Steve Frank: Primary Results–Republican Party in California in ICU

There were few surprises in the results of the Tuesday primary.  The Democrats came out strong and the Republicans did not.  The presidential race on the Republican side had already been determined and few thought a Republican could make it on the November ballot for U.S. Senator thanks to a voter approved measure—Prop. 14 which ended partisan primaries and gave the Democrats the ability to win seats without a November election.  In the editorial below I give the numbers, please read them carefully and think about November 2016 and what this means for the 2018 election.

Just one fact.  Since January the Democrats registered over 500,000 voters—the GOP just 122,000.  The Democrat have an organized plan to register voters—the Republican Party in California gave up registering voters as a project three years ago—and the numbers speak for themselves.

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, flickr

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, flickr

Can the Republican Party of California be Resuscitated?

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  6/9/16

In 2012 and 2014, in both elections, 28 legislative seats had only one Party on the November ballot (including the SD 7 special election in 2015).  Here are the results of the June 7, 2016 Primary election:

  1. 16 legislative seats with only one CANDIDATE on the ballot (three are GOP’ers)_
  2. 24 legislative seats have only one Party on the ballot (three are GOP’ers)
  3. 2 legislative race have a Democrat vs. a NPP—no GOP’er on those ballot.
  4. The big one: The United States Senate seat from California has an Obama Democrat, Kamala Harris vs. a Clinton Democrat, Loretta Sanchez

I urge all conservatives and Republicans not to vote for an Obama or Clinton or Sanders Democrat for any office.  Even if they are nice people—they will continue to vote to take away your freedoms, your jobs, your money and your rights to safety.  You will be told, you have no other choice—Harris or Sanchez—yes you do have a choice—NOT to vote for either Leftist candidate for Senate.

The problem is larger than this election.  Once you start voting for Democrats like Harris or Sanchez, you get into the habit of voting for Democrats.  As you can tell, the number of seats that Republicans no longer are allowed to run a candidate for has jumped about 50% in just two years.

Why is this happening?

  1. No voter registration program from the top.
  2. Think about this, when was the last time you heard an official California Republican Party leader be interviewed on radio, TV or in the newspaper discussing what the GOP stands for, our values and principles. Do you hear the CRP leadership defending and promoting the Party?  No, I do not mean speaking to GOP volunteer clubs—but on John and Ken, the Sussman Show, Ray Appleton, etc.  Who that we have elected do you hear reaching out through social media and mainstream media on behalf of conservative and Republican values?
  3. With Prop. 14 a few very rich people and the special interests, our candidates are forced to either stand down or be beholden to folks outside their district. That is how a $1.7 billion tax increase on your private health insurance passed—with the votes of Republicans in the legislature.  Previously, legislative Republicans gave the votes needed to pass an extension of a $3.5 billion vehicle tax bill.  Do they represent your needs and values?
  4. If you were a serious candidate, would you be willing to run for Governor, Senator or other office in 2018—knowing that by then Decline to State may have more registrants that the GOP?  And, that if you were a conservative, a race that only Democrats could win the right to be on the ballot in November, a very rich man would still spend $500,000 to assure you lose—instead of spending that money on defeating Democrats?

At this point there is even a movement to get Republicans to re-register as Democrats in California—and then take over the Democrat primaries.  A silly idea, but that is how desperate some are to affect public policy in a climate where Republicans are looking for leadership.

What happens in districts where there is no Republican on the ballot in November, no candidate for U.S. Senate—just an opportunity to vote for the GOP nominee for President, Donald Trump.  Why volunteer for the local campaigns—there are none that are partisan.  Why work for the Party, the only candidate we have is Trump and his campaign is not a GOP campaign, it is an American campaign—so folks involved are Republican, Democrat and those that despise both Parties.

This is how you kill off a major political party—not with a law, but with apathy, on the margins, end the ability to nominate candidates and eventually there will be no candidates to nominate.

This can be reversed.  County committees need to go on record as demanding the repeal of Prop. 14.  We need to demand our leaders speak up for us—or allow others to do the job.  We must refuse to join a “Republicans for” campaign in support of a Democrat.  Finally, we must be willing, as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have, to take on the Establishment in the Party.  Why Trump in 2016?  Because the voters are angry.  Why Cruz and Sanders, because the voters are angry and have little trust or respect for government and those running it.

Let us take this anger and make it productive.  Go to your County Committee meetings, ask what they are doing for voter registration—ask them to demand the State CRP to renew a registration program, create an outreach in your community and county.  Ask the leaders to lead or step aside.

You need to get involved.  No more complaining, it is time for action.  Do not expect others to do your work and meet your responsibilities.

What are you going to do for you values, principles and Party?

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Rabbi Shifren says

    Steve, as you know, I ran for both state senate and US Senate….two resounding messages were made clear to me by RINO insiders: you have no chance, and don’t mention anything about illegal aliens. Talk about being cut off at the knees. What we need more than anything are candidates who tell it like it is. Trump can do it, so can we.

    • Given the total and complete sellout by the GOP in this ‘state’ they get exactly buttkiss out of me. I will vote for a Republican but this Jungle Primary is not fun, especially with close to zero help for a candidate from National. Depending upon what happens with The Donald at the convention is going to depend on if I hang around Kommieforniastan any longer hoping for a Change I Can Believe In, to steal from the old Socialist.

  2. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    I don’t see lack of voter registration drives as the problem. Been there, done that and it’s depressing when 2/3 of the people you register check the “Democratic” party affiliation box.

    Look at the Republican Registration and Turnout in Alameda County ( 106,675 people are registered Republican. The turnout in the presidential race primary? 31%. Shameful.

    Not only are Republicans a minority in the state, those who are registered don’t even bother to vote. Disgusted with the choices? Apathy? The problem is more significant that lack of registered voters.

  3. Quite frankly, I’d move out of the State if I were younger. It will only get worse and Kalifornia will become a communist ghetto with wealthy liberal elites and the balance low income latinos. Firms are fleeing the place along with any upward bound educated young people. All of the politicos will be (are) liberal democrats. If you like Detroit, Baltimore and Cleveland, you will love the new liberal Kalifornia!

  4. Mike Pottage says

    The tragic legacy of Prop. 14 has left voters in 2016 with no choice in 42 legislative districts and the U.S. Senate race. With no opposition, there is no debate. And with no debate, one-party rule is constantly reinforced. Dictators love to hold elections they cannot lose, and take great care to make sure no one is able to challenge them. California is now a one-party state.
    This is remarkable! It is made even more remarkable when one considers the central issue of the day, the month, the year, and the decade is personal freedom, free enterprise and constitutional governance verses redistribution of wealth, government control and socialism.
    In the middle of the 20th Century, not so long ago, more than 56 million people lost their lives in World War II as this issue of freedom verses socialism was fought on battlefields across the globe. Freedom won, and yet here we are again, and this time freedom is losing in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”
    Oppression of personal freedom has become so pervasive in California, people are migrating to neighboring states. They are running away from the nation’s most important and populace state to seek the American dream elsewhere.
    And in 2016, we just held an election in which a United States Senator will be chosen from a single political party, with no voice, no debate, and no opposition voiced. Such consensus amid such chaos is an abandonment of American history, an abandonment of our own responsibilities, and an abandonment of our duty to the future.
    It is difficult to believe the burgeoning Asian and Hispanic population in California is not interested in freedom and opportunity, and that they cross borders and oceans to live the socialist life of rationed resources and socialist dictators. And yet the prescription most often heard in Republican circles is the party’s future must mirror Democratic Party politics, or be lost. It is consistently argued the GOP must offer better socialist programs to match the socialist programs of the Democrats.
    No one cries out against government omnipotence.
    A movement to reclaim freedom and free enterprise is not going to start big and win elections. It is going to start small, and spend a great number of days persuading people to understand and appreciate a set of basic American values. The task of building a political movement has been made much more difficult by the loss of community.
    The media reflects that loss as well as any other example. In 1960, every community in Los Angeles had its own, independent newspaper, locally owned and published. Weekly and twice-weekly newspapers competed with small regional daily newspapers and four metro newspapers covered the entire region.
    Today, local ownership of the few remaining publications is rare. Most are owned and operated by corporations. The result is a dearth of political news coverage. By 1988, there was not a single television station in southern California that maintained a bureau at the State Capital. Local candidates struggle to receive a modicum of coverage.
    Left without reliable news sources, California voters have made a series of very poor decisions, including the passage of the reformation of primary elections. As the trend continues toward unopposed candidates, and meaningless contests among Democrats, the unrestrained power of the one party will threaten the freedom of all the people.
    The Republican Party is leaderless. The Republican Party also has no mission, no coherent message with which to attract support. And the Republican Party has not figured out how to use the technology that has replaced newspapers, to communicate with people. The Republican Party is a party in name only.
    It is not unreasonable to suggest a few basics to which the party might pledge its future:
     Steadfast opposition to socialism and with equal determination, support for free enterprise;
     Steadfast opposition to income redistribution, and unyielding support for the right to own and use private property.
    Those two principles applied to all the political issues of the day would revolutionize the path we are currently taking. Local control of education was lost when the wealth of some districts was seized by the state and distributed to the less wealthy districts. Local municipal planning functions were lost when state mandates to achieve social goals that redistributed wealth were imposed. The list is very long.
    We have morphed from a nation where every has a chance at becoming wealthy to a nation that views wealth as greedy and evil. Environmentalists have convinced America not to be a nation of builders and achievers, but a nation of “no.”
    Somewhere, in all of this, is room for a political party to oppose the forces driving the “fundamental transformation” of America. What this 2016 primary election demonstrated is the Republican Party is not positioned to provide that opposition.

  5. Mr. Frank, you mentioned that the GOP never talk about what they stand for. I got out of the GOP because I don’t know what they stand for anymore. Surely it’s not smaller government, lower taxes, or individual responsibility. They are more than happy to tell us what we want to hear, while running for office, only to become democrat-lite once their in office. I listened to delbacaro on the radio but knew he wasn’t going to get elected. Offering freebies works. However, once the money runs out, then what are the democrats going to do? Blame the republicans. It always works because the republicans always cave and admit it’s their fault. Such cowards.

  6. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    What a pantload ! So We should take our bat and our ball and go home and pout (not vote) because the other side cheats? Why NOT A WORD about OVERTURNING “TOP 2” ??? Has NOBODY thought about joining up with the oTHER Non-Democrat parties (and NPP) who HAVE to be PISSED OFF about being effectively DIS-ENFRANCHISED, (Possibly now joined by Bernie’s crew !) and THROWING THE CROOKS OUT (along with defeatist RINOs and Crony Crook Feeders that have cost the GOP any reputation for SSTANDING FOR ANYTHING ) ??? Continuing the search for the next “magic candidate” is futile when the machine is “fixed”.

  7. Totallyfedup says

    Many good comments.
    The main thing to remember is
    Tell everyone you know and have them do the same.
    Demorats and environmentalists have destroyed CA.

  8. George E. Maynor says

    I vote for the candidate that best supports my interests in strict Constitutional law. Doesn’t matter what party they may be affiliated with.G

  9. Cathleen Poncabare says

    How many of those 500,000 new Democrats are illegal aliens who registered to vote at the DMV when they became eligible for and were issued driver’s licenses? How do you prevent them from voting in November since according to the United States Constitution, you must be a US citizen to vote in a federal election? Should California’s electoral votes even count under these circumstances? To my knowledge, the Secretary of State is not verifying their citizenship status. It’s my understanding the new driver’s license are somewhat different than those of legal Californians, however, we’re not required to present an ID when we vote at our polling place.

  10. Janet West says

    From your story: “That is how a $1.7 billion tax increase on your private health insurance passed—with the votes of Republicans in the legislature.”
    The healthcare dollars in the federal budget, which are now not needed to pay the MCO tax, are now available and will be used to fund Medi-Cal for illegal immigrants through the SB 10 Bill, just passed. The ACA Section 1332 Waiver in the bill will accomplish this Democratic goal and the Republicans were a vital part of this maneuver.

  11. Randy Townsend says

    CA is lost. R’s are wasting their time in anything political in this state. Dims will overreach and more of their blatant corruption will surface, but they’ll own this state in perpetuity. R’s should simply stop wasting $ on CA. I don’t vote any longer simply because as a conservative, it’s a waste of time.

  12. askeptic says

    Just trundle it out to Potters Field and dump it in an open grave.

  13. When that disgusting creature named john mccain became republican presidential candidate, i stopped vote. Now i registered after 10 years to vote for Trump


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