Newsom to Send in Cops to Newport Beach to Arrest Beach Goers—Like a Military Action

The Supreme Leader, Regressive Guv Newsom, acting like the Monarch of a Nation, is threatening the people of Newport Beach and the region with a military action to close down the public beaches—because he needs you to be locked up at home, regardless of the data.  His 29 Executive Orders, while the legislature is not in session.  Newsom even signed a SECRET contract with a firm owned and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, for $990 million—the firm is on the U.S. black list.  Who does Newsom represent?  China or the people of California.

Plus, he has been silent about the billions invested in Chinese Communist Party firms by CalPERS—by an official TRAINED in China.  Silent.  Yet, people cooped up at home for weeks, regardless of the real data, want to go swimming, it becomes a military action.

Want to explode the protests?  Send the cops onto the beach of Newport and refuse to allow citizens to protest the banning of First Amendment rights in Sacramento on May 1.

CA Gov Newsom Warns Sun-Loving Newport Beachgoers “Aggressive” Measures Coming

by Becca Lower, Red State,  4/27/20   

In a livestreamed update on the Golden State’s response to COVID-19 this afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom threw down the gauntlet to sun-worshippers in his state, who he was disappointed appeared to be enjoying life over the weekend. That’s something that just can’t stand, man!

Newsom began his speech with a smile, by thanking “the 40 million” Californians who “over the course of the last number of weeks have not only bent the curve….but stabilized it.” But the governor’s smile only lasted about 24 seconds, when he said this:

That’s why I want to just confront the topic that is top of mind: And those are the images we saw over the weekend. Images, down in Orange County and Ventura County, on our beaches. Those images are an example of what not to see – [for] people, what not to do – if we’re going to make the meaningful progress that we’ve made in the last few weeks extend into the next number of weeks.

Newsom continued:

This virus doesn’t take the weekends off. This virus doesn’t go home because it’s a beautiful, sunny day around our coasts….

[Until we have a vaccine], we have to manage risks. We have to manage and augment our behavior. And that’s why I cannot impress upon you more, to those Californians watching, that we can’t see the images like we saw, particularly on Saturday in Newport Beach and elsewhere in the state of California.

The governor of California was disturbed by images like this, of Newport and Huntington beaches:

The governor went on to praise L.A., San Diego, Northern California, around San Mateo county, and areas further north towards Eureka, which didn’t disappoint him, apparently, since those beaches and parks are closed.

He went on:

Unfortunately, there were these exceptions, on Saturday in particular — a little less so on Sunday. We’ve got to confront that. I want to encourage and acknowledge Newport Beach and their City Council, acknowledge the County Board of Supervisors in Orange County. I’m told they are looking to consider some augmentations and some more deliberative engagement to address the conditions and those concerns that were highlighted over the course of the weekend.

What Newsom is referring to, in less technical terms, is this, which Fox 11 reported this morning:

Overcrowding at some California beaches and parks has given local officials second thoughts about keeping them open next weekend at the risk of reversing progress made in slowing the spread of the coronavirus and causing a deadly surge of cases.

Officials in Newport Beach on Sunday called for a special meeting to consider shutting beaches for everybody during the next few weekends or closing roadways leading to the shoreline to keep visitors away.

Fox 11 in L.A., in another report, shared what the governor is planning to “help out” Orange County, which is considered the heart of Republican support in Southern California:

Newsom said they may enforce guidelines more aggressively with the help of other agencies including California Highway Patrol and California Department of Parks and Recreation officials.

Brandon Saario, a former candidate for Los Angeles City Council, just nails it here:

Saario tweeted:

“But he’s cool with people breaking our immigration laws. Americans going to the beach is where he draws the line.”

Newsom also shared that his neighboring state, Nevada, along with Colorado, are now in league with Washington and Oregon to keep citizens locked their homes as long as possible, because science:

Editor’s note: The article was amended to include Nevada and Colorado in the governor’s comments and edited for clarity. We regret the error.

You can watch the full press conference below [forward video to ~4:50]:

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  1. Otis Needleman says

    Newsom’s going full Nazi on us. I don’t even think the Nazis kept Germans from going to the beach. Even the Soviet people could use their beaches. Where will this stop? I see nothing good for a CA under this Hitler wanna-be.

    • Jeffrey M Elfont says

      Look, I think Newsom is a terrible governor. But, he’s right on the beach issue, too many people on too small a space. And, I’ve arrested hundreds of people on the beaches of Los Angeles.

      • Uphold the Constitution. Virus have no rights. Bill of Rights still exist during fake pandemics. It’s a flu, quit playing stupid Newsom.

      • Did you take an Oath to uphold the Constitution? Should you be arrested?

        • John Steele says

          Yes. But they control the cops. They are not your friend but will do whatever they are told.

          • I wonder at what point in time that the Police divorced themselves from being rational thinking protectors of the American People to a corrupt government strong arm blind to anything but government orders no matter how corrupt and illegal
            From the Sword of —–

      • TheRandyGuy says

        The nazi prison guards that pushed the Jews into ovens were simply doing their job. The Roman soldiers that crucifw Jesus Christ were simply doing their job. You fit in nicely with that group.

      • Chris Renner says

        You’re nuts! There is less and less scientific proof that says that lockdowns reduce the amount of death. There is ample evidence that fresh air and sunshine will kill the virus. Open the beaches, the parks, hell open the governors mansion for tours, but do not keep Californians sheltered in place for only political reasons.

      • Kathleen Ross says

        WHO THE HELL ARE YOU????????????????? “I HAVE ARRESTED PEOPLE”!!!

      • Disgusted in LA says

        WRONG!!!!! He’s trampling on the US and the CA Constitutions!!! Who the HELL does he think he is – king Gavin??? He’s a petty tyrant – and you know what happens to them??? They get deposed sooner or later. In his case – I hope it’s sooner.

        He’s banning protests – 1st Amendment. He’s blocked a recall – 1st Amendment and our voting rights. And – he’s trying to lock us up in our homes!!! Actually – the virus doesn’t like sunshine – but he wouldn’t read what REAL experts are saying. The numbers do NOT add up!!!! He’s playing fast and loose with his position – he will be DONE!!! He will be DE-THRONED, DEPOSED, TOSSED out like the last night’s garbage he is!

        Californians – WAKE UP!!! HE and his ilk are making FRAUD elections! They’re protecting people who break our US laws! He’s giving money to illegals!! He’s allowing them to vote – and hold office!!! WTF!!!!!

    • Disgusted in California says

      Somebody get the hook and get this idiot off stage and back into a home where he belongs!!! He obviously has NO intelligence – can’t read stats, doesn’t understand much of anything, and is enjoying getting his freakin’ face all over the media everyday!!!!

  2. david zweiban says

    Apparently there currently is a huge shortage of lawyers in California. Why isn’t anyone suing this guy for acting extra-constitutionally? Why isn’t anyone suing to open everything up?

  3. Evidence has surfaced that doctors are instructed to cook the books in regards to Wuhan virus numbers. Millions caught the virus, limited deaths. Keep the vulnerable sequestered and let the 99.9% be free. I hope the DOJ pays Comrade Newsom a visit.

  4. John Steele says

    The city counsel has just said NO to Gel HAir. they will NOT be closing roads. This is the way it will have to be. A wanna be dictator who thinks he runs the so called Nation State of kalyfornia. must be told to sit down and shut the H-L up..

  5. Newsom has no authority to interfere with people’s right to peaceably assemble. It’s unconstitutional.

    Further, in direct sunlight and at temperatures above the mid-70’s, this virus seems to die off in about 2 minutes. It’s kind of like vampires, cockroaches and democrats — can’t stand the light of day.

  6. G M German says

    Will these cops arrest and detain any illegal aliens who come ashore onto these beaches from their panga boats, or will they be too busy citing taxpaying citizen sunbathers?

  7. SHANE CONWAY says

    I left California because of the left-wing lunatic politicians. Now that they have begun telling you when you can go into the public, that you have to wear masks and that you cannot enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, I now know I made the right decision.
    The entire country has blindly followed the politicians’ orders to modify our behavior or else! This has been in the making for years. The next step is to declare a resurgence of the “virus” and then they will clamp down again. When will the American sheeple wake up and see this is all a test to see how far we will go in surrendering our God-given rights.
    I have refused to comply with the orders and I will not be testing either. The authorities cannot be trusted and I am responsible for my own health. If I feel the need, I will go to the doctor. Shame on anyone who arrests a father playing catch with their son while we are releasing rapists and drug dealers back onto the streets. That’s not an exaggeration.

  8. King Gavin Nuisance, maybe Gruesome Gavin?

  9. Interesting , I agree with the notion that the Globalist Demoncrapic Government WILL claim a second resurgence of the ” Virus ” and use it to push us into rebellion which will in turn give them the AUTHORITY to Declare Martial Law. If you guys think they are overreaching power now just wait til they have absolute power and ALL OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS ARE NULL AND VOID . I do not believe that they will allow America to EVER return to normal. What ever normal is any more.
    From the Sword of —–

  10. Eddie Byrn says

    It is apparent now that COVID-19 is about as serious as other viruses and flus have been over the last 70 years. Yet we are still in fear mode. The “leaders” have been pulling a scam on us all. One might think it is all a “dress rehearsal” to see how far the populace can be pushed before massive rebellion begins. If it begins, most people have been well trained to just be complacent followers.

  11. Kathleen Ross says


  12. When you have Xavier Becerra the top cop in California spitting and stepping on the constitution, what do you think his little brainwashed soldiers are going to do? Police in California are no longer peace officers or law-enforcement officers they’re the long arm of the Democrat party and strictly enforce their masters policies.

    I am more afraid of the police in California than any criminals. The police take an oath to the Constitution of the United States, but claim that they are taking an oath to the constitution of California. States rights do not give law-enforcement or politicians the right to infringe on our bill of rights, they are supposed to protect our rights.

    Police officers today have no idea what laws they are enforcing, they just do what they’re told without question. In my view this makes them and their politician masters dangerous people and a threat to the freedom guaranteed to us in our constitution.

    At the end of the day, we do need law enforcement, but law enforce should focus on real criminals instead of people violating unconstitutional orders by standing on the beach.

    • The people of California have sent the politicians in this state a terrible message – they can lock us down and we willingly comply without any pushback. In the end, this will make them even more tyrannical.

  13. Newsom is a Fascist.. As is his aunt…Nancy Pelosi…..

  14. This brings into sharp focus the democrats goal of disarming citizens and the reason the Founders wrote the second amendment into the Constitution.

  15. The Gubber of Ca is becoming a serial Right’s violator and a mouthy bureaucratic loudmouth who cannot seem to make use of newer reviews of virus stats…he seems to delight in making up his own law and ignores the fact he is driving Ca into financial ruin…..Recently he made a deal with the PRC to let a bankrupted firm make face mask in China but he did not mention oversight and quality for the $B deal he cooked up to bail out a bankrupt chinese electric car company…..I keep thinking he is selling Ca out and every thing this clown and his legislative thugs do proves to me my suspicions are correct….Best be careful Nusance..your political dreams are on the line…..

  16. onetermandout says

    Californians are getting just what they deserve; they elected the socialist America-hater.
    Suck it up buttercups.
    Apologies to the few non-libs in California; you don’t deserve what the rabble elected.

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