Steve Poizner—INDEPENDENT Candidate for California Insurance Commissioner

Steve Poizner, the 2010 candidate for Governor as a Republican, the 2006 victorious candidate for California Insurance Commission as a Republican, is filing again for the office of Insurance Commissioner.  This time, not as a Republican, but as an Independent.

The big story from the first day of filing for the June, 2018 California primary comes from the Insurance Commissioners race.  The lead candidate in that race, at this time,  is the State Senastor representing illegal aliens and the socialist health care program, “Single Payer,: Ricardo Lara.  Though representing a district n Los Angeles County his view is globalist—representing illegal aliens.  For instance he has a bill that would give free Medicaid coverage to illegal aliens—at the expense of hard working honest Americans.


Editorial: Steve Poizner—Independent Candidate of Insurance Commissioner


Stephen Frank, Editorial, California Political News and Views, 2/13/18


In 2006 Steve Poizner, a successfully Silicon Valley tech giant ran for the office of California Insurance Commissioner, as a Republican.  At the time, he announced that the office should not be a partisan office, Democrat or Republican, but a non partisan job representing all Californians based on the laws, not the politics.

In 2010 he ran for Governor as a Republican against a nominal Republican, Meg Whitman.  In 2016 she was on the finance committee for Hillary Clinton, which explains why so many in 2010 were leery of her. But Poizner ran as a common sense fiscal conservative.

The times have changed.  With Prop. 14 political party means nothing.  In fact the official position of the California Republican party, which I disagree with, is that we should NOT nominate candidates by Party.  This will probably mean little in the future.  The race for Public Instruction has a leading candidate, Marshall Tuck, a well financed Independent. The California GOP is only 260,000 voters ahead of Decline to State.  By November it is probable that the GOP will be the THIRD Party in the State, behind Democrats and Decline to State.

As Commissioner he did the following, just a partial list.

He saved drivers and homeowners almost $2 billion in lower insurance rates;

Recovered $30 million for wildfire victims who were shortchanged by insurance companies;

Saved taxpayers $17 million by permanently cutting 13% of the budget (that’s a first and without


Arrested over 2500 people for insurance fraud (a record!); and restored insurance for thousands of innocent consumers after health insurance companies illegally canceled policies.

Voters are more interested in policy and ideology, not Establishment politics.  Bernie Sanders killed off the Democrat Party and Donald Trump showed that policy is more important than Party credentials for Republicans.  Hillary showed how corrupt the political system can be.  At the same time Schumer and Pelosi have shown the Democrat Party has nothing to say except, NO.

The Poizner campaign I am told is also changing other rules of the game—NO consultants.  The Poizner campaign will be hiring vendors, not consultants. He is getting rid of the Sacramento folks and going with the grassroots.

As a reminder, Steve Poizner, though not the incumbent, will be running for re-election to the position of Insurance Commissioner. During his first term even the media recognized his success in office, not as a Republican, but as an Administrator of the office for all.

This race, along with the race of Public Instruction, will show the direction of politics in California.  Instead of the special interests, those expecting a paying off at the end of an election, it will be the people that expect the payoff—less politics, more professionalism and a respect for all Californians, not just those Establishment.

Steve Poizner, Independent candidate for California Insurance Commissioner.  The start of a new era in politics.

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