Soros/Hart: Eyewitness to Chaos/Loss of First Amendments Rights at UC Berkeley

Full disclosure—I know both Mimi Soros and Catherine Hart.  In fact, I asked them to write this story. The two are not delicate daisy’s and have faced Antifa a few times. This time they were greatly outnumbered.   While others shy away from Antifa chaotic events, Mimi, Catherine and others were willing to attend an Ann Coulter, knowing that a vile and vicious group like Antifa is going to make it difficult.

Free speech, the rights of the majority and minority are harmed by groups like Antifa.  Please note the Democrat Party, Guv Newsom or any other Democrat elected official denounced the violence and bullying by Antifa.  The police did not protect the First Amendment rights of many of the attendees that had tickets to the event.  Berkeley police are used by the political class—they do not enforce the laws for the people.  Sad.

It is sad that people like Mimi and Catherine have to show courage and fortitude in order to listen to a political speaker.  Our society is crumbling.

Eyewitness to Chaos/Loss of First Amendments Rights at UC Berkeley

Mimi Soros and Catherine Hart, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 11/27/19  

I have never understood why Ann Coulter is controversial or why Conservatives shy away from her. Peter, Mimi and my family escaped Communism(Taiwan, Hungary,  Russia, Ukraine) and as a result we know what we live is a gift and have no empathy for whining folks and we honor our Constitution that clearly states Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or the right of people to peaceably assemble.

We purchased tickets that benefited the College Republicans and planned on attending the event on 11/20/2019. The crushing weight of The Mob that pressed against us to keep us from entry into Ann Coulter’s speech at Wheeler Hall was a moment, for me, filled with several thoughts at once. I’m going to need to save myself or someone else from injury or worse tonight. There is the entrance. Get there now. I need evidence. Start filming. We stopped pushing back for a moment so I had my camera centered on Peter Kuo (Vice Chair CAGOP) as they shouted and held us back. We were subject to Nazi Go Home, Don’t Let Them In, Racists Go Home and a Spanish chant. It was like the 60’s and every other historical Leftist moment.

 We somehow made it to the police barrier surrounding Wheeler with the entrance point but had unintentionally separated. Mimi and I however remained together. The Mob made a human barrier at the entrance (The Mob was I believe a combination of 2000 Antifa, students and other socialist activists. Berkeley University PD and CHP were in charge of, don’t laugh, law enforcement) so Mimi and I attempted to climb over the police barrier for safety and as ticket holders. Police threatened to arrest us so there we stood unable to move and took our licks the remainder of the evening. California Penal Code 242 for you legal eagles. The Officer specifically was a State of California, California Highway Patrol Officer.

They knew we had tickets and did nothing as AntiFa blocked the entrance, put on their masks and went into action but you can breathe better knowing two Blue Lives Matter loving conservative women were denied our rights by the well-coordinated “Police” and Leftist Socialists. They refused my request to speak to a commanding officer. At one point a masked antifa member starting harassing one Officer and I educated her loudly enough for everyone to hear. “Why are you harassing him? They are on your side now. You are one team.” If you think these are harsh words listen to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Berkeley College Republican President Matthias Ronnau. UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ encouraged the protest and Mr. Ronnau confirmed they have conflict with Police Chief Margo Bennett.

There were many of us at the event and they have posted their stories. One is Lindsay Grathwohl, daughter of Larry Grathwohl. Larry infiltrated the Weather Underground and wrote a book, Bringing Down America. This is required reading for understanding the Left’s plans.* Local news station KPIX took a lot of film but decided to release the footage of the calmer students walking with signs and downplayed the evening. All mainstream publications were not honest. More later. We aren’t done yet.

Catherine Hart is First Vice President, Mid Peninsula Republican Women Federated, Member San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans, San Mateo County Republican Party Central Committee Member District 2, College Republican,YAF member and Law Society Vice President while a student at CSULB. She had the honor of booking campus speakers.

Mimi Soros (no relation) is Northern Regional Director for Recall Gavin Newsom.US, Sacramento Republican Women’s Federated Member, and Volunteer Coordinator for Take California Back

The ladies met and worked on the Travis Allen for Governor Campaign.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. What a shame that such an important story is lost amidst poor paragraph structure and incoherent theme building….
    Perhaps a rewrite or additional editing is in order???
    This important story needs to be told clearly & coherently….

  2. Maybe because Ann Coulter is antisemitic?

  3. Richard Eber says

    ExCaliExpat- You need to get a life. The adversity and experience these two women endured trying to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech to attend a Young Republican event at UC, is the real story. Who cares about their paragraph structure or writing style you find to be lacking.

    • ExCaliExpat. You are giving me a great laugh to start my day 🙂 I am not a writer and don’t care one bit about theme building skills. Making others aware is good enough for me.

  4. OMG. What a fantastic story, written straight from the heart. Mario Savio must be wondering why he bothered. Sharing the link.

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