UC Admits to Enrolling 2,000 Illegal Aliens: UC Dreamers to get more financial aid, advisers this fall

We now know that at least 2,000 honest California students, qualified to attend the UC system will not be allowed a seat. We know that 2,000 parents who have paid taxes so their children, if qualified, could attend a University of California school, will be forced to send their kids to other schools. The State of California refused to allow honest students in the UC system and in their place allowed 2,000 “Dreamers”. If you are not familiar with this fantasy term, it is the buzzword used by the Left for ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Thanks to Obama saying “So sue me” and his inability to tell the truth, plus the Left putting illegal aliens in the front of any line, health care, education, welfare, amnesty, the Democrats are growing a generation of voters that understand the law means nothing, the Constitution means nothing and if you violate the law, it is OK—if you have the right ideology or background.

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UC Dreamers to get more financial aid, advisers this fall

Josie Huang, KPCC, 9/2/14

When they head to campus this fall, some 2,000 ‘Dreamers’ in the University of California system will see more advisers and financial aid waiting for them.

UC President Janet Napolitano’s office has split $5 million among the nine undergraduate campuses to improve services and ease the financial burden on students who came to the country illegally as children.

How much each campus received was based on the estimated size of its Dreamer population. One of the things UC Riverside is doing with its $512,000 allocation is hiring a program coordinator to advise these students on everything from finances to academics.

“Sometimes we find that our undocumented students are hesitant to reach out for services they’re eligible for because they want to fly under the radar,” said Joe Virata, UC Riverside’s assistant dean of students.

UC Irvine, which received $593,000, has just hired its first coordinator to work with these students. UCLA, which has had one for five years, has brought on a second staffer. With its $848,000 allocation, it’s also set up textbook lending library, dining hall meal vouchers and assistance with school transportation costs.

“Many of our students say it’s been life-changing just knowing they can get access to these resources,” said Angela Chen, UCLA’s Undocumented Student Programs Coordinator.

State law allows many of these students to qualify for in-state tuition. But Chen said, “they still have tremendous financial aid needs and challenges.”

Without legal status, students can’t join the federal work-study program available to other students. That’s why at UC Riverside, immigrant students asked that financial aid come primarily in the form of a work-study program especially for them.

In comparison, schools such as UCLA and UC Irvine are choosing to deliver financial aid to as many students as possible over the next two years largely through scholarships — about $600, and $700, respectively, according to school officials.

Napolitano, who announced the $5 million initiative last fall, is coming up on her one-year anniversary as university president. Student groups have repeatedly attacked her past as Secretary of Homeland Security, and her oversight of deportations.

Dreamers are a tiny proportion of the 182,000 undergraduates — about 1 percent. But UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein said that Napolitano is committed to letting “these students know they are welcome and valued members of the university community.”

“She felt that for too long undocumented students were either in the shadows or felt discriminated against, or disadvantaged in some way,” Klein said. “So she’s aiming to erase any disadvantage –perceived or otherwise.”

Klein said the president’s office has created an “Undocumented Student Resources” page that explains what resources are available to this group, and set up the ‘Presidential Task force on Undocumented Students” that includes students and faculty. The goal is to better direct legal assistance to social services to these students, Klein said.

The funding from the president’s office was a one-time allocation. UCLA’s Chen said her office is trying to find other sources of funding to continue the programs started by the president’s initiative.

“There’s a very strong commitment from all of us to see these programs continue and grow,” Chen said.




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  1. ….but my American citizen daughter is not welcome nor is she a valued member of her society. What is wrong with this picture!!!

  2. It is very sad what has happened to this once great country.. The illegals come here and drain our resources and tax dollars, they live off the backs of the citizens.. they have NO respect for this country, its laws, or its citizens… Our pathetic government seems to care more about the illegals than they do about the citizens of the country. WHY are we rewarding illegals for breaking our laws?? This makes NO sense at all.. we are NOT responsible for the support of illegals.. we should NOT be benefiting them for breaking our laws… the invasion of illegals will NEVER stop unless we STOP ALL BENEFITS TO ALL ILLEGALS… as long as this country is stupid enough to hand out free benefits to them, they will keep on coming until this country collapses under the strain of all the illegals. I do NOT understand why people don’t seem to understand the meaning of illegal… WHY is it okay for them to break the laws and there is n consequences for it?? The ones paying the consequences for these illegals breaking our laws are the citizens… how do you like paying for free medical, free education, etc to all the law breaking illegals while they work and get paid under the table and send their money back to Mexico. A huge number of illegals have stolen SS#s and fake documents.. WHY are they just allowed to continue living here??
    Obama’s Change for America… he is going to transform it into an extension of Mexico… he cares NOTHING about this country or its citizens… he tramples on the constitution, tramples on the rights of the citizens, refuses to enforce the laws of the country, tells lie after lie to the American people.
    you want to send all these illegals back where they came from? THEN STOP ALL BENEFITS TO ALL ILLEGALS and they will have no incentive to be here. If they want to be here…THEY CAN DO IT LEGALLY OR STAY OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!!

  3. As if we don’t have enough problems already, now we are gonna take on the WORLD? 
This is total MASS insanity! But libturds will have it no other way! The MAJORITY of people HATE congress and the state legislature and the job they are doing, BUT over 80 percent of the incumbents, liberal and conservative will be returned to office in November to continue their destruction of the nation! Elections are to replace these party hacks (without bloodshed and violence)  but uninformed and unintelligent voters simply will NOT DO IT!  You get the government you deserve NOT what we want and desperately need!

    • There is an enemy within this nation, infiltrated into all institutions. We need to get them out. The problem is the enemy has overwhelmed us, through communism/socialism/liberalism, created a big dependent voter block. The enemy opened up our gates to dependent peoples legal/illegal. PLUS, the voting system needs to be changed back to the paper ballot, with real citizens oversight.

      For those that can see and hearing, heed the warnings!

  4. I need to change my name.

  5. NorCal Libertarian says

    If your elected (whether YOU voted for him or her or not) official has not either said or authored legislation opposing the use of OUR tax dollars for ILLEGAL students, then vote that Obama/Brown puppet out of office!
    How much worse can anyone else do to hurt our state and security?

  6. When I graduated from high school in 1962 and tried to apply for a scholarship I was told I didn’t qualify because my parents had 10 acres of farm land. My parents both worked because it didn’t provide enough income to live on. They sacrificed a lot to help me with rent so I could attend college but I also worked to pay the other college expenses. I also didn’t qualify for work study which would have paid me 3 times moremoney than I was getting for working at the college. Later, when I applied for a government job and had a high score which qualified me to take the job the list was tossed out because I was of the white race and they were looking for another race which didn’t score high enough to be hired. I have always been resentful of this discrimination. Today it is even worse when illegal lawbreakers are given every break and freebies while the rest of us who struggle to get a college education, follow the law, save for their future and pay their bills now see their retirement savings being eaten up by high taxes which goes to provide for illegals. They don’t belong here and should be deported yet Obama and Governor Brown of California welcome them with open arms instead of a boot across the border.

  7. This is what happens when you vote for a democrat. Wise up people, STOP IT. They are all give away, bleeding heart liberals who think being nice to a few will not cause a thousand more to want the same. Democrats think they speak for you. TELL THEM NO. This article is why I no longer donate to ANY college when they call for money. I tell them to get it from that idiot senile gov brown and all his miserable demo friends in suckramento.

  8. I will NEVER vote for a non-white for any office. Look at Obama! I DID NOT vote for him, but see what a non-white can do to the country. I’ve checked on alot of the non-whites in office…it isn’t good.


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