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In a State Senate race for 2020 there is a long term city councilmember and community leader who has decided to run as a Republican.  He was told by the powers that be, he was the “wrong” demographic”.  In other words, he was either the “wrong” gender” or the “wrong” ethnicity.

Instead they found the “perfect candidate”.  She is the wife of a local office holder and a relative of a former Assembly member, she was appointed to the local school board a year ago and she is Hispanic.  Importantly, she is works for a leading Never Trumper leader in the State.

The Napa County Republican Party just held a meeting with the Napa County Registrar of Voters.  Great seeing to pro-active nature of this committee.  I heard the Fresno Central Committee, next week is doing the same with their ROV.  Others around the State are doing it.  The main question is about absentee ballot harvesting—how are they showing a chain of custody”.  Also, how are they keeping illegal aliens off the voting rolls?

Contra Costa County lost another Republican—not by death but by re-registration.  Debra Allen is the former Chair of the Contra costa Republican Party.  She ran for the BART Board as a Republican, took GOP money, support and volunteers.  Now, she is finished with the GOP—she is now a Decline to State voter.  The Never Trumpers have one less vote for former Massachusetts Guv Bill Weld, to oppose President Trump.


A major player in the Never Trump efforts in the State, both in L.A. County and the State, the power behind those in charge, has been angling for a new job—working for the Bill Weld for President campaign.   This person has been telling friends if they get the gig,   some of them will be hired.  Hope this person gets the job—we need to have these folks out themselves as “proud” opponents of President Trump.

Sad news:  One of the great pro-life and conservative leaders in the State, Sara Blicharz, passed away on Saturday.  She had been fighting leukemia for years—but was still fighting it and working hard for freedom till the very end.  Please say a prayer for a great person—Sara, we miss you already.

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