

Who would qualify for the reparations?  How about reparations for Native Americans—would Elizabeth Warren qualify?  How about Barack Obama—his father came her in the mid 1950’s.  he has no family history of being a slave—but he is black.  The whole discussion is a waste of time.  There is no issue about reparations—this is about stealing money from some, giving it to others—and using government to buy votes for hack, corrupt politicians.

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By Richard Colman, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  4/18/19

Reparations — the payment of money for an actual or perceived wrong — is dividing Democratic presidential candidates.

 Some Democratic candidates want reparations paid to the descendants of slaves.  Other candidates claim that the matter of reparations should be studied or dropped.

Democrats are eager to defeat President Donald Trump.  However, they need to avoid antagonizing American voters over the issue of reparations.

 After the Civil War (1861-1865), slavery in America ended.  Should American taxpayers compensate certain living Americans for something that occurred over 150 years ago?

 What should the Democrats do now?

 If Congress is asked to provide reparations, Congress would have to determine who is eligible, how much money to pay each descendant from slavery, and how long to let the program last.

 Given the federal government’s slowness or reluctance to accomplish almost anything, reparations, if enacted, might take decades to occur.  It is possible that a reparations program might never become law.  And whatever dollar amount is given for reparations, some individuals would say that the amount of money provided would not be enough.

 Rather than look back to the time of the American Civil War, why not look ahead to the next 100 years?

 Descendants of slaves might be better off if government or the private sector did something to assist low-income people — regardless of skin color.

 One such action would be to offer some sort of program that provided low-income people with skills appropriate for the digital age, which is sometimes called the Gig Economy.

 The public-school system might be a good place to start.  However, many public schools, especially in low-income areas, are failing.  Public schools must be able to provide quality education in mathematics, English, history, and other subjects.  The quality must be measured through periodic examinations.

 Throwing money at failing schools is not the solution.  The federal government and state governments have been funding bad schools for years, and yet there is no discernible improvement.

 The best solution for a failing school system is to promote competition.  If competition helps consumers buy cars, then competition should work if applied to education.

 Competition for traditional public schools generally takes two forms.

 One form is charter schools, which generally are public schools not run by the same governing bodies that run traditional public schools.  In many cases, charter schools do not have teachers who belong to labor unions.

 The other form is the use of vouchers.  A voucher is a plan to give parents or guardians of a child a free-admission ticket to attend a school of the parents’ or guardians’ choice.

 Alternative schooling has to be frequently monitored to make sure that educational quality is being maintained.  Car-buyers can read such publications as Consumer Reports to compare vehicle quality.  Consumer Reports or some other publication would be needed to keep track of school quality.

 At this time, evidence showing the success or failure of charter schools and voucher programs is murky.  More time is needed to see if such alternatives t public schools are really effective.

Charter schools or vouchers are not enough.  Parents or guardians of a child must be extensively involved with the child’s education.  They must demand that homework be done and done correctly.  The homework must be reviewed before it is submitted to a teacher.

 Democratic candidates for president will have to show some courage if they want to offer alternatives to traditional public schools.  In such public schools, powerful teachers unions can supply votes, money, and precinct-walkers to help candidates.

 If the Democrats don’t act, the Republicans might seize the education issue and take votes away from Democrats.

 The Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party.  Today’s Republican Party can craft a new image for itself by emphasizing educational benefits to needy children.  In fact, the Republicans might want to consider getting government out of the educational business or at least letting private schools compete with government-run schools.

 With a properly educated workforce, America will be competitive with the kinds of school systems seen in South Korea, Singapore, and Japan.

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