Steve Frank: California Republican Party Convention: The Party in 2018 and Beyond

Let me start with the Democrat convention held earlier this year to endorse candidates for office.  They did not endorse a candidate for Governor—just like the California Republican Party.  When you add up all the votes at the Democrat convention for endorsing in the Governors race, they had 2791 votes.  At the just concluded CRP convention, we had a total possible votes of 1004.  For the Republican endorsement there were a total of 965 votes cast, including over 450 proxies.

The mood of the convention was not jovial, somewhat somber—understanding the lack of candidates in 36 legislative races for November, so far, plus the obvious, no candidate for U.S. Senate for a second straight cycle.  If we do not have a candidate for governor on the November ballot, it will be the first time since the early 20th century that a major Party did not have a candidate for both Governor and Senator on the ballot.

Also to be noted that according to the Secretary of State, in January 2013 the GOP had over a one million voter registration edge on Decline to State.  On January 2, 2018, that edge narrowed to approximately 94,000.  In November, 2016 there were 24 races for Congress State Senate or Assembly that did not have a Republican on the ballot.  The June 2018 primary has nine congressional, six state senate and 21 Assembly races without a GOP’er—and after the primary we will be adding to that number.


California Republican Party Convention:  The Party in 2018 and Beyond

Editorial by Stephen Frank, 5/8/18


The California Republican Party (CRP) convention had these official numbers from the Proxy and Credentials report:

Delegates:  1428

Dues paying Delegates  1317

Delegates Registered for convention   560

Proxies submitted   576

Approved proxies   477

47% of the votes cast for endorsement were cast by proxy..

Now that you have the numbers the Party did endorse:

Cole Harris for Lt. Gov. with 71% of the vote—running unopposed

Mark Meuser  for Secretary of State with 94% of the vote—running unopposed.

Judge Steven Bailey, on the second ballot, received 69% of the vote, his opponent, Eric Early 28%–this after it was learned of his numerous donations to Jerry Brown, Brad Sherman, Dave Jones, U.S. Senators Merkley, Tester and Duckworth, all Progressive Democrats, among others.

There were two important conferences held during the convention.  The first was explaining to delegates the effort to get cities and counties to oppose SB 54 and get them to submit amicus briefs.  Already almost 100 cities and counties have done this or are in the process of doing this.  Public safety is the key reason for ending SB 54.  My guess is that SB 54 repeal will be on the 2020 ballot—and will help the GOP just as Prop. 13 did in 1978.  This November the gas tax repeal will be on the ballot, and that will help us.

The other conference was the Tea Party California Caucus, “2019 and beyond for the GOP.”  I was honored to speak on the current status of the GOP in California and other speakers like Linda Paine, Lisa Moreno, Tony Krvaric, Shawn Steel and Jon Fleischman.  The message was clear until the CRP has the grassroots at the table, instead of just the Legislature and the Third House (lobbyists—corporations), the Party will continue to lose.  To win the GOP has to have three legs—grassroots, donors and legislators—one can not win without the other two.

The race for Governor was the most interesting.  Cox and Allen traded barbs and charges.  In the end, neither was able to get traction to get the 60% needed for endorsement.  Cox came in with lots of big name endorsements, Allen with lots of County Committee’s and grassroots endorsements.  In the end, it was a deadlock.  Yet, with the election 30 days away and a day before Absentee Ballots are to hit, the CRP endorsement was going to have little effect on the voters.

(Editors note:  Since early in the campaign I was in favor of a NO ENDORSEMENT for Governor)

Sadly, the CRP is not going to have a convention in September to showcase our candidates and issues.  A convention has been periodically used in the past as a means to message for the Republican Party.  Not this year.

One major change in the Party.  A big one.  San Diego County Chair Tony Krvaric presented a by-law change to end the rotation of Chair from South to North and South again.  His measure ended the rotation, allowing a candidate from any part of the State to run for Chair.  So far there are four possible candidates (I stress possible).  David Hadley the former one term GOP Assemblyman from Torrance, who ran for re-election in opposition to Donald Trump (he was a No-Trumper) and on some measures supportive of illegal aliens.  Another is a County Chair, then we have a statewide grassroots activist and the last, at this time, a former legislator.

We also have a former legislator, who if they lose their election in June or November, will also consider running.  (Names are withheld to protect the innocent—Hadley’s name has been openly tossed about in Sacramento and at the convention.)

The results of the November election will have a great deal to do with who makes the starting gate and the type of candidate the CRP will want.  Continuation of the registration and registration results will put more pressure on the Establishment to come to the table with the grassroots.  Watch this space for more information.









About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Hal Bray says

    The Republican Party will continue its decline as long as it continues to deny it exists until an election rolls around. This concept of only candidates have positions on issues and, therefore, we allow Democrats (and everyone else) to beat us to death continuously and then we sort of reply during the election is stupid to the core. Being a Party means getting your values and position in front of the voters-everyone really-twelve months a year every year. And since this policy began we end up with fewer candidates every election cycle, meaning it is a self fulfilling death spiral. Good Bye Republican Party, it was nice to know you.

  2. Marie Roberson says

    Funny about SB54, Jim Demartini is a County Board if Supervisor in Stanisluas County and the Chair for the Republican Party in Stanisluas County. Our County Board refuses to bring a Resolution up at all. In a private meeting with Jim demartini, Jody Hayes the CEO for the County Board of Supervisors Stanislaus County and the sheriff Adam Christensen, it was stated to the Stanislaus concerned citizens for the state of Jefferson that the CEO and the sheriff decided it was not necessary to bring a resolution or anything else up on SB 54 and that our County was going to wait to see how the lawsuit played out
    We came to two other board meetings where we ask them again to put this out for the public to debate on it and they refused. It’s time in Stanislaus County to take out every Board of supervisor and fire the CEO and pray really hard that Juan Alinas becomes our sheriff.
    The groups in the state of Jefferson counties are asking for amicus briefs most of them have already gotten resolutions from their counties back in 2017.
    Shame on mr. demartini

    • Gregory Brittain says

      Get 10, 20 or more people to go to the Bd Sup meetings and speak in public comment on SB54 until they put it on the agenda.

  3. Gregory Brittain says

    ““It is critical we take strong and comprehensive action to protect all Californians from the threat of natural disasters and climate change” – Joint statement of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Assembly Republican Leader Brian Dahle, Senate President pro Tem Toni Atkins and Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates.”

    When the Rep legislative leaders support the Dems’ global warming hoax, the CA Rep Party has a big, perhaps insurmountable, problem.

  4. Jeff Elfont says

    Steve, It’s time to face reality. Only a pro-choice candidate has any chance statewide in California….”the party” has to wake up and embrace us RINO’s.

    • Emanuelle Goldstein says

      What an interesting spin. Of all the major and immediate policy issues facing the state–illegal immigration, increasing taxes and wasteful government spending (crazy train), high cost of housing, increasing homelessness, increasing crime, etc–you choose to mention a peripheral issue like “pro-choice”. Just shows how out of touch you RINOs really are with the state and the electorate. You RINOs have to stop living in the 1980s.

  5. What we need for Ca is real R’s and conservatives to stand up like adults and stop trying to appease the DNCommunist….I am a native of Ca and it was R governed when I was coming up, great place to live and after I returned from my stint in Nam to live here and raise my family, this state has gone down hill steadily and gotten worse…Unless we finally inspire a tax and gov revolt to change the declining circumstances of this state, it will look and act like a bunch of screwballs and half witt communist that now run this once hardy leading state….I live in Nv part of the year and am a resident, my past residency is a part time home I use whenever I am in the state of Ca..I recently became a Independent, because I am sick of the RINO’s who are closet libs run the party and oppose my conservative values, I do not feel my vote for our POTUS Pres. Trump was wasted but I can see the RINO/Lib crime consortium is bent on stopping him and his agenda for national success from succeeding..those who oppose this agenda cannot be trusted to be my representative, those in the DNC who represent Ca are spineless pandering left wing robots…Ca needs a political enema and to get rid of the progressives who are a misnomer…..Stand on your hind legs Ca and make the DNC disappear…..MAGA is the goal….America for Americans is a fact…..

  6. David Blacker says

    I’m always amused when people complain on websites. STOP complaining and go to a Central Committee Meeting! Pay your dues and get involved. Are you waiting for the CRP to come and drag you off your couch! That’s not what we do, the CRP is a 24/7/365 operation and if you show up we will find things for you to do. It is hard enough to do the work we do when half of the delegates don’t show up, let alone waiting for the grassroots to show up. Go to and find your county’s central committee and come to a meeting, we would love to have you.

    • Not a Rino says

      Our Central Committee, in El Dorado County, is aligned with our County Chamber who is run by a bunch of developers. The Jeffersons took over the Central Committee then ended up voting in a RINO to run the Committee. Very frustrating when they end up being used by a bunch of shills.

  7. Janet Kirtlink says

    Thank you for a good report on the convention.

  8. Thank you for the concise analysis and report Steve. Wish I could have been there!

  9. TheRandyGuy says

    As a hard core conservative, I must say the problem as I see it is simply that CA voters by a fairly large number have rejected conservatism.
    the result puts the CA Republican party in a difficult spot: Stick to a rejected party line, or become a democrat lite version. No answer is on the horizon, so save your money and accept the fact CA is lost.

  10. askeptic says

    A One-party Banana Republic…….this never ends well.

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