Obama to Create “Group Home/Prison” for His Young Illegal Aliens in Escondido

The people of Escondido are about to be invaded with criminals from foreign countries, sent to them by the President of the United States. A former hospital, closed due to low ObamaCare reimbursements, is being transformed into either a prison or a group home. Of course, once Barack drops them off in Northern San Diego County nothing stops them from walking away and into the shadows of our large towns nearby.

In Baltimore the Democrat leadership stopped Obama from using Social Security warehouses for 2,000 illegal aliens. Virginia was able to stop several hundred moving into a closed college. Now the people of Escondido are about to start a fight to keep crime down, taxes used for honest people and telling the President to obey his oath of office. Larry and Kitty Demry of Escondido contacted me about this situation and asked for help—we will provide assistance. This could be done to your neighborhood or town.

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Obama to Create “Group Home/Prison” for His Young Illegal Aliens in Escondido


Written Exclusively for the California Political News and Views by Larry & Kitty Demry



With a variety of articles now starting to pop up around the U.S. it is clear to me that our federal government e.g. the Department of Health & Human Services lacks the desire or integrity to tell citizens about the true problem emerging regarding the illegal children unaccompanied by parents or adults coming into our country. And that means in YOUR backyard, in YOUR city, on your street where you live and raise your family.

In fact, in my city, Escondido, CA just a few days after reading different articles starting to recognize the housing problems of these illegal crossings, I became aware the defunct Palomar Hospital run long-term health care facility within .5 miles of my home is being considered by the City of Escondido Planning Department for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Government Services to operate an “unaccompanied youth care facility serving minors between 6 and 17 years of age.” The public hearing notice goes on to say that these youth will be kept inside the facility with “six-foot-high security fencing.”  These are the same kids who are coming across our borders with what type of fencing and other deterrents to protect the border in place? The city has graciously stated they will not use concertina wire, just decorative wrought iron. Of course, with the use of concertina wire we all would know that these facilities are truly to detain and imprison children and youth illegally in our country. Folks, this is not some esoteric philosophical ideal that we can tout to make everyone and ourselves feel good to help these children in other countries. This is a political issue that is having direct impact on all of us; a direct impact on our families, and our personal day to day lives in the towns in which we live.

Read between the lines. The City of Escondido is being petitioned by the Department of Human Services to become a detention center, or an incarceration camp, or perhaps described as an open door group home so that children between the age of 6 and 17 who have crossed into the United States illegally, without their parents, will have a place to “be processed” into the U.S. And the city of Escondido will have to bear the financial costs of society issues that are a result of this detention center. Crime. Education. Medical. Social and Recreational events. Breakdown of infrastructure from excessive unplanned use. Where is this money coming from? How does it affect you? No one can tell us the background of these children. Are they bringing disease such as small pox, measles, mumps, polio, etc. into the community as a result of poor medical care and lacking inoculations? Could your children be at medical risk when these children are bused into your children’s schools for 2 weeks to 2 months while being held in a local detention center in your area? Are they teen age gang members who will be emboldened to commit crimes because they see no consequence to breaking the law to enter our country? How will you feel if your wife, your mother, your daughter, your neighbor, your friend is a victim of violent crime, robbery, rape, even murder because you did nothing when the building down your street was conditionally permitted to be used as a temporary prison with only a six foot wrought iron fence to keep these “unaccompanied youth” housed and controlled?

Are city governments being coerced to approve these facilities, without proper State and local laws being followed. For example, the property must be properly designated with the State to be called a health care facility, or a group home, or an incarceration facility. If the current ​facility ​designation needs to be changed, the State requires specific steps be taken to legally change the facility designation, and put the proper channels in place to make sure the designated facility follows the laws in terms of number of children staying in the facility, how they get exercise, where they get exercise, their education needs, the noise they make and the times the noise is allowed, the times the facility is open to bus in and out the rotating groups of children. Here in Escondido, the “unaccompanied youth” will be brought to and from the 96 bed facility any time between 7 AM and 9 PM daily. Daily. 7 days a week.

Transparency was promised in this current presidential administration. These sweetheart deals to play hide seek with illegal immigrants are not transparent. These facilities are being pushed through city approvals, without truthfully or legally taking the steps to make sure California laws and other state laws are followed.

​That means​ ​the for-profit organizations running these detention centers for Human Services ​don’t have to ​follow laws on occupancy, noise, crime deterrence, education, recreation, and medical attention for these children because there is no one designated to oversee their operation.​

This deal is bad for us and our cities, and this deal is bad for these kids. Be aware. Be involved. Attend any city meetings open to the public where a Government Services agency like HHS or their contracted organization like “Southwest Key Program” wants to move into your residential neighborhood. Ask your City government to deny permits unless the EIR,  Police Department Crime Report, City Traffic Report, Education Cost reimbursement plan; Report from your mayor on how expenses will be reimbursed for all associated costs in the City to deal with the implementation of the new detention center, Plan for compensation from the City for dedrogated  property values in your area and specifically how violent crime against your family will be addressed if need be.

If you live in Escondido and can come to this planning meeting to find out what is being planned for your back yard, please do so. Escondido Planning Commission at City Hall 7 PM. June 24, 2014.


Larry & Kitty Demry


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