Price: American Values—Still Need Them

Today, Wednesday is the start of Passover.  Sunday is Easter.  This is the time of year we join with family, friends and community to remind us of eternal values, lasting values.  Yet, this year we are segregated.  Except for Facebook, Skype or Zoom we are unable to talk to children and grandchildren, friends of many decades and be part of our religious community.

Instead we have sheriffs in California, Florida and elsewhere, shutting down churches, preventing funerals and regular religious services.  Even the free choice of religion is not upheld in these times of trouble.  The exact times people need their Faith.  That is what America was founded upon, the right of belief and the use of it to get us through bad times.

This article was written by a young journalist, Harper Price, a student at the University of Houston for the California Political News and Views. As a young person she is showing the value of religion is alive and well in every generation.  In this Season of Faith, please pass this article along to your friends and family—as a reminder that our nation was built based on a religious model, not a corporate one.  The good news is that this is just the first of Harpers’ articles for the California Political News and Views. 

American Values—Still Need Them

Harper Price, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  4/8/20 

The purpose of this article is not to provide reasoning as to why one should be a Christian; that is an entirely different matter. The purpose is to provide a logical and concise premise as to why the values of Christianity should be defended.  The merits of Judeo-Christian values are ingrained in our society so deeply that we have completely taken them for granted.  Atheism, agnosticism, and other “alternative” worldviews threaten the morals and values that shaped our great nation.  Atheists and agnostics think that Christian values and morality have no place in modern society.  Shockingly, there is a growing number of young people that identify as atheist or agnostic. If this does not wake us up, then I do not know what will.  To express just how vital Christianity is to the perseverance  of a sense of propriety, we must first study the most important document in American history:   The U.S. constitution.

The Constitution was heavily influenced by the Magna Carta and English Commonwealth law. Both these documents draw influence from Christianity and the Bible. But the concept of God is slowly being replaced by the concept of the State. As more and more nonreligious people infiltrate our communities, indifference and a lack of empathy will continue to plague us. As our communities deteriorate, there is little incentive for people to practice empathy. Of course, this is not to say that people who choose to practice irreligion can not be involved in their respective communities, but it goes without saying that religion and church bring people together. The basis of religion is rooted in collectivism.  There is inherently nothing wrong with collectivism, in fact there are a lot of benefits to it; however, forced collectivism that the left proposes is not beneficial.

Morality should not come from the government; the government only acts to protect the socially constructed views of morality that already exists. Morality, in part, comes from Christianity. This is the reason why there is a strong correlation between the decline of religion and the rise of societal problems. Take, for instance, the rising single motherhood epidemic. Children from single parent households are more likely to live in poverty, are more likely to end up in jail, and they are less likely to perform well in school than their peers. The traditional structure of family unit is stressed, if not critical, to maintaining values. Of course a two-party family structure is based on religious principles. 

Feminists often cite correctly that male violence has become too prominent in our society, and that there is a lack of awareness and attention to this issue. That assumption is correct, but what they fail to address is the root cause of this problem. Male violence stems from a lack of moral examples from inside the home. As young people are increasingly identifying as Atheist or Agnostic, the average age to get married has been pushed back. Traditional roles of masculinity and femininity are blurred or disregarded, leading to the traditional family unit in and of itself being disregarded.

Knowing the mass negative effects of such declining social norms, Christians can counter this by being unafraid and unapologetic when it comes to defending our beliefs. The left often cites “separation of church and state” as an excuse for things like getting rid of prayer in schools, removing the Ten Commandments from capital buildings and wanting to cease the tradition of public officials swearing  in on the Bible. Actions such as these strip away the identity, heritage and roots of traditional American values and customs. Often either intentionally or unintentionally “separation of church and state ” is incorrectly used to justify said  actions. The phrase “separation of church and state ” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution, and there is no reason to believe that it was ever intended to be included in the framework of our governing laws.

How long are we going to continue let the political left, the media, and the entertainment industry dictate our lives?  Do we not care that these entities are trying to destroy our communities, our society, and ultimately, our democracy?  Other countries that used to look at us as the epitome of religious freedom and moral example are now snickering at our downfall.  This is a crises, and we better start acting like it!  If nothing else, think about our children; they are the beacon of light for the future.  But if we allow ignorance and immorality to steal fundamental Christian values from them, then we might as well throw the Bible in the trash can.  We can not do that to them; we can not do that to us; we can not do that to America.

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