Steve Frank: Position on California ballot measures

In  a few days many of you will receive your absentee ballot in the mail.  I have been asked for my recommendations, how I will vote on the ballot measures.  The easy way to know is this:  I will vote YES on Prop. 5 and Prop.6.  I will vote NO on all the rest.

We can not afford the payoffs of bond measures, the Nanny State control of our clocks by politicians.  Several measure, like  Prop. 8 and 11 were put on the ballot by unions.  Why?  Because they could not get what they want in negotiations with private firms—so they turn to voters to interfere with the relationship between workers and employers.

The key is to vote—either by absentee or at the polls on November 6.  At the same time remember to vote for the GOP Team, from John Cox for Governor down to Assembly, State Senate and congress.

I will not be voting for the Socialist Kevin DeLeon or the smear artist Dianne Feinstein—I would be embarrassed to say I voted for either—that office will be left blank.


Steve Frank:   Position on California ballot measures

Steve Frank, opinion,  10/8/18

A guide to the ballot measures we are facing on November 6.

To make it easy—Yes on Prop. 5 and 6.  No on all the others

Prop.1  $4 billion housing bond—government boondoggle/payoff   NO

Prop. 2  Allows counties to use Prop. 63 “millionaires tax for housing for homeless. Fix government policies first.  NO

Prop. 3  $8.9 billion water bond—yet they have not spent previous bonds as promised  NO

Prop. 4  $1.5 billion bond for childrens hospitals—only unions allowed to work on projects

Prop. 5  Property tax break for homeowners over 55 years old   YES

Prop. 6  Repeal of SB 1—the 12 cent gas tax costing each family $779 a year  YES

Prop. 7  Ends Daylight Savings time in California set by Legislature   NO

Prop. 8  Limits profits of dialysis centers, will limit supply of dialysis center—SEIU revenge on owners of centers.  NO

Prop. 9  Court took it off ballot—not allowing voters to make decision on dividing State into three parts  Not allowed to vote by court order

Prop. 10  Allows cities to enact more rent control—will further limit supply of housing and add to cost of living  NO

Prop. 11  Requires workers at private EMT services to remain on call during breaks—interfere with worker/owner relationship—partial government take over of private businesses  NO

Prop. 12  Add to government require on the caging of chickens and other animals.  NO

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