State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run On Electricity

The headline says it all.  Gavin Newsom is a Luddite.  He thinks that as Governor he can, by Executive Order create electricity.  This man is ignorant, a fool or corrupt.  I choose to think he is corrupt.  We do not have enough electricity now—how does he plan to get ti with more people in the State and 15 million cars plugged in every night to non existent electrical supplies.  Why non exists ant?  Because he and he Democrats refuse o upgrade the power grid and provide the energy, which could be available to the public.

While this article is supposed to be satire—it is real.  When will the people of California wake up?

State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run On Electricity

Baybylon Bee,  9/24/20 

SACRAMENTO, CA—Gavin Newsom, governor of the state with the highest people-to-electricity ratio in the nation, banned gasoline cars yesterday via executive order. The order takes effect in 2035, meaning by that time, everyone in the state with no electricity will only be able to plug in their cars to the power grid that does not work.

“Everyone, plug in those cars!” Newsom said proudly in a room lit only by candlelight, since, you know, the whole electricity thing. “Other states run on backward, outdated fossil fuels. We are the state of the future, so we will run solely on electricity. Which, you know, we’re working on. We could have power by 2035. You never know.”

There was an awkward silence.

“SCIENCE!” Newsom said, regaining his momentum and drawing applause from the reporters gathered.

By the year 2035, the move is expected to completely eliminate all gasoline car carbon emissions, smog, and California residents.

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  1. Noticed the changes in the past 2-3 months?

    The demands of the Dictatorship called the Marxist Democrat Party are now called “advisor”…. Do they think they are kidding anyone?

    Remember with the registration counts there is a great chance you voted for them.

    Time to stop the foolishness.

  2. Does anyone besides me find this amazing?

    It has been the separatists that championed “special” education that reinforced really terrible English Skills because it was prejudiced to set hard standard in elementary schools. Does anyone get it that unable to read and write English efficiently you cannot comprehend science, math, and social skill?

    The Hispanic and Black participants in the suit were and are used on a daily basis by Democrats. When does it stop.

    The question becomes one of when do they stop voting Democrat? The question becomes one when do they stop their separatist prejudice?

    There is a reason why Waters has made millions and her district has not risen out of the depths of lousy education, and prejudice against whites. See it will destroy the Democrat power base and put in place Republican / Conservative free enterprise that will dilute the black culture by integrating.

  3. Go to and get a printout of a recall petition. So far they have gathered about 400K names but need 1.25million by November. If everyone loads a petition, signs it and gets a few more signatures, we can get rid of the liberal, dopey a$$hole!

  4. I’d sign in a heartbeat if I hadn’t already left the state. Of course, if I were a Democrat I could still be a registered voter in CA and be able to sign.

  5. Joseph Reiman says

    Diablo Canyon to Close by 2025

    In a unanimous vote Jan. 11, the California Public Utilities Commission approved Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s request to retire the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by 2025.
    So whom is working on this problem of lost generation of electricity?

  6. Gavin-boy doesn’t want anyone “MOBILE “(definition: able to move or be moved freely or easily).

    Electric cars + no electricity = NO MOBILITY

    That’s the Pelosi/Newsom way.

  7. All three, Stephen…

    Newsom is an ignorant, CORRUPT fool…

  8. If Gavin likes electricity so much why is he closing down hydroelectric, natural gas, and nuclear power plants? Than CA has to buy expensive fossel fuel energy from other states. So if CA doesn’t produce fossil fuels but buys them, then that’s okay??? What’s wrong with CA that a governor can dictate such sweeping changes without any input from the legislature? Brown did the same thing with his solar panel mandate. I’ll bet he got a stupendous kickback from solar companies. What a totally corrupt state. We are the laughingstock of the country.
    I remember well when CA was run by Republicans and was the envy of the nation.

  9. No more gas tax to fix the roads. 2035.

  10. Just a reminder, the Babylon Bee is a SATIRE site. While the subject of the article is alarming and upsetting, the actual article is meant to entertain.

  11. Why are we surprised? Gavin rode stinky San Francisco into the ground and our grossly undereducated voters promoted him to the governorship.
    Barring a phenomenal energy-producing invention from the disappearing PRIVATE SECTOR that is being taxed to death, we are witnessing socialism at it’s best.
    If Sleepy Joe takes the front office it will be a race with California to serfdom.

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