San Jose Police Chief “Excuses” His Cops for Allowing Violence Against Trump Supporters

Totalitarian State are noted for their ability to think the ends justify the means.  In China, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Russia, the government allows and promotes violence against those that oppose its policies.  If an anti-government rally is held, the government organizes rioters, allows them to beat up those exercising free speech.  You have seen the news reports and the videos—the cops stand by watching the violence and do not stop it.

San Jose, according to the Police Chief is such a totalitarian State.  When Donald Trump held a rally, the police watched as the attendees were beaten by the government approved mob.  But it is worse than that.  The police actually HELPED the rioters beat up and intimidate the attendees—the POLICE were part of the riot.

A good friend of mine, Guillermo Moreno and his wife, they are from Fresno, attended the San Jose Trump rally.  When they left the area, they went to their car to drive home.  A few feet from their car, the cops stopped them and would not allow them in the car.  Instead the San Jose Police FORCED these attendees to walk around the parking lot, two block, to get to their car.  Waiting for them—and the POLICE knew it, was a gauntlet of rioters yelling, intimidating, throwing things—and the cops forced hundreds of rally goers INTO a riot, instead of away from a riot.  San Jose is a classic totalitarian State and the Mayor, Sam Liccardo approved of it—like a two bit mobster.  Go to San Jose, but understand the risk.

San Jose Police Department

San Jose Police Defend their Decision to Allow Violence Against Trump Supporters

by Jeff Dunetz, The Lid,  6/9/16

by  Guest post by Onan Coca, Eagle Rising

The profoundly peaceful and law-abiding Tea Party movement was treated as a proto-fascist army of vigilantes while the Occupy movement was seen as a heartwarming expression of authentic people power. Never mind that violence was far more endemic to the Occupy movement. Left-wing youth, particularly minority youth, who threaten and intimidate people and destroy property, are seen as expressing their righteous passion. Right-wing youth who do likewise are terrifying harbingers of fascism and authoritarianism. – Jonah Goldberg in the National Review

Last week GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally in San Jose, California. While the rally was the usual presidential boilerplate, it eventually made national news thanks to what transpired after the rally concluded. Once the event ended and the Trump supporters began filing out of the arena and heading home, a raucous and (apparently) violent anti-Trump crowd began verbally and physically assaulting the rally-attenders. The vile protesters hurled insults, foul language, spit, vitriol, and hate… and eventually they began throwing eggs, rocks, punches, and kicks as well.

Throughout it all the San Jose Police Department did… NOTHING. Only 4 protesters were arrested even though (as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all show) the violence was far more widespread and dozens of Trump supporters were viciously harassed.

Now the San Jose PD is defending its inaction and arguing that they did nothing wrong when they chose not to protect the innocent Republican crowd.

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, approximately 300-400 protestors gathered outside a Trump rally in San Jose. The San Jose Police Department designated two locations for supporters and demonstrators. The Department had an operations plan in place in an effort to ensure the safety of everyone attending the event. However, officers were confronted by some protestors who became violent, aggressive and began to throw objects in their direction. A majority of the violence occurred at the conclusion of the event.   While several physical assaults did occur, the police personnel on scene had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight the crowd and produce more violent behavior. As Trump supporters were exiting the Convention Center, officers directed the crowd away from the protestors and suggested alternate routes of egress in order to prevent violence or a large-scale confrontation. This required the forming of crowd control lines of uniformed officers to act as a physical barrier to facilitate the movement of the crowd out of the area. The San Jose Police Department subsequently made four arrests for incidents including assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful assembly. A San Jose Police sergeant suffered minor injuries after a protester struck him with a metal object. The Department is currently reviewing available footage and beginning the investigative process to identify suspects who were involved in criminal behavior, particularly physical assaults, so that warrants can be sought for their arrest. The Police Department encourages any members of the public who witnessed assaults or who are possession of video footage depicting physical assaults to contact the San Jose Police Department and cooperate with the ongoing investigations.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia must have felt as though his department was being maligned by the rest of America, because he chose to release a separate statement again defending his department but also promising that there would soon be further action taken against the criminal mob that assaulted so many innocent Trump supporters.

The violent behavior exhibited by some protestors last night was reprehensible, completely unacceptable and unrepresentative of our democracy and this City. We saw demonstrators behaving poorly and our officers clearing the streets as safely and expeditiously as possible. Officer safety and crowd control techniques are critical and cannot be abandoned when protestors scatter from area to area faster than the police lines can move.

Furthermore, de-escalation techniques are important—not just when someone has a weapon. We are not an “occupying force” and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protestors. Instead, we achieved our goal of clearing the streets and making arrests in an appropriate manner. Our officers should be commended for both their effectiveness and their restraint.

Let me be clear: the violence that occurred last night was not unchecked. Four arrests have already been made, and I have immediately assembled a task force, headed by the Bureau of Investigations Chief Shawny Williams, and in coordination with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, to review all video evidence and investigate all reported assaults or other crimes from last night’s incident. I’m calling on the public as well as media outlets to submit all video evidence to our Police Department so we can root out those whose intentions were to disrupt our civil democratic process and put the safety and welfare of the public and my officers at risk. We will work tirelessly to hold them accountable and bring them to justice

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. There is no excuse for the police chief or the useless mayor and the cowardly way they allowed peaceful assembly to become a target for thuggery and violence by non representative outsiders bent on causing harm and damage to these people at a political rally to support their political ideals…….The people of San Jose need to take a step back and consider the evidence in front of their faces and make the decision that their elected leadership is a major flaw in the the way freedom works, this is the USA, rule of law and I for one and damn tired of seeing C- leadership like ths allowed to prosper and grow………remove the cowardly mayor and the useless police chief….

  2. Can the citizens “excuse” the police if the police chief gets beat up ?

  3. Really??? says

    San Jose (otherwise known as hose the citizens) did what the City of Santa Barbara did 15 years ago. Their Police Chief just retired after decades of screw-ups.

    The citizens were dejected, and police just wanted to put in their time until they could get out. Cheer up Jose, with political correctness your crime rate will go up, and gangs will flourish. After all you need something to look forward to.

    Remember choked streets for bikes that are not used is on the way.

  4. Jim Davis says

    Michael Coronado
    Editor, The Press-Enterprise

    In your Sunday article to readers of the Press, you answer questions about reporting practices of this paper. I have read this paper since it was the Enterprise in the morning and the Press in the afternoon, some years and yet I find your practices are favoring one side of many subjects. “How this paper covers immigration” 7/6/14, you describe how the term “illegal immigrant” or the use of “illegal “to describe a person. Which of course is splitting hairs as the term is used to describe the actions of that person. 4/17/16, you once again try to explain why you and your staff refuse to use “Illegal alien” when reporting on, well, Illegal aliens. I would like to remind you that “Illegal alien” is a legal term found in federal code books to describe a person who breaks our immigration laws to enter our nation. Not using this descriptive term is joining the debate that you pretend to avoid. Breaking our laws to come to our nation is no more about immigration than bank robbery is about withdrawals.
    Illegal aliens are not the thousands of refugees brought to our nation by the central government.
    Illegal aliens are not the millions of foreigners who follow our laws to come to our nation and follow our established “pathway” to citizenship of which we generously extent to over a million people a year in ceremonies held around our nation a number of times a year.
    Illegal aliens are not of the over three billion people who have been legally processed through Homeland Security since 9/11, when the central government pretended to secure our borders.
    Illegal aliens are exactly that, Illegal and you and your employees are siding with this group of invaders and covering up their actions.
    You also refer to your compliance to the AP “style book” which no longer sanctions the use of the term, “illegal” to refer to this type of lawbreaking. In other words the use of illegal to describe a crime is now “verboten” by the global media corporation, Associated Press.
    As an independent reader, I would prefer an open and free debate on this subject and not the leftist dogma and self-imposed censorship you so eagerly follow with the use of the AP stylebook, Goebbels would be so proud of you.
    I would advise you that the tax funded UCLA has also made the term illegal alien verboten on campus as has many tax funded schools which are dominated by professors belonging to the American left.
    Sanctuary Cities are another point of dispute with your reporting practices, once again I must point out that sanctuary cities are prohibited by Title 8 USC sec. 1324 and more locally, sanctuary cities are prohibited by The California Penal Code sec. 834b which your employees may have missed in their hast to jump to the defense of the criminal element. Public servants who have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution and then shield and protect illegal aliens as in the case of the Steinle murder in San Francisco such as the city council, mayor and the wife beating Sheriff along with our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, are all law breakers, just as many of these same characters were complicit in the Balogna Family massacre in 2008, once again Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom all from the American Left.
    Does your compliance on the AP stylebook mandate that you call supporters of the law, “anti-illegal” when common since would demand that all responsible citizens would be anti-illegal anything. Outlawing this use is only to cover up the fact that you may be pro-illegal or pro-crime by supporting anarchy and lawlessness which brings us to the national election and subversive activities, most recently in San Jose, Ca. at a Trump rally. Trump supporters were attacked by masked thugs, throwing eggs at women and slurs in Spanish, sucker punches and burning American Flags, while waving foreign flags, Mexican and MeCHA, La Raza and communist flags which is very reminiscent of the Brown Shirted Thugs used by the National Socialists in 1930’s Germany to stifle free speech and attack political opponents. While the police department refused to intervene and protect citizens; this department chief is Eddie Garcia who it would appear puts his heritage above his nationality as does the mayor of this city.
    These politicians who disobey our laws and violate their oath of office and have secured a guaranteed lifetime income for themselves from the very citizens they are selling out are not public servants, but subversive tax parasites feasting off the society they are undermining.
    When we have millions of people pouring over our southern border, this is an invasion and we were alerted to this a long time ago but our “free press” failed in reporting it. Following is an editorial in Mexico’s leading political newspaper:
    “a peaceful mass of people, hardworking carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable invasion the most important in human history. You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an antlike multitude, stubborn, unarmed and carried out in the face of the most powerful and best armed nation on earth. The result of the migration is to return the land to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”
    Carlos Loret de Mola Excelsior Mexico City 1982.
    Now of course, it is not always peaceful and unarmed.
    Our borders are experiencing yet another upswing by invaders from Central America and China as 700 Chinese were stopped at a California border station, and the Border Patrol is expecting as much as 75,000 young people in this summer’s invasion of America. This must make to open borders left very happy.
    In your article you state, “as journalists, our job is not to join the debate but to report the news.” and “as journalists we must do our best to ensure that you- our readers- have the most accurate and balanced report. That is our commitment. “You and your “intrepid journalists” missed a report by the U.S.Sheriff’s Association stating that illegal aliens murder over 9000 Americans each year and Numbers USA reports that illegal aliens driving without license and under the influence kill over 2000 people each year. These are random Americans from all walks of life and these crimes are preventable by simply enforcing our existing laws. Where are the “humanitarian” feelings for your fellow American citizens? The American left only shows feelings for illegal aliens and malign those who respect our laws.
    You and your journalists also missed yet another important fact, according to the Central Bank of Mexico, Mexicans living in the U.S. send over $32 billion from our nation to Mexico each and every year and this is directly siphoned off our fragile economy. I found this information in the pages of your paper and this may explain why you and your employees missed it.
    You are not only joining the debate, you are engineering the outcome.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    Jim Davis

  5. ” Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, niente contro lo Stato . “

  6. June 6, 2016
    Dear Editor Marshman,
    I am beyond appalled that the mayor of San Jose blames THE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE, rather than the CRIMINAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST THUGS who perpetuated the crimes against people in your city. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU UP THERE? Are you all this sick and demented?
    To encourage violent attacks on politics rally attendees is cause enough for the DECENT CITIZENS (if there are any) of San Jose to demand the mayor step down as he is incapable of leading anything. His lack of morals, values and respect for the rule of law and order, plus his level of incompetence is astounding.
    From his words and lack of action, I can only think that he also blames:

    the RAPE victim for being in the wrong place
    the ROBBERY victim for not being more careful
    the MURDER victim for being murdered.

    This mayor of yours is exactly WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICAN and exactly WHY TRUMP has done so well.

    This reflects on the entire city and on every resident. Shame is what you should all be feeling. And apologizing as well

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