Oak Park Shuts Out Community and District-of-Choice Families To Promote Radical Sex-Ed Curriculum

Parents are speaking out against a duplicitous, non-transparent, school board and Superintendent that hid the truth about abusive curriculum being secretly given to their children.  They hid this on the agenda—no one knew until someone blew the whistle on what was going to be an abusive education system.  Oak Park WAS one of the best districts in the State—now, we find it is run as if LAUSD is its idle. 

The “world class” Superintendent showed he has no respect for the children or parents of his district.  He needs to leave the education field—maybe filling taco shells would be a more honest profession.  Would you want a teacher or Administrator that hides curriculum and its real purpose from parents? 

“Oak Park Unified School District chose to shut out the community, but the community showed up anyway. Oak Park Unified held a parent information night on Tuesday, September 10th in response to the controversy and backlash to the newly adopted gender identity curriculum. There’s a catch, though. Only parents of currently enrolled elementary students were allowed to attend, and they were required to RSVP in order to be admitted.

Worse—the Superintendent got the Board to keep the taxpaying public out of the meeting, they kept parents who might send their children to the district out of the meeting.  What were they hiding.  If I lived in Oak Park I would want ALL the Board members recalled—and the Superintendent fired—and charges to the State Board of Education to take away his license.  Hiding curriculum from parents, abusing agendas, not allowing taxpayers to find out what is being taught—seriously, you would think these folks were trained by LAUSD personnel.

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  1. Cascalongynes says

    The state curriculum on Sex Ed is set by the state. A district only has to answer to current parents. Your students doesn’t go to the district schools you don’t get a say until they do, The state only currently enrolled students have to take the curriculum or opt out, and since it’s only for currently enrolled students, they wouldn’t invite all the people in the district. It is the State Board of Education who passed the rules of Sex Ed after the state legislature passed the new Sex Ed laws in late 2017.

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