Sen: Morrell: Get Educated About SexEd Curricula-Website!! Must See

We are told the government is smarter than parents.  We are told that parents are too dumb to explain sexual issues to their children.  We are told that parents refuse to give the government line  on sex.  That is the basis for government teaching kindergarten kids about the wonders of various sex acts—they need to know before recess—and in opposition to what parents and the churches teach them  In a totalitarian nation, even sex is controlled by government.

Senator Mike Morrell has developed a web iste that explains th issue, what is at stake and how government is pushing aside parents, churches and promoting sex at any age and at any cost.  Please pass this on, let others become educated about the government intrusion into your childs bedroom!

From the Desk of State Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga)

Senator Mike Morrell,  6/13/19   

Dear Friend,

Many parents have expressed concern about the new controversial sex education curriculum being implemented in public schools, following the passage of AB 329 (“California Healthy Youth Act”) in 2015, which was authored by Democratic Assemblymember Shirley Weber (San Diego).

We have heard that it has been challenging to get information on lesson plans and other materials from local school districts and that the Department of Education website can be difficult to navigate.

My staff and I have done our best to put together a website that contains information on curricula being used by school districts or has been recommended by the state. The goal is to outline the issue for parents so that they can view the materials and learn about ways to join in the push for accountability in our children’s education.

You can view the website at this link:

Please forward the link to anyone you think may be interested.

I want to thank you for your engagement on the issues moving through Sacramento, especially in advocating for transparency and full disclosure in education.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact my office at (916) 651-4023.


Senator Mike Morrell

P.S. The online petition supporting SB 673, which would increase transparency in sex education for elementary-age students, is quickly nearing the 40,000-signature mark. Thank you to all who have already signed on!

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