Taking Back Huntington Beach From Liberals—by Organized Conservatives

It is possible for conservatives to take back a city from liberal/progressive management. To do that means being educated, dedicated, motivated and activated.

Motivation is defined as ”motive, action—a daily progression toward worthwhile predetermined goals.”

Conservatives in Huntington Beach had become complacent and allowed the Left to take over their city. This article is about how conservatives took back their city—not by shouting, suing or making a ruckus. But by creating a plan, implementing the elements and being persistent. I urge EVERY conservative activist to forward this to their friends. Sit down and study the plan—this will work in your city. Follow it and you will have responsibility city leadership, not union/Obama type councils.

The hero in this is Michael Daily. Quietly and with dedication he moved forward, got others involved, until 5400 (not a typo) were activated. That is true leadership—he was not asked to do this, he was not paid to do this, he did it for his community. Thanks Michael!

“Come election time HBCF had 5400 members and Team HB had barely been seen or heard in public for some time. Also, their public presence in the form of signage was the lowest of any candidates.

After the votes were tallied the final result was that we swept all of the liberal progressives off the council and prevented a radical environmentalist from taking a seat. This was all due to the involvement of HBCF members. Incumbents had only been removed 3 times in HB history and there had never been 2 fired at one time.”

Pass this on…please.


Taking Back Huntington Beach From Liberals—by Organized Conservatives

Michael Hoskinson, Santa Monica Tea Party, 11/11/14

Dear Friends,

I want to share a story about a strategy we undertook to take our town back and how it succeeded beyond our wildest imagination.

Back in April 2014 Huntington Beach was embroiled in a fight over a plastic bag ban. Voter apathy had allowed a 4-person liberal majority in our sleepy little conservative beach town and they were flexing their muscle. On April 14th, Our Conservative champion, Councilman and former Mayor Dave Sullivan brought a measure forward to repeal the bag ban.

The council meeting was packed, 58 speakers spoke passionately about choice and government’s limitation….the majority refused to budge and kept the ban in place.

At that meeting sat a citizen named Michael Daly. Just previous to the meeting he had started a Facebook forum with the idea of providing a place for friends and citizens to network about problems in HB.

During the meeting he posted updates live and shared it with friends who then shared it with their friends….by the end of the council meeting the Huntington Beach Community Forum had taken off.

In the ensuing months HBCF grew rapidly, word got out about a place where locals could talk about politics and anything else that was on their minds. Many locals made the HBCF their one-stop news shop, the first thing they did in the morning to see what was happening in HB at the time.

A local journalist and HBCF regular, Chris Epting, began questioning Councilman Joe Shaw for some questionable tactics he had been employing in his position. Councilman Shaw refused to engage in any dialogue. That began the public’s focus on him and his running mates, affectionately titled “Team HB”; they were all Liberal Progressives and included 12-year incumbent Connie Boardman.

After the public pressure began against Team HB they refused to participate in public debates or forums, sticking to one small email group populated only with supporters….a true echo chamber.

After the CC meeting in April virtually every two weeks Team HB would bring another nanny state item forward and ram it in with their 4-person majority; it was almost like they were punishing the public for daring to voice our disagreement with them. With every meeting voter discontent, and membership on HBCF grew.

Michael Daly made a number of wise admin moves during this period. Early on a group of radical environmentalists tied to the Surfrider group made a concerted effort to disrupt the forum.

They were openly derisive of anyone who disagreed with them and bullied many people away from the conversation. The membership number had stalled while these people were an active part of HBCF; no one wanted to join the conversation knowing they would be attacked for their opinions. Michael Daly made the crucial decision to remove them all from the forum, the reaction was gratitude from the members and the number of participants went vertical and never stopped.

During the election, HBCF members questioned all of the candidates openly on the forum. Team HB refused to engage the members which made them focus on them even more.

Come election time HBCF had 5400 members and Team HB had barely been seen or heard in public for some time. Also, their public presence in the form of signage was the lowest of any candidates.

After the votes were tallied the final result was that we swept all of the liberal progressives off the council and prevented a radical environmentalist from taking a seat. This was all due to the involvement of HBCF members. Incumbents had only been removed 3 times in HB history and there had never been 2 fired at one time.

After HBCF facilitated this historic win I began thinking what steps other folks could take to copy our success and begin to take their towns back. I believe that we can’t stop Washington or Sacramento but if we can take our towns back and work up from there anything is possible. The following are some ideas for just that.

Goal: to create a public forum on Facebook that facilitates discussion between all citizens with the ultimate goal being election of a stable, Conservative governing body in the town.

Steps to creation of the Forum.

1) Existing negative pressure in town from citizens unhappy about politics.

2) A “Triggering Event”, either natural or created. A TE could be anything that a large portion of the electorate are complaining about, it should be a polarizing issue (bag ban, union pensions) If the Triggering Event needs to be created artificially having a

Councilman on your team would be helpful, he or she could call for a vote on the polarizing issue, the other side would naturally vote against thus creating the reason to start the forum.

3) “Never let a crisis go to waste” use the Trigger Event to start the Social Media campaign.

4) Choose the person to start the Facebook forum ahead of time, they should be relatively unknown in the community and have time to administer the forum. As the forum grows add admins as necessary.

5) Have 20-30 people to be the 1st members of the forum. They should be unrelated and fairly social media savvy. It would be helpful to have a local journalist or a person with local contacts and credibility from all sides be in on the 1st round.

6) Have the 1st set of 5-10 posts planned, they should relate around the Trigger Event.

7) After the initial launch have the 1st set of members reach out to their social lists (in town) to build membership quickly. Make sure all politicos and local reporters are made aware of the forum at this point.

8) Try to get all Council people, Planning Commissioners and Candidates to participate in the forum. Praise participating politicians and candidates in public for their participation.

9) Decide on a small group of trusted advisors who are in on the plan and can help steer the forum and its goals. Credibility, Shared Direction and Trust are key

10) Admin only lets in City residents and vets all requests by checking their pages, members must be residents.

11) Admin gets involved to a point, never partisan. And keeps their ego in check “it’s not about you” !!

12) Admin knows when to step in the middle of an argument and to take down a thread if it becomes to vitriolic. Do not hesitate to kick out someone if, after a few warnings, they become too partisan and continue to argue instead of being polite…..removing a troublemaker will go far to establishing credibility with your audience on both sides.

13) Admin must be:

A. Mentally stable and not a “Peacock” (has their ego in check)

B. Understand human psychology and politics.

C. Able to be a leader and delegate when necessary.

14) The goal is to get people from all sides of the spectrum to participate and avoid being “labeled” by anyone and therefore dismissed quickly. Overt partisanship is bad in the eyes of an uninformed voter or newcomer.

15) Troublemakers will pop up early to try and stifle debate, warn them once then kick them out. The goal is to foster dialogue and honest debate. If you allow people like this to smother the forum it will halt membership growth; no one will join or contribute if they feel bullied.

16) As membership grows the local leadership (politicos and business) will try to infiltrate and take control. Be on the lookout for fake identities trying to gain access. As soon as the people in power start complaining about the forum quote them to the membership to show to begin highlighting how unresponsive they are to the residents needs.

17) From the start have someone in the group cover Council and Planning Commission meetings and report back to the forum. If possible have someone live blog them. This will generate up to the minute awareness of issues and motivate members to come to CC meetings and speak.

18) Forum members speaking at CC meetings is crucial, it will create solidarity with the group. This also creates recognition by our elected officials of members and the forum.

19) After you hit 500-1000 members (or .5% of population) plan your first event. As we started in an election year we had a candidate forum, this will put the spotlight on the politicians and candidates you want to change, if they choose not to participate then you have the chance to subtly make them look weak in front of your membership (be careful not to look too partisan). At your event give all sides an equal and fair shake, this will bolster your forum’s credibility and bring a large spike in membership.

20) New members will be wallflowers for some time. The more conducive you make the conversation and how you steer the threads determine how quickly newbies will start posting. After they tentatively start posting they will become very loyal if they are rewarded by members welcoming and congratulating them.

21) Look for ideas for new events to hold as a group (We had a beach cleanup that drew 50+ people, it came from one of the members meeting an autistic boy who regularly cleans up the beach) make sure to have media coverage of all events.

22) Take advantage of all social media streams. We set up Twitter as a catchall news stream with local cities, services and events that members and non-members could tap into to get a sense of what is happening in town quickly. Assign trusted members to these duties and watch over them.

23) Become an indispensable source for news in your town. Start a Twitter page and have as many sources of local news and people flowing through it as possible.

24) Have candidates in mind for Council seats. The central idea of the forum is to unseat bad council people and to replace them with solid citizen Conservatives who will help change the course of your town.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Michael Baily or Michael Daly?

  2. Debra Jackson says

    Good article; well-thought out plan.

  3. This Michael Daly fella sounds like an interesting character. I wonder what his choice brand of breakfast cereals could be….

  4. Mark W. Dixon says

    Michael Hoskinson’s essay is rife with lies and inaccuracies, such as were carefully positioned and placed with basketsful of out-of-state developer cash that pounded away at three devoted public servants without much clarity or transparency on what the challengers planned to do for the city.
    Let’s be honest and admit that this is one of those types of posts the author proudly stated would be ‘kicked off’ the forum – what a strategy! Such sad tidings for Huntington Beach to see more politicians using the city council as a stepping stone to higher office and source of personal wealth.

    • Michael Hoskinson says

      Mark Dixon, can you list what the “Lies and Inaccuracies” in my essay are, i’d like to address them individually.

    • Michael Hoskinson says

      Mark Dixon, i’m still waiting for that list of my “Lies and Inaccuracies”….but you and I know it’ll never arrive…right ? you lefties have one plan, smear and run…we see that plan now and it doesn’t work anymore, cry yourself to sleep in Mama’s basement loser.

  5. Very impressed with your HBCF origination. This is just what the citizens of HB need. I can see you becoming a real powerhouse in HB politics. While I am no fan of team HB with their nannie policies, but they were for much lower density projects than pro-developer council members Harper and Carchio. You may have solved the Nanny problem by defeating team HB but you also helped put the big money Pro-Developer/Police Union candidates back in power. Was that your intent? If you like projects like the one on Beach & Ellis you will love these new council members.

    • Michael Hoskinson says

      Jim, I agree with you about the three Chamber candidates and their intent, figures are from $800-940k that was raised and spent by Delgleize, O’Connell and Posey, there are some big favors to be paid back. However, there has never been an issue like high density to unite all the citizens, everyone hates it, so the politician who pushes it better be ready to be recalled.

  6. For the love of GOD, can you please take this fictitious and ridiculous article down? It still haunts me after almost 4 years, PLEASE! Because of this article, you have created a conspiracy theory and people still post links to THIS article! You have damaged my reputation and the reputation of the forum which this piece seems to admire. I noticed Hoskinson took his name off if it, and now all Stephen Frank is taking credit for it. You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading FAKE NEWS, shame on you Stephen Frank!

  7. Michael Daly says

    Stephen Frank is an asshole! I’ve asked several times to have this idiotic article removed written by Michael Hoskinson, as it’s complete BULLSHIT, but he would rather stew in the drama. The liberals use this article to discredit the forum, and neither of these goons gives a shit. What a dickhead! Fuck you Stephen Frank, I hope karma fucks you over big time Stephen Franks! You’ve done way more damage to me and the hard work the admins on my forum have done trying to represent ALL The people of HB. Douchebag!

    • J. Thompson says

      Triggered much Michael! You are just pissed off because you have no control here. Hahahahaha ahaha

  8. Stephen Frank says

    Michael–you were not complete. Yes, we did talk and you did explain your views. You should have noted that I asked you to provide an article, that would be published, with your side of the story. You should never be ashamed of creating a great product, that changed the course of a city. Your work was innovative, creative and victorious.

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