Why do Democrats want to kill all the black babies?

Since 1973 there have been 63 million babies killed.  Of that number, 20 million, one third, were black babies.  In a nation where the black population is 13%, killing one third—20 million—is a genocide even the KKK could not achieve.  Remember, it was the Democrats around 1912 that revived the KKK.  Democrat President Woodrow Wilson then segregated government workers and the military—which is why Progressives are trying to wipe out the Wilson name at Princeton University—where Wilson was the President, before he became the U.S. President.

Democrats believe blacks are incapable of getting a seat in a college, a job or a government contract without assistance mandating them the position.

Racism in America is alive and well in the modern day Party of the KKK—the Democrat Party.

Why do Democrats want to kill all the black babies?

Aspen Beat,  5/11/22    

Some 63 million American babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. Almost 40%  were black even though blacks comprise only about 13% of the population. The black abortion rate is nearly five times the white rate.

Justice Clarence Thomas observed in a Supreme Court case a few years ago that in New York City a black baby is more likely to be aborted than to be born.

Altogether, that amounts to over 20 million dead black babies since Roe v. Wade. To put that number in perspective, the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in that period is a few dozen – amounting to something like 0.0002% of the number aborted.

Over a third of the black population of America has been lost to abortion. If the dead black babies were placed head to toe, they would stretch from coast to coast. If they were buried in a cemetery at standard densities, the cemetery would be about 20,000 acres or 31 square miles.

But of course, they’re not buried in cemeteries. They’re disposed of as medical waste in incinerators or landfills. That’s right, dumps. We often dispose of aborted babies in dumps. Even the murdered Jews at Auschwitz didn’t share a trench with garbage and racoons.

Where’s Black Lives Matter on this genocide? They make an extravagant living pretending to grieve the death of a career criminal, drug addict, wife beater and arrest resister. But if black lives truly matter to them, why don’t they even blink an eye at 20 million dead black babies?

Where are the liberal white elites? They stage menacing, illegal protests at the homes of Supreme Court Justices and violate church services to demand that abortion be “saved” (think about that) while Democrat leaders incite them with violent rhetoric to distract mid-term voters from inflation, Hunter, Afghanistan and dementia.

And they propose legislation legalizing infanticide. They want to permit mothers of born babies to simply let the baby starve to death or freeze to death.

To the Democrats, black lives don’t matter. To the Democrats, blacks are just useful idiots in the march to Marxism. To the Democrats, the best blacks are the dead ones. They vote, too, you know.

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