Peter Liu: Candidate for Office/Victim of Social Media Shadow Banning

You may agree or disagree with the positions Peter Liu takes on issues and the solutions to society /government problems.  But, in a free country every candidate has the right to their opinions and the opportunity for the public to hear them.

The shadow banning of people like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin makes news.  When Candace Owens was banned, she and hundreds of thousand fought with her to get her back on social media.  Folks like Peter Liu are not well known, but deserve equal treatment to Owens, Pelosi, Trump and your neighbor.

Glad to see real people like Peter Liu fighting back.  He is fighting for our rights as well as his, to be heard.  If you can ban Liu, who else can be banned?

Peter Liu:  Candidate for Office/Victim of Social Media Shadow Banning

Petere Liu,  5/25/19 

I am a 100% service connected Army combat veteran. Most hateful battle I fought was not in Iraq, but against #fakenews, liberal bias and social media Twitter & Facebook as I campaign for public offices. Never experienced so much mental anguish from the tricks Democrats do to “de-platform” conservatives. People witnessed Democrats purposely ruining President Trump’s reputation, here I am to give you a glimpse what happens to conservative candidate in liberal dominated California.

In 2014, I ran for the office of Mayor of City of Oakland, was not invited to mass media sponsored debates, they excluded 80% of other candidates because they didn’t meet artificially placed requirements of $50K in campaign donation fundraising, ensuring that only the top three Democrat candidates have the spotlight.  Despite that, I was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and liberal Democrat activists starting targeting my reputation saying I am anti-gay because of  my religious beliefs and that I must be mentally retarded because I call for gay people to conceal carry handguns and for citizens to form armed neighborhood militas to fight against Islamic terrorism, riots.  Four months later, riots started happening in Oakland, terrorist burned down several buildings on construction.  Two years later, Orlando gay bar shooting happened. 

Told the public that we must update our building codes to build dwellings that are: fireproof, bulletproof, stormproof, floodproof, and Earthquake Safe using SuperAdobe, a cheap building material composed of 90% Earth dug onsite and sandbags. Months later, “Ghost Ship” werehouse burnt down along with dozens.

In 2018, I ran in the California gubernatorial primary with #CESP5 as my candidacy statement in the official voters guide. My campaign song “I am running for governor” was posted on Twitter and Facebook.  Both these platforms shadowbanned/restricted my account the same day.  Why?  Because my song was about having militias join me in this war against terrorism, corrupt Democrats purposely using terrorist groups such as Anitfa to harass our fine citizens in Trump rallies or conservative speakers in public universities U.C. Berkeley. Physical location based universities are really just dinosaur relics, the internet supercedes them long time ago. Anyway, I sued Facebook for $150M and Twitter for $300M, ongoing cases in court.  They give me week and month bans for merely mentioning that all these church burnings, rapes, stabbings all over Europe are caused by Islamic fake refugees.

Dealt with Islamic terrorism first hand in the Middle-East. Terrorism is the byproduct of polygamy. Rich men, imams, with multiple wives up to 4+ mathematically causes a segment of poor young men without wives and are told by rich imams that if they go on suicide mission to kill infidels, they’ll obtain the fabled 72 virgins.  Rich men and imams hogs all the women & underage girls to be sex slaves in their home country, leaving poor men without sexual gratification, resulting mass rape culture in all Arabic counties. Therefore rich imams told these poor uneducated young men to go on suicidal missions, kill infidel men, aka boys who obtained puberty, to lessen competition at home & migrate. This is happening all over Europe, the refugees are mostly all poor young men, as they land ashore, they started mass raping white girls in England, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, etc. all searchable on Youtube. Churches are getting burnt by the same people. The Chinese and Japanese governments understand this. The Japanese banned them from their islands. China put these people in reeducation camps to try to cleanse from them from terroristic ideology of imams. People deserves to know why mass rapes and church burnings are happening. Political correctness is a political weapon used to silence, shame westerners into not using their free speech abilities to combat terroristic ideology, don’t be fooled by their false claim of islamophobia: they are waging war on white people to take their women by force in Europe and in America because they are easier targets than Asians. The grave failure of western mass media to report this is evidence of the danger of fakenews, enemy of the people. 

Mass media refused my platform, no debate invites whatsoever.  When I did call debate forum organizers to ask why I am excluded along with 21 other candidates, they said they only take the top 6 candidates in polling…but the polling firms they used was owned by mass media themselves and they never even mention 78% of candidates’ names and only mentions 6 candidates when they do the poll.

Once I lost the gubernatorial primary race coming in 10th place out of 27 candidates, I ran for the office of mayor in Oakland again, in the 2018 general.  This time, I was blacklisted by the media.  Black liberal activists accused me of being racist simply for mentioning on Twitter and Facebook violent black crimes committed against Asian women in Oakland, from killing a Vietnamese restaurant owner, mugging her cash at closing time, to forcefully pulling jewelry from the necks and fingers of Asian women in daytime. They claim I was promoting black genocide simply because I told Asian men to arm up, concealed carry to protect our women. The city clerk purposely omitted my candidacy statement from the official voters guide with about 80K prints in several languages. I sued the city for $75M.

Now that I am running for U.S. Congress 2020, 15th District California, Democrats got hold of my real property assets list and I got a slew of complaints from liberal Democrats saying my San Lorenzo campaign HQ’s grass grew longer than a foot so they send their Democrat party affiliated dwelling inspectors to fine me $500 multiples times. On my other properties, Democrat activists told their illegal alien homeless buddies to squat on my properties so I have to file evictions.  No wonder they want Trump’s federal tax returns because that is where his real properties are listed so they can go do some damages.

I am fighting to win political power so I can introduce federal laws against clandestine tactics to silent our voices. 

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