OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett: Like Chad Mayes Abuses Taxpayers and Republican

We have seen it before.  People like Chad Mayes claiming to be a Republican, even taking the leadership of the GOP in the Assembly.  Then taking them over the cliff in favor of tax hikes and money going to the train to nowhere.  Brian Maienschein who told us he was a conservative Republican and we spent a million dollars to get him elected—then a couple of months later he announced he was a Newsom Democrat.  Even in the California Republican Party we have actual delegates that are supposed to help Republicans, instead working to defeat President Trump and GOP Senators across the nation.  Mike Madrid was appointed to be a delegate to the California Republican Party by Chad Mayes.  No surprise in 2016 Mayes OPPOSED Trump for President.  Also, Luis Alvarado, claiming to be a GOP consultant and delegate—is part of the Lincoln Project with Madrid to defeat the President and GOP Senators—yet the CRP has allowed them to stay as voting members of the organization, though violating the by-laws.

Now we come to another “Republican” Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.  You know the type.  She will tell you anything to get your donations and your vote.  Now she is acting like a Democrat—she is using her office to lie to the public, so she can stay in office.  (h/t to Jon Fleischman and the Flashreport for exposing this career politician.  See the article here.  

OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett: Like Chad Mayes Abuses Taxpayers and Republican

Stephen Frank, editorial Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  7/13/20

This is a cautionary tale.  While it only affects the people of Orange County, it tells you a lot about the weasel language of career politicians.  When you heat an office holder say they only want to tweak a current law or rule, know you are in trouble.  A word here and a word there and the whole meaning fo a law can change.  Look at what “GOP” Supervisor Lisa Barlett has proposed.  This is from the Flashreport.

“Without voters changing the County Charter, poor Bartlett cannot file for re-election in 2022.

This is her proposed ballot title (for a November ballot measure):

“An ordinance of the County of Orange, California, adding section 1-2-9.1 to the codified ordinances of the County of Orange imposing a lifetime limit on the number of terms for members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors”

That is the big print that voters would see.  What you don’t see unless you get well into the weeds on the small print is that there is already a two-term limit, after which a Supervisor has to leave office.  They CAN run again in the future, but this has happened literally once in the history of the county.  Also, in the fine print is the changing of the term limits from two four-year terms to three four-year terms.

And what is not in the print at all is that there is a very strong legal argument that if this measure passes it would “reset” the terms of all of the incumbents, meaning that Bartlett could run for an additional three terms in office, serving until 2034!  While the county lawyers opine this would not likely be the outcome, independent counsel that is not beholding to the Supervisors of course gave the requested opinion.”

By some very minor changes she has:

  1.  Given herself 12 more years as a Supervisor—instead of being termed out in 2022.
  2. She is changing two four years terms, for everybody, into three four year terms.
  3. Her title sound like you do not have term limits in OC—a lie.
  4. If the OC Board of Supervisors agree to put this measure on the November ballot, it will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for the election.
  5. Demolishes the credibility of those not strongly opposing this measure.

The people of Orange County agreed to the current two term and out limits for Supervisors.  After a period of time, you can run again, under the current law.  Instead Bartlett, pretending to be a conservative Republican is acting like a Regressive Democrat, trying to change the laws to fit her PERSONAL desires.

Sadly this has been promoted VERY quietly and most in the County have no idea of how Bartlett wants to use tax dollars to get an extra 12 years in office.  Please forward this article and the FlashReport article to your friends and activists all over the County—we need to stop this power grab. In Fleischman’s piece he gives contact info for these Supervisors. I encourage you to take a moment and send some emails to the Supervisors, opposing Bartlett’s political play here.”

The OC Board of Supervisors will be voting on this tomorrow, Tuesday—please call your Supervisor and urge a NO vote.  It is expected that the lone Democrat on the Board (already a cosponsor) will second the motion,


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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    Generally the voters want what they get and get what they want. Really don’t like the idea of codifying term limits. The voters should decide how many terms an elected official serves. The voters can vote them out of office.

  2. Totallyfedup says

    I voted for that turncoat traitor brian Maienschein because he WAS A REPUBLICAN.
    Now, I have sent him many emails telling him what a disgusting dirty damn demorat he is now.
    I tell EVERYONE to help me vote his rotten ass the hell out of office.
    He has no principles.
    He has no loyalties.
    He is a slime ball chameleon.
    He JUMPED SHIP to go with the current trend as he will on every issue and every vote, just to keep his crappy ass in office.

  3. We live just outside San Jose. There’s a woman in our area who is a registered Republican yet promotes Marxism and raises money for BLM. There’s a rumor that she’s running for city council.

  4. Really??? says

    One item our side needs to get. The days of “gentlemen” politicians where an agreement with limits no longer holds with the Confederate Democrats.

    There is only one way to get what you want and that is to play hardball. Regardless if you like the President’s style, the reason the Socialist Dem’s are fighting so hard against him is he means what he says. No Obama era junk and deceptions.

    It is test time and if your representatives fail replace them. If you are too lazy to run for office or back people to run for your point of view don’t complain.

  5. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Th Orange County BOS has rarely been more than a clown circus of seat warmers. Their major product is crony scandals and political maneuvering. After almost 40 years of that garbage, I’m only a house sale away from getting more than THAT (I HOPE !) for my hard earned TAX DOLLARS !

  6. But is she otherwise good or bad? I’ll take another four years of good stewardship..

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