Saul Alinsky is alive and well today by Richard Eber

Saul Alinsky set the vicious tone of Hillary Clinton, the lies of Obama and the violence of the BLM.  His ideology is simple—people are stupid and need government to control them.  Freedom he believes creates chaos and prosperity.  Saul though civility and respect was a sign of weakness.

The Alinsky attitude is a sophisticated version of Stalin, and Mao  Understand Alinsky and you understand the violence, bigotry, hatred, failed schools, high taxes and Fascist Fauci.

Saul Alinsky is alive and well today by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views   1/20/22

Historically I have never been a follower of conspiracy theories going back to the Grassy Knoll, The Illuminati, The Industrial Military Complex and of course the invasion of the Black Helicopter Fleet to a town near you.

Even if my imagination as a youth might have been fueled by reading Atlas Shrugged several times, paranoid behavior hasn’t been a major malady of mine. 

The alleged January 6th conspiracy of Donald Trump to overthrow the election of incoming Democratic President is no exception.  In my mind not even a leap of faith conspiracy orchestrated by the likes of Adam Schiff has convinced me that any responsible Republican was involved with this sad incident.

I need more than the likes of Joy Behhar, CNN, MSNBC, and the partisan investigation orchestrated  by Nancy Pelosi for me to dial 9-1-1; or to search for Commies under my bed post.

With this said, there is evidence of a quasi conspiracy to subvert the culture, history, and minds of the American people.  The end result would be society converted from a free market system to Socialism.  Government would provide more services while restricting freedoms associated with our Capitalistic way of life

What we are talking about is wish list of 21st century political philosopher Saul Alinsky. It is recognized by experts he updated the ideas of Karl Marx to the modern world. Among his followers include Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

Some 50 years since his classic book Rules for Radicals was published. We are now witnessing how his theories are currently being turning into reality.  This includes:

  • The poor: – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible. This group is easier to control and will not fight back if provided food, shelter, and clothing.  If this does not sound like Build Back Better, complete socialized medicine, guaranteed income, government built housing etc, what other name might we call it?
  • Gun Control: Repeal the 2nd amendment and the ability to defend ourselves. That way a police state can be created furthering government control over the people. If one listens to the President, top Democrats in Congress, and big city Mayors, we would believe rising crime and murder rates are due to the availability of guns: not failed governmental policies going back to the War on Poverty.
  • Increase debt run up by the government spending as this ultimately leads to                 the collapse of the monetary system leading to poverty: In this way an environment can be created to bring about massive social change:  Sadly both Republicans and Democrats are leading the country in a path Saul Alinsky would favor.  Build Back Better is newest building block for such insanity.
  • Education Take control of what people read and listen to and what children are taught in school. If such a chilling notion is not quickly reversed, this Leftist vision pushed along by Randi Weingarten, The Department of Education, Critical Race Theory, and the San Francisco  Board of Education may soon be realized. If a conspiracy theory is to be embraced, it is easy to understand the Teacher’s Union successfully asking the Justice Department to investigate parents who oppose the WOKE policies of school boards.
  • Attacking  organized religion at every opportunity.  This includes restricting Church attendance during Covid outbreak to trivializing the beliefs of Pro life Christians. In doing so they are attempting to replace belief in God with allegiance to a strong central government. Since the Russian Revolution in 1917, this has been an important element in the Marxist tool kit. Such polices advocated by Alinsky are infiltrating American culture to such an extent that the notion of “In God we Trust” may soon be canceled.
  • Provide Healthcare for all:  Promotion of  a complete government operated medical system has been the desire of Democrats for at least the last 5o years.  Were a system be implemented such as exists in parts of Europe today,  the American people would become totally dependent on the government for cradle to grave healthcare.  Bureaucratic incompetency illustrated by the lack of available Covid tests and remedies, would become a way of life. Do we trust Gavin Newsom to implement such a program in California?
  • Tax the wealthy to pay  the poor.  This is one important Marxist talking point that Alinsky embraced in trying to ferment revolution.  It is thought in radical circles that promoting  a “let them eat cake” attitude towards their advisories will result in victorious election results dictating leftist social change.  Democrats from the President to AOC, and Gavin Newsom, are constantly trying to raise taxes to subsidize their limitless social programs.  At the same time the middle class are being squeezed further to the left promoting class warfare.

We can continue the discussion of Saul Alinsky’s model for his version of an American revolution much further.  In his words, “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”   Such a notion works because Alinsky was a master of manipulating human nature to further his goals of central governmental domination over their subjects.

Despite constant changes which place additional governmental control over our lives each year, there is no inclination on my part to throw in the towel quite yet.

In a similar vein, like most conservatives, it is my desire to frame issues to where voters will see the light of day in Congressional elections later this year. Should they reject what has been termed as Marxist Lite ideology, our Country will still have the ability to replicate past greatness.

Unlike virtually all State and Federal office holders, it is not my desire to subjugate people or tell them how their families should live.  If such a libertarian notion can be considered to be cultural treason, then I should be one of the first on my block to be black listed from the internet and placed under arrest for alleged hate crimes.

Saul Alinsky would not have it any other way.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Thanks for this article! “Rules for Radicals” is the Little Red Book of the radical Left. Saul Alinsky comes from the long line of radicals that advocate “Control not by force but by consent of the subjugated class” (words of Alinsky’s predecessor Antonio Gramsci). Conservatives and libertarians stood by either unawares or inefficient while the Gramsci, Alinsky, Davis (Angela) crowd took over.

  2. I am certainly not a supporter of the Alinsky view. But when he is quoted as saying:

    ” His ideology is simple—people are stupid and need government to control them. Freedom he believes creates chaos and prosperity. Saul though(t) civility and respect was a sign of weakness.”

    That certainly has the ring of truth to me!

  3. Gary Edelman says

    Rich- You got this one all wrong. I worked for Alinsky, but note here I was not a Hillary supporter. I also note that none other than Ronald Reagan and his campaign staff stated that they re-read Alinsky and used his tactics to win the primary and eventually the 1980 election by using “Rules for Radicals”. Alinsky and his followers Shel Trap and Gale Cincotta (who organized NTIC) and Heather Booth (Midwest Academy founder) preached self reliance and seizing power from the establishment to get things done. Alinsky specifically taught that waiting for government to do anything was waiting for death. Further, Alinsky hated the war on poverty, saying it promoted what he called “The Big Tit Syndrome”, whereby the poor would become loyal to the establishment because of things like government handouts. His model for this was none other than the practices of hometown Mayor King Richard the First, whose precinct captains doled out all sorts of patronage and handouts to keep the folks coming back for crumbs, and re-electing him and eventually his son and other cronies time and again. Alinsky was good enough for Ronald Reagan who at least talked like a true conservative even if his administration didn’t always act like one. And Alinsky preached not relying on government for anything. Hmmmm, doesn’t sound like the person you make him out to be.

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