Santa Cruz County BANS Fracking and ANY Oil Drilling—Still Allows Oil and Gas INTO the County

Santa Cruz is a hypocritical County. It has banned the use of fracking as a means of extracting oil. But it also banned all onshore oil and gas development. No more oil or gas to be developed, by any method in Santa Cruz County. Yet, they still have businesses, homes and communities run by gas and oil—brought in from outside.

If this was an honest County it would outlaw any use of gas or oil within the county limits. That would end the use of most cars, close offices and homes, force people to leave the County. They do not want to drill for oil—but they want your county to drill and send it to them. Honesty dictates they end all use of oil and gas. What do you think?

“Santa Cruz County has become the first county in California to impose a “permanent” ban on fracking, as well as all other on-shore oil and gas development.”

Photo courtesy of Lyndi&Jason, flickr

Photo courtesy of Lyndi&Jason, flickr

Santa Cruz Is First California County to Ban Fracking

By Peter Jon Shuler and Molly Samuel, KQED, 5/21/14 

Santa Cruz County has become the first county in California to impose a “permanent” ban on fracking, as well as all other on-shore oil and gas development. Tuesday morning the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the pre-emptive move against hydraulic fracturing, a technology that uses water and chemicals to unlock oil and gas underground.

“Some would say this is a symbolic gesture,” said Supervisor Bruce McPherson. “But I think it’s a message that needs to be sent out and listened to, especially on our quality of life and particularly about the impact it might have on our water supply, whether it occurs inside this county or in adjacent counties.”

Butte and Mendocino counties are considering similar moves. And Butte, San Benito and Santa Barbara counties may all have fracking restrictions on the November ballot. A state bill that would ban fracking until there is more scientific study is in limbo, having been relegated to the Appropriations Committee suspense file on Monday.

The oil industry insists that fracking is safe and has made the United States less dependent on foreign energy.


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