New Voter Registration Law—Just Passed/Just Implemented–AFTER Election Started

Democrats are really desperate to change our laws and stuff the ballot boxes.  About twenty days before the election—and ten days after people started voting, they once again change the registration laws.

Honest elections in California?  We are no better than Cuba or Venezuela—image changing the rules AFTER voting started!  Corruption, yet the people of California allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and others not qualified to vote.  A Federal court ruled we had THREE MILLION PEOPLE ILLEGALLY  on our voting rolls.  Yet those people have not been taken off—so a Democrat voter harvester can create those votes out of thin air.  Honest elections—not in the former Golden State.

Advisories to County Elections Officials –

February 13, 2020
Presidential Primary: Residence Address and Political Party Preference Changes at Polling Locations

On February 13, 2020, the Governor signed urgency legislation that will apply to the March 3, 2020, Presidential Primary Election.

Senate Bill (SB) 207 (Chapter 1 of the Statutes of 2020) added Elections Code section 2119.5 and amended Elections Code section 2152 to allow an existing voter, after the close of registration through the close of the polls on election day, to change their residence address within the county or their political party preference by submitting a written request to their elections official. The full text of SB 207 may be found here

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  1. The audacity of our election officials obviously leaves people speechless. The whole “Voter’s Choice” program–which was not the choice of voters, but the scheme of The Future of California Elections group; along with the nefarious and unaccountable Ballot Harvesting provision, has totally gutted the security of our vote. Our elections are now wide open to numerous means of manipulation–anyone who denies this simply has not observed the many steps involved in processing the voted ballots.

    • Not all ROVs are corrupt…they have to get around them somehow. Though forcing an entire County to vote by mail is an excellent move for corrupt California and both Parties.

  2. John Steele says

    just leave and they can’t pay for the corrupt state they built..

  3. Time to, very late term, abort the current Democrats in the state legislature!
    It is a cesspool of evil! Where the spawn of the Devil are corrupting the state.
    All elected by and supported by morons on the coast line.
    As O’Keefe told us “Money takes a back seat to truth.”
    Democrats do not serve the Citizen, but serve themselves.
    One day, and I fear soon, Democrats will have started something dangerous that they cannot stop.
    Those wheels are turning now and gaining momentum. Bad schools, corrupt elections, homeless, illegal aliens, excessive taxes and regulations, violations of our Federal Constitution, excessive debt, incompetence, and contemptible representatives. With legislation like this only turning those wheels faster!

  4. We are not far removed when votes will be totaled on election day based on registrations alone. Apply for a driver’s license, pick a party, and you are registered forever. You do not ever have to go through the hassle of actually showing up and casting your vote.
    Throw a switch at midnight and announce the results at 12:30am on election day.

  5. The California voter must now understand that torpidity at the ballot box has contributed to eradicating democracy and law from this State and, has now, been replaced with a complacent collective Oligarchy.
    The voter, here and elsewhere, must understand the importance of the 2020 National election and not allow this Cabal in Sacramento to impact National statecraft.

    • Linda Diehl says

      Agreed, Bogiewheel! AND we Californian voters can’t listen to other out-of-state(?) comments which suggest we just leave. Responsible, Constitutional voting WORKS; running away and thumbing our noses at our problems does NOT WORK!

  6. rick brubaker says

    With the election rigging well known, perhaps on the federal level ca votes will not count.

    • This right here is the only solution. Disqualify California votes (because the rulers cheat) and no democrat can win the presidency ever again. The dems need the 55 electoral votes, but any state that hasn’t cleaned their voter rolls, or that is a sanctuary state should automatically lose their election privileges.

      Vote RED (Remove Every Democrat) in November to save the US, California is gone hopefully we can save the rest of the country.

  7. The Bill shouldn’t read “The People of the state of California”. It should read “The Socialists running the State of California”. Seems like items as important as this should be run by the people first via ballot, but then that would require a legislature that adheres to the Constitution of the United States.

  8. To every Democrat or RINO Republican, see this?

    You are the corruption of the electoral process.

    When illegal vote harvesting happened you ducked for cover. What is going to be your excuse now?

  9. It is not he who votes that counts, but rather he who counts the votes.

  10. Totallyfedup says

    In case you can’t tell what everyone is saying here,
    it comes down to this :

  11. There are a possible 1,533,939 number combinations in the California lottery. The odds of winning is 1 in 302,575,350 the jackpot. Last months Multi-state Mega-Millions sold 13,907,441 tickets for the week of 01/31/20. Notice how exact the ticket count is. They can tell you how many tickets won, at any win level, they can tell you the location, and the name of the seller the ticket was bought at. They can tell you the exact time it was bought down to the second. And they can do this within minutes of the drawing, But they can’t tell you how many votes where cast for days after an election. No, really, the vote count is legitimate, really.

  12. Linda Diehl says

    Agreed, Bogiewheel! AND we Californian voters can’t listen to other out-of-state(?) comments which suggest we just leave. Responsible, Constitutional voting WORKS; running away and thumbing our noses at our problems does NOT WORK!

  13. The Casual Observer says

    Suggest people that have not voted, go to their county elections office or vote center (if a Voters Choice Act) and ask the procedure if wants to change party affiliation to vote for a candidate that is not listed on their ballot. The new law does not specify how the county elections office is to implement the new law.

  14. That isn’t the only problem in Ca. I received an absentee ballot and I did not request one. They do everything they can to disenfranchise all non democratic voters!

  15. I f Dems run Bernie and the Repubs flip the House they can pass a law voiding electoral votes from any state that is a Sanctuary State defying cooperation with Federal Agencies and not purging illegal immigrants from the voter rolls. This law will pass in the Senate and be signed by the President. The Supreme Court will uphold it. The 3 Million plurality of HRC will vanish overnight.

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