Nolte: Voting by Mail Is a Terrible Democrat Idea that Invites Fraud

Here is how elections work in California.  In the middle of the night someone registers to vote—online.  No idea if it is a real person or a bot.  Then 30 days prior to the election, every “registered voter” receives a ballot.  It is “signed” sent to the Registrar of Voters.  At no time did a single human being see the entity that voted.  Then you have direct corruption of the system.

Election Integrity Project CA reports that in seven counties there are over one million illegally registered voters.  How do we know they are illegal?  Because these counties report that of the eligible voters, these counties have between 101% and 140% of those “eligible to vote, registered to vote.

These are the folks that have their ballots harvested—the million illegally registered.  Then you have the illegal aliens registered to vote—and the Secretary of State refuses to do an audit and take these folks—registered by the DMV—off the rolls.

California has not had an honest election in years. 

Nolte: Voting by Mail Is a Terrible Democrat Idea that Invites Fraud

John Nolte, Breitbart,  3/4/20

Democrats want to mail every American a 2020 ballot and have people come to your house to pick up those ballots.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine mailing out some 150 million ballots to every registered voter and having some politicized “organizer” pick them up?

“Sir, I’m here to pick up your presidential ballot.”

“I haven’t filled it out. You know, I’m not really paying attention.”

“That’s no problem. Why don’t you let me help you with that.”

Seriously, can you imagine?

Or how about the very idea of these “organizers” in possession and in control of who knows how many hundreds or thousands of ballots?

Democrats tried that in Arizona for the 2016 election. But the state passed a law against it, against what is known as “community ballot collection,” and the Supreme Court, thankfully, upheld the law, but only after the depraved 9th Circuit ruled against it.

But this is what Democrats want; this is how Democrats are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and all the death and economic destruction that goes with it… To push terrible ideas like nationwide vote-by-mail and community ballot collection.

Anyone who believes in election and ballot integrity understands that the safest way to vote, to ensure a legal and orderly process, is in-person voting with a government ID.

Willy-nilly vote by mail is a terrible idea. My God, that would mean mailing ballots to every single registered voter in the country… But only for now. You know that eventually, Democrats will demand that everyone of voting age is mailed a ballot.

So what you would have are some 150 million presidential voting ballots floating around the country… How many would go to the wrong address? How easy would it be to vote twice: once in person and once by mail? How easy would it be to vote using someone else’s ballots?

How about, this easy! And those are only the people who have been caught.

Democrats also want to provide “pre-paid postage for mail-in ballots and extending the postmark deadline to Election Day.”

Can you imagine?

If you can postmark as late as Election Day, and you have 150 million ballots floating around, and the polls close in your state at 7 p.m., and the votes are all counted by 10 p.m., and you’re a tad short… Good grief, you know, the next move will be to keep the post office open until midnight, so those “much needed” ballots can be post-marked on Election Day.

While I realize that five states already vote exclusively by mail — Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah — you at least have to mail the ballots yourself or drop them off at a polling place. Regardless, this is still a terrible idea. If nothing else, it greatly inflates the possibility of fraud and removes the most sacred of traditions: the secret ballot. Once you are behind that curtain, it’s just you and your own conscience. Filling out a ballot at home invites coercion and bullying from politicized family-members.

Democrats are not trying to make voting more convenient for Americans; Democrats are trying to make vote fraud all that much easier.

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  1. Really??? says

    Laugh, even my more responsible Democrat friends understand the pitfalls of this stupid idea.

    They have even reluctantly agreed the motor voter registration is a fraud.

    Knowing that I have asked them why they would ever vote Democrat again, and they run for cover. Notice how Slick Newsom has suddenly taken a more reasonable approach? He recognizes even his base is turning on the arrogance of the Democrat Socialist Party.

    You vot Democrat why?

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