What’s This? Just Nancy Pelosi With George Soros’s Son Last Month Wearing A ‘DACA Dreamers’ Hat.

I love photo evidence of what I have always thought.  San Fran Nan and the Soros family are working together to kill off our economy, harm our families and to provide a totalitarian government.  Worse, they are working together for open borders.  Notice Pelosi has not demanded tha caravan be stopped or that those involved not allowed into our nation.  She and Soros love lawbreakers—folks that will kill our jobs, crowd our schools and hospitals—while assuring cover for MS-13 to do their evil deeds.

I thought you would like this picture!

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What’s This? Just Nancy Pelosi With George Soros’s Son Last Month Wearing A ‘DACA Dreamers’ Hat.

by DCWhispers, 10/23/18

Anyone out there still think this whole ‘Human Caravan’ thing wasn’t a coordinated attack against U.S. sovereignty aided and abetted by the Democrat Party and the Soros open borders machine?

(ABOVE: Here is Nancy Pelosi, who wants so very to be Speaker of the House again, standing shoulder to shoulder with Alexander Soros, Deputy Chair of the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations. Soros is openly and proudly wearing his no borders intent atop his head. Whispers suggest the Soros family has donated millions to form the caravan in Central America and see it safely through Mexico with much of those millions going to bribe Mexican government officials both great and small.  It’s believed their intent is to create violence/chaos on America’s southern border just days before the 2018 Midterms.)



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  1. If you ask Nancy Pelosi which planet she is on you will get a rambling lecture about the necessity to impeach and remove Trump and Pence. She has no idea of her reality.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  2. Isn’t this why we have a military? If this doesn’t fit the definition of an invasion then some one should tell Webster. Oh! And remember, without ammo, the military is just a bunch of guys standing around.

  3. yup , demanding entrance , demanding money , demanding that we have no choice but to capitulate and let them pour into our country.
    They fly the flags of their country while they threaten us which in my book surely makes this an invasion by force NOT IMMIGRATION .
    Anyone in the USA that agrees with this invasion is a Traitor to the very country that gives them their ability and opportunity to live a decent life.
    Many have pointed out the flags being flown by these invaders and as a result I would almost bet that they will soon be given American flags to fly to cover up their true intentions.
    I still remember the video of Pelosi in a room full of illegals telling them that THEY WERE THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT IT’S CITIZENS . After that piece was made public and seen by millions she went into hiding for years because America showed that they will not go peacefully into that goodnight and Pelosi would be the first to fall. Yet she STILL HAS A JOB as a representative of the people ? Something is most certainly amiss here and in ALL of government.

  4. Bogiewheel says

    I don’t fathom all these “refuges” waving the flags of their oppressors and demanding political asylum only in the United States.
    “ I don’t recall any of the Jews escaping from Hitler carrying a Nazi flag”

  5. Lock up the whole Democratic leadership in GITMO! JimB

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