Ring: Recall Gavin Effort Booms Despite Media Blackout

Why Recall Gavin Newsom?

He closed the churches, against the First Amendment

He is tries to limit your Second Amendment rights.

Gavin wants to raise your taxes by a MINIMUM of $12.5 billion each year.

Newsom does not want your children to escape hostage in government schools.

Gavin Newsom LIED to us about eh virus, the real number of virus deaths and his role in forcing seniors into facilities, where they would die.

The Democrat Newsom, along with hi buddies, are trying to take away your parental rights to raise your children.

He just signed a bill to teach hate and bigotry in our schools—the KKK would be proud.  In the comment section of this article.  If you are in the Sacramento area—the Recall Newsom rally starts at 10:00am  TODAY at the north steps of the Capitol.

Recall Gavin Effort Booms Despite Media Blackout

It is a rebellion that has attracted millions of disillusioned California voters

By Edward Ring, California Globe,  9/18/20

When the history of the 2020 election in California is written, the prevailing question may be “why didn’t the California Republican Party take advantage of one of the biggest populist movements in modern history, the ongoing campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom?” The period this recall effort has been allocated for signature gathering overlaps neatly with the peak political season, hence there is a tremendous opportunity for CAGOP to capitalize on its momentum.

It’s easy enough to understand why, despite gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures, and being on track to gather more signed petitions than any volunteer effort, ever, there is virtually zero media coverage. California’s establishment radio, press, and television networks are determined to ignore the RecallGavin 2020 campaign for the same reasons the CAGOP ought to embrace – it is a rebellion that has attracted millions of disillusioned California voters and it has the potential to fundamentally transform the political landscape of the state.

For California’s media, this blackout is merely malpractice. Their partisan bias – expressed in how they frame issues, what issues they choose to cover, what facts they choose to emphasize over others, and their many sins of omission – is well established and comes as no surprise. In the case of CAGOP, their lack of support is, to be charitable, due to an excess of caution.

To appreciate the weight of the populist uprising sweeping California, the media, and CAGOP, might choose to attend the next large event organized by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, a rally to be held on the north steps of the State Capitol on Saturday 9/19 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. They will witness not hundreds, but thousands of supporters, showing up in a “Rolling Thunder” vehicle caravan as well as congregating on the north lawn. Smaller crowds at the Capitol, often comprised mostly of people who were paid to attend, consistently manage to attract television cameras and reporters. But to be newsworthy, you have to further the Democrat narrative.

The ingenuity displayed by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign could teach a lot to the CAGOP consultants and their donors, a tight-knit network that has displayed remarkable continuity while presiding over an unrelenting decline that has lasted for three decades. But it comes down to this: If you support the people, the people will support you.

To support the people, CAGOP has three choices: First, they can aggressively promote a visionary platform with a few revolutionary but very concrete objectives. Things have gotten so bad, this ought to be easy. Thin the forests. Round up the homeless and put them in supervised tent cities (saving billions). Permit expansion of suburbs on the perimeter of cities which is the only way home prices will ever come down. Keep Diablo Canyon open, along with clean natural gas power plants (saving billions). Widen the freeways. Fix the aqueducts. Build more reservoirs and underground water storage. Enact school choice, preferably by issuing vouchers (saving billions). Start prosecuting criminals and get drug addicts off the streets. Quit harassing businesses (adding billions).

To the naysayers: Stop relying on polling, which is merely a good way for legacy consulting firms to collect, say, $900,000 to compile increasingly unreliable data on voter sentiment. Voter sentiment changes. Leadership and vision change the minds of voters. Get out there, and listen to people. You will be astonished at how close California’s entire population is to embracing a completely new agenda. But not one powerful CAGOP politician or donor has the guts to not just promote a revolutionary agenda, but demand it.

Choice two for CAGOP is even easier. Fire a shot that will be heard around the world by supporting the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, unequivocally and without reservations. This will serve notice to voters that the party means business, and it’s gone onto offense. Have every CAGOP candidate express their support for the recall, and make it the centerpiece of a statewide slate declaring the CAGOP position on the many ballot initiatives facing voters in November.

Opposing Gavin Newsom gives much needed coherence and excitement to everything else  CAGOP is fighting for in this state. For example, there is not one significant state ballot initiative Newsom is for, that CAGOP is not against, nor is there one that he is against, that CAGOP is not supporting. The votes on many of these initiatives will be close. Enlisting the support of the recall volunteers could make the difference.

Choice three is the strategy that CAGOP is currently pursuing. Their strategy is thus: “Vote for us because we are not Democrats, and therefore you should support us.” That strategy is adequate – not good, but adequate – with the 24 percent of voters who are still registered Republican in California. For the rest, not so much.

Reluctance on the part of CAGOP to support the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign is understandable only if you view grassroots activism as a zero sum game. There are literally tens of thousands of Californians currently circulating petitions to recall the governor. These are people who could be, to mention perhaps the most important variable, walking precincts to recapture battleground seats in the U.S. Congress. But it is not a zero sum game.

The field directors for those candidates in tight races should be delivering their campaign material to the volunteers who are coordinating the recall efforts in their counties. Supporters of the recall are not exclusively Republicans, in fact, in many counties they may not even be majority Republican. But Newsom personifies Democrats, and they’re already fighting Newsom. If CAGOP endorses the recall, these recall volunteers become ripe prospects for conversion.

This bears reflection. Consider this revealing map, prepared by the Public Policy Institute of California (below), that depicts the political geography of the state as if the number of voters in each county drove the size of the space in which they resided. See that tiny, tiny little red patch up in the great white north? That’s your base. Get real. Take a chance. Swing for the fences.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    The Republican Party in California did very little to fight the election of Governor Newsom in 2018. I do not expet them do much in the way of a recall. Newsom took office in January 2019. He has almost 2 years in office with 2 years left. Suck up the next 2 years and put any recall money that might be spent toward defeating him in his run for reelection in 2023..Better shot!

  2. Disagree with Rico. 2 years is too long. If this is successful, then wonderful and if not successful the people are showing they are waking up and more will join. Unfortunately, the CA Repubs leadership is totally ineffectual (to be kind)

  3. But Rico, a populist recall is the ONLY way that Newsom could be defeated since California is so very overbalanced with Democrats, and since the liberals’ position that the ends justify ANY means ensures that no conservative can be elected to office in 90% of the State. Conservatives cannot possibly hope to defeat him in a regular election.

  4. William Hicks says

    For those of you that are pro-second amendment consider the vast number of hand guns that have been decertified just in 2020. The number is outrageous and it will only get worse with the current governor and A.G.

  5. A true grass root effort and once again the CAGOP is AWOL. I for many years am a Republican, Carter caused me to switch and the Republican Party most aligns with my believe. The last upteen years the GOP and CRP have demonstrated no courage allowing the Speaker of the house Gingrich standing on his own. Once again with this grass root effort they miss.

  6. Yes I like the very concrete plans for the GOP to follow. They have been there for years. Things -yes the same old things have been getting worse in CA for 40+ yrs and to my knowledge the 3 choices for the GOP to follow are not being pursued . THE FORESTS are the worst one –but all the things wrong in CA are terrible and have NOT been worked on. Not getting rid of Gruesome -newsome OMG! I cannot put any trust in the GOP – they inhale the filth from the Democraps and are thus infected with their evil.

  7. Jason S Brumfield says

    An Absolute Must for the People to Regain our State from theses CCP Puppets Communists DumbOcrates of Newsome and Pelosi.

  8. The California propositions are misleading. The liberals are complaining about rent costs. Now prop 15 taxes businesses, including landlords. If landlord costs go up how do they pay for it? Raise rents. So Newsom puts in a rent control proposition too. So what’s that do? Again messes with the landlords. I became a landlord by working hard. My plan was to be able to support myself at retirement while living in CA with the additional rental income along with my pension. Now Newsom is going to destroy the small guys cuz we don’t have the corporate attorneys like these big companies who own apartment complexes and such. He continues to piss away 6.5 million dollars a DAY of our tax money on the bullet train to nowhere. CA is the ONLY state who has not opened their books for us to see exactly where our money is spent. All true! Ballot harvesting was legalized and now the Democrats seek out elders, homeless and other helpless Americans and assist in filling the ballots out and turning them in. I don’t trust they fill them out as instructed or turn in the ones that go against their party. This tactic breeds voter fraud! We need Californians to get engaged and call Newsom and his corrupt administration out now!

  9. If only 500,000 petitions have been gathered for Recalling Newsome, then it very unlikely that a proposition to recall Newsome will find its way to the ballot in November. People seem to be very apathetic.
    Lots of people are not even registered to vote and then complain when things keep getting worse.
    Look at Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and now Nevada. All of those states’ voting patterns changed when large numbers of Californians moved there.
    We need to stop the “Marxist Virus” here so it doesn’t affect any more states.
    So at least Pray, Influence, and Vote as your well being depends on it

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