Twitter REFUSES to Ban Alex Baldwin for His Call to HANG President Trump

I have pretty much stopped my use of twitter—they have by their inaction condoned the hanging of President Trump.  Soon I will deactivate.  I will not deal with violent hatemongers.

From Alex Baldwin, “On Friday, at the start of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial weekend, fading actor Alec Baldwin tweeted about his dream.

Thoughts of nooses, scaffolding.  On a weekend of reconciliation. 

President Trump tells his supporters to “be strong”: and they ban him for that.  Baldwin wants to lynch him, and that is OK.  We are living in the Sovietization of America.

Alec Baldwin tweets about noose for Trump over MLK weekend, Twitter shrugs

By Ethel C. Fenig, American Thinker, 1/19/21 

Twitter is apparently very selective about its disapproval of violence, indicating that some violence is better than other violence.  If the right person threatens violence against the right person, it is safe on Twitter’s platform.  

On Friday, at the start of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial weekend, fading actor Alec Baldwin tweeted about his dream.

Thoughts of nooses, scaffolding.  On a weekend of reconciliation. 

The tweeted reaction from Baldwin’s followers was mixed.  Some mocked or criticized him, while others chuckled, offering additional, grimmer enhancements to his dream.

Busy plotting U.S. Constitution First Amendment suppression on a mass scale internationally, Twitter executives apparently were quite pleased that a person of Baldwin’s character implemented their vision so readily.  The 75 million deplorables who voted for President Donald J. Trump have still yet another warning of the nightmare to come.

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  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    Welcome to the era of socialism and communisms Constitution free speech will only be afforded to those individuals who say what is approved within our guidelines. Wake up America! Twitter and Facebook only exist because they make money from your membership. Cancel both.

  2. Otis Needleman says

    Who needs Twitter? Have never been on Twitter. They actively support evil. The wise person eschews social media.

  3. Raymond Slack says

    Otis, you’re to old to figure out Twitter. That’s the train you never got on.
    I agree that Alex Baldwin should be banned. But let’s call out the huge hypocrisy here: the right always whines about “Cancel Culture”, yet that’s exactly what they are doing. Cancelling their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. They also stopped buying Nike and Goodyear tires. This IS Cancel Culture. Don’t get me wrong, people have the right to do this. The hypocrisy is front and center. The pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Rico Lagattuta says

    Raymond Slack is a prime example of why Twitter and Facebook get away with all they do. Alex Baldlooser should be banned but he won’t be unless we make Twitter, Facebook and all social Media feel the pain!

  5. Richard Wahl says

    Raymond – And your solution is, “oh yeah, do nothing”. Sit back and watch the first amendment finally crater. Just like both sides of the aisle in DC. “Do nothing”. Wonderful soultion to a highly serious problem destroying our constitution. There is no hypocrisy in standing against those who destroy the foundations of our country. How hypocritical is it for folks who claim to support our country and then sit on their hands and do nothing to support our founding documents and consequently law and order?

    “Lazy” describes millions of people who are just along for the ride. “I just want my free speach; my right to a fair trial and self defense; etc. But I will do nothing to get out and work for good moral candidates; write politicians; make phone calls. LAZY. The curse of our nation.

  6. The Captive says

    Are you sure that Alex Baldwin isn’t drinking heavily again? I remember he was fired for his behavior and later turned up announcing classical music on FM radio. He did a better job there then showing himself on TV.
    I still dislike his attitude and actions a lot. He is disgusting and needs to be fined by a judge for his disgusting behavior. He thinks he can talk against President Trump and get away with it. No sir!
    He is all the hate he tries to aim at someone else. May he be crushed beneath the actions and willful garbage he dishes out to others. Drink up Alex Baldwin and then die because you are doing what you wish on others TO YOURSELF!

  7. Paint Brush says

    Cancel Culture are words so convenient when people want to shut up opposition. This comment platform was designed for everyone to express their opinions and feelings. To criticize another person’s comment on this platform is cancel culture. To respectfully disagree by stating facts of the opposite opinion is discussion. Discussion should be about how we the people are going to rid this country of the users and advantage takers. Baldwin’s comment is abusive language and disrespectful of our President. He is exhibiting the type of behavior that has no place in civil discussions and he should be ignored. To cancel your FB or Twitter account is not cancel culture. It is everyone’s right to not support those of opposite political opinion without being culture cancelled for doing so. If a person doesn’t agree with a particular candidate, and therefor doesn’t support that candidate, is that any different than not supporting a business whose political actions of which you do not agree?

  8. William Hicks says

    That tells you where twitter is in the scheme of things

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