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The 1966 election saw two major changes for the State of California.  First, was the election of Ronald Reagan as Governor.  The second was the passage of a ballot measure that has changed the course of California government, forever—the major changed a part time Sacramento legislature into a permanent class of full time rulers.

To compare California to Texas is easy.  Tex, with over 25 million people, no income taxes and a government that works for the people, not the San Fran elite has a part time legislature.  It meets for six weeks every year.  One year it is mostly about policy.  The second year it is about the passage of a two year budget.  Then the legislatures return to the community and live under the rules they passed—unlike Sacramento, which exempts itself and have the benefits of ancient Potentates.

Congressman Radanovich is going to be at the California Conservative Conference in Fresno July 19-20.  Take some time to discuss his efforts to end the full time legislature.  For more information go to californiaconservativeconference.com

California Conservative Again

Congressman George Radanovich (ret.), Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  7/15/19  

Having given up on its party’s political leadership, the California Republican Party (CRP) and New Way California apologists, California conservatives are meeting in Fresno, on July 19th to discuss the future of conservatism in the Golden State. 

Most people will say there isn’t a future for conservatives in California.  It’s in absolute control by a liberal, socialist, one party regime that endorses criminally high taxes, idiotic environmental regulations, fiscal irresponsibility, unsolvable homelessness, high cost housing and welcomes illegal immigrants with open arms. 

Instead of seeking private sector solutions to the State’s pressing problems, the California Legislature passes more and more tax increases to pay for ever increasing dysfunctional programs.  Just this year alone, on the opening day of the legislative year they introduced a total of 2,576 bills proposing tax increases on new tires, car batteries, firearms, prescription painkillers, corporations based on their CEO pay , oil and water. 

California’s liberal leadership despises the name of President Trump.  They sneer at any thought of a return to the high ideals of freedom, mocking personal responsibility and limited government.

Conservatives believe that if freedom and responsibility is ever increasing, then government should be an ever-diminishing need.  Given this, developing a popular agenda while remaining true to the conservative principles of limited government and a strong, vibrant private sector will be an enormous challenge.  I believe the people of California would respond well to a conservative agenda of force and persuasion.


Whether we gave it up or its been taken from us, our government in Sacramento has taken on too many responsibilities.  (The same can be said of Washington, D.C.)  Their encroachment upon the private sector has taken too many freedoms from the citizens of California, so much so that the institution has reached the level of its own incompetence.

How do we reverse the trend and get back on a path to conservatism?  By limiting the amount of time the Legislature can be in session in Sacramento.  Socialism and full-time politicians with too much time on their hands is a destructive combination.  California citizens would benefit from a 50% reduction of what the California Legislature does  We need a part-time Legislature and conservatives should be at the heart of the effort to get one.


Socialism wins because conservatives short-sell the ability of the private sector to keep government small.  Capitalism is an inadequate response to socialism because the private sector is more than the economy.  To reduce the high cost of public education, crime control and criminal incarceration, we must promote capitalism, charity and successful parenthood.  We can unite religious conservatives, libertarians and independents to win the hearts of Californians by identifying and  promoting programs that strengthen all sectors of the private sector without additional laws or taxes

Both parties have lost this basic concept of the American Founding.  During my years in Congress, I have witnessed the decline of conservative values both in our government and in our culture.  Its best hope passed when Ronald Reagan left the White House. House Republicans offered a glimmer of hope in 1998, by  balancing the budget and eliminated the deficit.  But instead of focusing on the national debt, Congress started spending again and the national debt has grown to over $20T. 

With this combination of force and persuasion we could redefine conservatism not just for California, but for the nation. Let’s start to reverse socialism by implementing a part-time legislature in California, like we had prior to 1967.

George Radanovich is a former Republican U.S. representative for California’s 19th District, serving from 1995 to 2011. 

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