Sand: LAGOP voids AD Committee

Why is there NO GOP in Los Angeles County?  The LAGOP refuses to obey State Election Codes and disallows voting members to vote.  The new Chair rewrote the bylaws to specific violate the election Code in re: ex officios voting in LAGOP meetings.  In the last election they gave zero dollars to candidates, had zero campaign offices, left numerous legislative seats without a GOP candidate and now are working to overturn the decision of local Committees and instead put in their sycophants to seats as prescribed by Andy and his gang.

At the same time the Interim Chair, attorney Tim O’Reilly is telling conservatives that the Committee is being poorly run, that he will get rid of Andy and his gang, and that he will uphold the bylaws and State laws.  Yet he continues to allow Andy G to appoint folks not wanted by the local committee, folks who will not attend meetings—they haven’t in the past—and indeed stop people like Eric Early from being a member of the LAGOP.  If Tim was honest he would abide by the bylaws and election Code.  If he was honest he would tell Andy that his folks will not be appointed.  If Tim O’Reilly was honestly wanting to help the LAGOP he would stop stealing power from the local committees and tell the truth about payments to Julie Haff.

LAGOP voids AD Committee

Ginny Sand, 46th AD,  12/5/22 

Getting smashed in the face by the Executive Board of the LAGOP
The new 46th AD, with all four members in attendance, met on November 29, 2022 to elect officers and appoint new members to fill the vacancies on our committee.  This meeting was a duplicate of our November 21 meeting where one member’s LAGOP paperwork was incomplete. The 46th AD wanted to do things 100% right, including minutes, Oaths of Office and Personal Data Forms making sure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. All of the paperwork was completed and delivered in person to the LAGOP office the next day.  

Our appointees included Republican candidates, volunteer leaders with decades of experience and activism, a former member of the LAGOP who managed Lucie Volotsky’s campaign, and a generous donor to local candidates whose day job includes managing non-profits he’s founded, as well as helping to fund Trevor Loudon documentaries, like “The Enemy Within”. We believed we’d assembled one of the most diverse, accomplished and dedicated committees in all of Los Angeles County. 

All of that careful planning and selection was negated when Chairman O’Reilly’s appointed Assembly District Building Committee (ADBC) met with the 46th, and essentially voided the prior actions of the 46th AD Committee and proceeded to nominate and vote in their choices to our committee. 

 The ADBC was comprised of Chairman Tim O’Reilly, Former Chairman Richard Sherman, Senior Advisor Andy Gharakhani, Executive Director Julie Haff, Assistant Secretary Robert Rafii, Treasurer Jonathan Waymire, AD66 Chairwoman Janice Webb and Secretary Patricia Kotze Ramos. Their actions overturned the unanimous choices of the 46th AD Committee; only one of our approved new members, David Benning, made the cut. 

To put it simply, what they did was illegal. 

ByLaw revisions made last year by Mr. O’Reilly require four members to be present, not to conduct AD business, but to fill vacancies. Those same ByLaws claim that Ex-Officios count toward a quorum unless you’re filling vacancies and then they don’t count. 

However, state election law dictates that Ex-Officios have all the rights of regular members, so tossing out the Ex-Officios is a violation of the Election Law — which creates and defines the LAGOP. State election law also specifies that AD committees fill vacancies, not the LAGOP Executive Board and Andy.

Our authority to act is what lawyers call Black Letter Law. 

If the LAGOP changed our ByLaws to say that O’Reilly or any Chairman could appoint the AD Chairmen, would that be legal? So, the appointment of O’Reilly’s handpicked committee to overturn the actions of the 46th AD is not only wrong but a violation of the same state election law that creates the LAGOP in the first place. 

Our acting Chairman has pledged to rebuild the LAGOP.  Did he really intend to rewrite the Bylaws to suit his own purposes and populate the LAGOP with members of his liking?  Is that who we are?  Is that who we want to be?  More importantly, is that who we want our leaders to be…?

Ginny Sand, Temporary Secretary
AD 46
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  1. lagop losers tim oreilley andy gharakhani howard hakes and julie haff are all morally bankrupt frauds who use the lagop county party as their personal piggy bank to pay themselves and the state party delegate bag handlers all the while ignoring la county candidates and the issues that matter most to conservative voters

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