Obama to Invade Small Michigan Town with Up to 120 Illegal Aliens—Some are Criminals

A small town of 3,000 in Michigan is about to become the next victim of the Obama War on Laws and the American people. His Administration might award a contract to a “social services” agency that will bring between 60-120 males, aged 12-17 to the town of Vassar. There is NO background check on these kids. No criminal check, no way of knowing if they are part of the international gang called Ms13, are part of the drug cartels, have long terms physical and mental problems. Obama is importing these kids from Central America then redistributing them to every town possible in the United States. He is forming a national network of criminals and high medical costs.

The people of Vassar need to do as the citizens of Murrieta, stop the buses, refuse to allow criminals in their town without complete background checks, and a bond from the Feds to pay for the added costs and crimes of the law breaking Obama loves so much.

Pass this article to your friends—they need to know the Commander in Chief is orchestrating a physical invasion of our nation.

from the L.A. Times

from the L.A. Times


MI: Southern Border Immigration Crisis Comes to Vassar

by Izzy Lyman, Watchdog Wire, 7/10/14

The current crisis on the southern border, involving tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, has now become a concern for Michiganders who live in a rural community with less than 3000 people.

Wolverine Human Services, a social services agency which typically helps needy Michigan children, is in the process of securing a contract and negotiating with the Office of Refugee Resettlement to bring between 60- 120 male illegal immigrants, between the ages of 12-17, to the small city of Vassar without any input from residents of the community.

About 100 concerned citizens, some bearing signs, gathered outside the Vassar City Hall last night to let public officials know what they think.

Watchdog Wire contributor Tamyra Murray (pictured above with the megaphone) has been at the front lines of this debate. She was interviewed by an ABC news affiliate expressing her concern about illegal immigration overloading “the system” and the lack of funds to care for veterans.

Concerned citizens are planning to keep the conversation going by staging an informational meeting about the issue tomorrow night.

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, R-10, issued a statement about the situation:

“The ongoing humanitarian crisis at our southern border is quickly spreading across our nation as the Administration begins transferring these illegal immigrants across our nation, including potentially here to Michigan.

This crisis began when President Obama acted outside the law offering legal status to children who entered America illegally along with their parents.  This caused many throughout Central America and Mexico to believe that all children needed to do was reach our border and they could stay, and so countless thousands began to send their children on the harrowing journey north.”

She added, “In addition, it is imperative that the people being apprehended at the border not be released from custody because if they are, it is very unlikely they will ever return for immigration hearings on their status, and they will disappear into society.”


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