The Golden State Hands Wooden Nickel to US Veteran

Is it possible that Biden has handed off his Chinese Communist Party owners to Gavin Newsom?  There is no other explanation for Newsom taking a money saving contract from a Veteran and secretly giving it to a Chinese firm.

“Its reward? Our Department of Public Health, despite Maclean’s superior and competitive performance, engaged in a secretive deal with a Chinese company while bypassing any semblance of a fair procurement process.  The state has effectively removed Mr. Deterding’s bread and butter in a time when the prices of both bread and butter are skyrocketing.  The move is completely unfair, both to Maclean and its employees, as well as to taxpayers!”

This looks like corruption.  It looks like Newsom wants to finance the terrorist/slave nation of China.  How is he going to explain this to people in Iowa?

The Golden State Hands Wooden Nickel to US Veteran

By Craig DeLuz, Observer,  9/28/22  

OPINION – It’s no wonder 250,000 Californians are leaving the state permanently every year for places like Texas and Arizona.  Sixty percent of moves in California beginning in 2020 were people leaving the Golden State.  California state government officials must know what the ramifications are for hemorrhaging residents—major shakeups in the housing market, demographics, and corporate presence, not to mention a greatly-reduced tax base.  This affects all of us who have chosen to stay in California despite its hostile business climate.

And yet, in the midst of all of this shakeup caused by the sudden lockdowns, government overreach, and health concerns, California’s Department of Public Health inexplicably rescinded, without warning or even an open bidding opportunity, the multi-million-dollar contract for Covid-19 test kits it had with a locally owned and operated DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) and California Certified Small Business. In a shadowy, secretive process, the health department awarded the contract to a large Chinese-owned company Andon Health and its subsidiary iHealth.


Maclean Health, LLC, owned by disabled Navy veteran John Deterding, was awarded the original contract—in keeping with California’s stated policy goals.  Mr. Deterding ensured that his company was able to deliver an incredible 30,000,000 COVID test kits to the State, as well as many other types of critical health products, during one of the most challenging periods in California history in the midst of shortages and other supply chain issues.  This locally owned business was able to remain agile, pivot when necessary, and maintain a perfect delivery record with the State.  Even when prices of test kits soared, Maclean Health was able to successfully negotiate a reduced cost—saving California taxpayers millions of dollars.

Its reward? Our Department of Public Health, despite Maclean’s superior and competitive performance, engaged in a secretive deal with a Chinese company while bypassing any semblance of a fair procurement process.  The state has effectively removed Mr. Deterding’s bread and butter in a time when the prices of both bread and butter are skyrocketing.  The move is completely unfair, both to Maclean and its employees, as well as to taxpayers!

Yet, there is still time to reverse this terrible decision and the damage it will cause.  State Assemblyman Ken Cooley recognized this injustice and has urged the Governor and Department of Public Health to publicly, and satisfactorily address Maclean’s situation. The contract can be rescinded if swift action is taken. There will be a lot of other small business owners who currently contract with the state who are anxiously awaiting the outcome of that decision.


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We must do everything we can to support and value our own disabled veteran-owned, California-based businesses, lest they follow the well-worn path to Texas, Florida and other business-friendly states. 

To recap: the State had no complaints about Maclean’s performance with regards to the quality of the test kits or their delivery. So, why was the contract cancelled with no warning?  This does not seem to be an issue of better pricing offered by iHealth because the state refuses to release cost data so what is really going on?  This sure smells like product dumping at the end of the pandemic.  In fact, Ihealth donated test kits right before the contract terms were changed, but there was no mention of the donated product’s expiration date in their press release.  The parent company has made a fortune selling into US markets, and now appears to want to wring out every last drop of profit on the way out of the pandemic no matter the effect on small business.

Every month in California, at least six business headquarters leave the state and set up shop elsewhere.  Elected officials had better be paying attention.  This could completely decimate our state that is already in a deficit of nearly 3 million residents since 2000.

As one who works with and is related to many who have served our country via military service, I find this to be outrageous. Giving a sizable taxpayer-funded contract to a large company based in a hostile foreign country quietly says a lot about the government that made the decision to do so. That in so doing, the State took away a hardworking, disabled American veteran’s bread and butter adds insult to what appears to be a very intentional injury—one who served his country, followed the rules, and had a perfect record of past performance. 

If this can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.  We demand to know who and what is driving this decision to hand a wooden nickel to one of our nation’s finest.  Californians deserve to know.

Craig has more than 25 years as a political activist and media commentator in The Greater Sacramento Region.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. This fits hand in glove with what I’m seeing from Naomi Wolf, Judicial Watch, and others and what they are uncovering every day about what covid was really about. The Biden crime family, Pfizer, and a host of others seem to be owned by the Chinese, doing their bidding.
    Newsolini has taken some trips recently to China. He loves communism. He’s said it. He likes the way they do things over there. Loves the totalitarianism. It all fits. Then, when the agencies, politicians and bureaucrats who should be taking one course, protecting Americans and American interests, veer off and head the direction of what’s in China’s best interest, totalitarianism, destruction of the American economy, protectionism (for shots rather than inexpensive and very effective treatments,and the companies and agencies that develop and sell the shots), refuse to investigate origins and corruption on both sides of the aisle, then we can be assured this stinks miles deep. Why would party leaders on both sides be so hesitant to get to the bottom of the story. They need to be held to account, and REELECTING THEM IS NOT THE ANSWER voters! For me, EVEN if they are the only ones from my party on the ballot I don’t vote for them. The time to clean house was in the primary. California’s process must change, go back to the top vote getter of the dem and repub parties get on the general election. Counties must get rid of Newsom’s favorite voting machines, Illegals must NOT vote in ANY election, voter rolls must be purged of the deceased, those who no longer reside at an address, and ghost voters. It’s WE the voter who must see to it that this happens. Vote for county clerks that are not corrupt and believe in proper voting procedures, secretaries of state that will do their jobs, not pretend they make law. There will be some research into who they are. It takes some time to vote well. Anymore, if they’re libs, they aren’t fit for the job. The democrat party of today is not the party of my grandparents. They’re essentially the Marxist party. They are the enemy of America, as they are aptly demonstrating every day, and should not be supported.

  2. Hey … Clinton did a great job of setting the standard, Joey is just the latest and least capable the Dem’s have.

    But then again the Dem’s have made it clear they are not for defending the nation…just how much of a fire sale they can get for it.

  3. This is unconscionable. On Friday September 29th Governor Newsom issued a press release touting everything he is doing to “help” small business in this state. He even called out a bill he signed – AB 2019 (Petrie-Norris) that codifies a 25% small business and DVBE goal for state procurement and proposes a number of actions to enhance diverse business-owners and disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBEs) in state contracting. At the same time as touting his DVBE and diverse business-owners support, his Department of Public Health is crushing a home-grown DVBE with a great track record of delivering results to the state by terminating them in favor of a giant Chinese conglomerate. The Talk about hypocrisy…!!! Either this is a right hand not knowing what the left is doing situation or the Governor clearly does not give adman about small businesses and the veteran disabled community.

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