Newsom/Pelosi and Other Democrat Catholics SILENT on Attacks Against Catholic Churches

Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi claim they are “faithful” Catholics.  They have screamed when a mosque is attacked.  They demand answers when a person of color is attacked—they believe that government needs to protect rioters and protestors.  But, not a PEEP from them when their own Catholic Church is vandalized and burned!  Not a word when the statue of the Virgin Mary is desecrated.

Why do they claim to be a member of a religion, when they defend all other religions but their own?

Hypocrites—or is it they use their “membership” in a church to oppose the church.  Remember, both are big supporters of tax dollars to kill babies, something the Catholic Church opposes.  Why are they Catholics?  Probably because they think it is good politics to pretend to be members of a church, even if they do not believe in its teachings.

Newsom/Pelosi and Other Democrat Catholics SILENT on Attacks Against Catholic churches

Florida man crashes into Catholic Church,
sets it on fire with worshipers inside

BizPac Review, by Vivek Saxena Original Article

Posted by ladydawgfan — 7/12/2020 11:34:54 PM Post Reply

A schizophrenic, possibly anti-religious Florida man — it’s always a Florida man — who was reportedly off his medication crashed into the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala early Saturday morning and then proceeded to set its foyer on fire. “The trouble started about 7:30 a.m. Saturday. People were inside preparing for Mass when a man crashed his van through the front doors of the church, 6455 SW State Road 200. He then backed out of the foyer and exited the vehicle, according to a law enforcement review of the church’s security video,” the Star-Banner reported.

Virgin Mary statue set on fire
outside Boston church: Police

Boston Herald (MA), by Rick Sobey Original Article

Posted by Ribicon — 7/12/2020 4:29:25 PM Post Reply

A Virgin Mary statue was set ablaze outside a Boston church Saturday night, said police who are investigating the arson incident. Officers at 10 p.m. responded to a call for a fire in the area of 284 Bowdoin St. in Dorchester. On arrival at Saint Peter’s Parish, officers saw that a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary had been set on fire. A suspect had lit plastic flowers on fire, which were in the hands of the Virgin Mary statue, according to members of the Boston Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit. That caused the statue’s face and upper body to get burned, according to officials.

Statue of Virgin Mary vandalized
outside Queens Catholic school

New York Daily News, by Elize Manoukian Original Article

Posted by Ribicon — 7/12/2020 4:29:16 PM Post Reply

A statue of St. Mary was spray-painted with the word “IDOL” early Friday outside Cathedral Prep School and Seminary in Queens. Staff of the Elmhurst private high school discovered the vandalism when they showed up for work Friday morning. “Today, Cathedral Prep endured an act of hatred,” said Father James Kuroly, Cathedral Prep’s rector and president. “We were victims of vandalism against a beloved statue that is dear to generations of Cathedral students.”(Snip) The vandal, who appears to be a white man, ran to the statue, scrawled his message in spray paint, and strolled away from the scene.

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  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    They are not good Catholics. They are Catholic vote getters!

  2. Franklin S says

    It sounds strange to many, but the Catholic church has a long history with the Left and with the Democrat party in general. The only area where Catholics are conservative is in the area of Pro Life. But go back to Mussolini and see how the Catholic church worked side by side with fascists. And the current Pope is a self-avowed communist. Whatever support Christians give to the conservative movement comes mainly from Protestants.

  3. Why hasn’t the Catholic Church excommunicated them?

  4. Really??? says

    They will not speak out against the attacks on their own religion, and the issue for atheist Marxists is?

    Where are these same people when it comes to the riots and attacks on Federal property through out the nation?

    They cannot come out and stand for law a order because that would support the President.

  5. William Hicks says

    Should we be as serious about praying for Nancy Pelosi as she is about praying for President Trump?

    ACTUALLY, we should be better Christians than that.

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