Republican Party: 28,000 Registrations Away From Being THIRD Party in California

In January, 2013, the Secretary of State reported that the GOP had over one million more registrants than Decline to State.  On January 2, 2018, the Secretary reported that had narrowed to 94,000.  Now, on April 6, 2018, there are only 28,000 more Republican registered to vote than Decline to State.  Two reasons for this.  First Republicans have not had a GOP organizational voter registration drive since 2013.

Second, thanks to Prop. 14, it no longer matters how you are registered—except for presidential primaries, you can vote for Peace and Freedom, AIP, GOP or Democrat for EVERY office.  No longer need to be in a Party.

Due to Prop. 14 we also have Republicans and even Republican leaders supporting Democrats in the General Election.  In 2016, the Senate race was between Sanchez and Harris—Republican “leaders” were telling us to vote for Sanchez.  Also 24 legislative races on the November ballot only had Democrats.

On the June, 2018 ballot there are 36 legislative races—an increase of 50%-that have no Republican running.  How will Republicans vote?  Will they get into the habit of voting for Democrats?

We need to change our policy about voter registration and Party unity.  We can no longer be fighting among the grassroots, donors and legislators.


Republican Party:  28,000 Registrations Away From Being THIRD Party in California

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  5/18/18


On May 21, 2018 it will be official—that is when the Secretary of State closes the books on voter registration for the June primary.  When that report is made, the Republican Party in California will officially be the THIRD political Party in the Confederate State of California.  This does not help in candidate recruitment, donations or enthusiasm for the GOP.

The Los Angeles Times on May 10, 2018 said this, “The latest blow came from the state’s official voter registration report, which showed only 28,649 more Republicans than independent voters as of April 6. Elections officials update state voter tallies at regular intervals before each election; a final report will be issued about two weeks before the June 5 primary.”

Then we have those who want to purge the GOP of conservatives.  While they have the right to support or oppose any primary candidate, this is more than that—it is about making the GOP a Party where the grassroots have no say, those that believe in Republican values and principles are mocked and ridiculed and activists must tow the line or leave the Party.

“Still, the state’s last Republican governor has embarked on an effort that acknowledges the extent of the problem. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who famously told his own state party in 2007 that it was “dying at the box office,” has teamed up with a small group of Republicans to promote candidates who can sell a different message to voters. One of the group’s leaders, Yucca Valley Assemblyman Chad Mayes, said in March the group is looking to help “rational Republicans and centrists” win office in California.”

We win when the donors, grassroots and legislators work together.  We lose if they don’t.  We need to unify the Party, allow all the stakeholders a place at the table and assure that there is equality in leadership—no marginalizing of activists, donors or legislators.  Together we can bring back the Republican Party.  The enemy of the families and businesses of California is the Democrat Party.  We should not be considered the enemy because we have different ideas or style to defeat Democrats.

When we unify, we win.  Maybe the time has come to put behind us the failures of the past and looks to creating victories for the future.  What do you think—please put your comments on the California Political News and Views web site—all voices need to be heard.

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