Will California Republican Party Help “Recall of Newsom” Effort? How?

We know Gavin Newsom lied about his opposition to the High Speed Rail.  We know that Newsom decided to force 80,000 independent truckers into corporation workers and union bribe payers.  We know that Newsom has declared war on California  farmers by limiting water allocations to make up for the Trump Federal increase in water to farmers.  I do not have to tell you why he is forcing our kids from k-12 to be proficient in the terms, use and actions of sex, while keeping them under the control of failed schools by working to kill off charter schools.  Reasons for Recall are many.

If you are an opponent of the Newsom actions and want to support it, there are two petitions—you can sign both—demanding a Recall of Guv Newsom.  You can donate to either, ask for petitions to distribute and get signed.  Beware of those using the Recall to raise money for their own goals—NOT the Recall of Newsom.

From WhatMatters (Calmatters) Dan Morain, 12/3/19

Meanwhile: The California Republican Party has sent a fund-raising pitch seemingly embracing an effort to recall Newsom. 

GOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said money raised would go to the party, not the recall backers, the Sacramento Bee reported.

A long shot: Qualifying a recall for the ballot could cost $10 million. In its most recent filing, the California Republican Party had $1.6 million in the bank, and many legislative seats to defend.”

You read that right—“ GOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said money raised would go to the party, not the recall backers, the Sacramento Bee reported.”

Glad to see the California Republican party took a strong stand against Governor Newsom.

The CRP could at little cost promote the Recall petitions, get the Counties to promote the petitions, ask people on their lists to support the Recall.  But asking for money for the Recall then announcing the money is NOT going to be spent on the Recall is a problem.  I am sure they will correct this.

Immigrant doctor launches recall petition against California Gov. Newsom

By David Montanaro | Fox News, 12/2/19 

Former California congressional candidate James Veltmeyer filed a recall petition against Gov. Gavin Newsom.

A San Diego doctor who emigrated from South America is pushing to oust California Gov. Gavin Newsom, arguing the state’s left-wing leadership has allowed cities to become “overrun by homelessness.”

“I came here legally at age 11. Having grown up in extreme poverty and being homeless to now being one of San Diego’s most prominent physicians, that’s the American Dream, that’s the California dream. And that’s what Gov. Newsom and left-wingers in the legislature are progressively destroying,” James Veltmeyer said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Homelessness is a growing problem in California. For example, the homeless population in San Francisco has grown to more than 17,000, a 30 percent jump from last year, according to a city database.

Veltmeyer, who ran for Congress in 2016 and 2018, and Republican Erin Cruz have both launched recall petitions, seeking 1.5 million signatures to force a special election. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there have been 51 recall attempts since 1911, with the only successful recall occurring in 2003 when Gray Davis was ousted from the governor’s office.

Newsom dismissed the recall efforts, blaming them on a “handful of partisan activists supporting President Trump and his dangerous agenda to divide America. He accused Veltmeyer and Cruz of demonizing Californians and attacking the state’s values.

Veltmeyer denied the accusation, arguing Newsom’s policies are not helping Californians.

“What is he doing for us?” he asked, adding that a major reason for the recall is that American veterans are living on the streets in California, unable to receive quality health care, while Newsom supports free health care for illegal immigrants.

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  1. And this is why the County Parties are walking away from the State Party.

    There has been and continues to be the “establishment” Republicans and the grass roots Republicans. They used to be one and the same. the establishment insiders gave us Arnold, and then voted for things like top two.

    Was it lost on you that the Dems now want yet another sales tax to fund highways and streets? They scamed you to vote against the 6 cent repeal, and used gov. agencies to lobby against it. (that is against the law)

    What do you have to lose? Sign the petition and then let the Dems alabi their way out of the taxing caused recession.

    • We would do better by turning over the CA GOP to college Republicans.

      They might at least have a little more energy and not be complicit with Dems.

  2. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Gee, RINO’s driving the bus, and we wonder about the CLIFF approaching in the windshield ? Well, Imagine THAT !

  3. Hiram Johnson says

    This article is even further evidence that the “Empress has no clothes”.
    As a delegate, my inbox has been turned into a trashcan at the hands of Jessica Patterson and her “grade school” minions.

    We are now enduring our very own long winter of discontent.

    November 2018 was Hiroshima for the CAGOP, November 2020 will be Nagasaki.

  4. So we “recall” a liberal. Last time we did this we replaced the liberal with a RINO. The California GOP now and has been a bunch of Ruling Class RINO”s that cower in the corner and refuse to truly stand for what matters.

  5. John Steele says

    The short answer is NO.. They are spinless and the new woman who is the head of the GOP in Kaly is a disgrace. I wouldn’t send them a penny and don’t I expect them to do zip on the recall. They’ll pay lip service and fundraise off this necessary recall of a wannabe dictator. It is up to us folks. We need to start a new party in kaly that will carry the fight to the democrats and not start that BS of… reaching across the isle to be Bi-Partisan. Thats time has passed. It’s time do what President Trump does on a daily basis. Call them out for who and what they are.
    Benjamin Franklin said it best when he was asked about what kind of government do we have as he was leaving the Constitutional Convention He replied ” A Republic madam… IF you can keep it. “

  6. One would think the National Repubs would step in and either goad the State people in the a$$ or help in the recall.

  7. What teh author of this article does not know or will not say (I am not sure which) is that the recall petition from Dr. James Veltmeyer is a way to syphon off signatures from the petition that Erin Cruz started. We believe that the doctor may know Gruesome and he is doing this to play dirty pool. These two petitions DO NOT count as one, they count as two petitions. If you live in California, you want to sign that was started by Erin Cruz. The one started by the doctor also has a petition to change Prop 13, so Californians beware. DO NOT sign the prop 13 petition either. If a petitioner has the prop 13 petition and teh recall petition more than likely its from Veltmeyer.The Veltmeyer petition has a drawn picture of Newsom through the letter “O” of his name. Californians, BEWARE!!!! BE ALERT!!!!

    • Renee DePeso says

      Hi, if people signed the veltmeyer petition and it ended 1-06-2020, so do those signatures count or do you have to sign the Cruz petition for your signature to count? Please let me know. Thank you, Renee DePeso

    • Renee DePeso says

      Hi, if people signed the veltmeyer petition and it ended 1-06-2020, so do those signatures count or do you have to sign the Cruz petition for your signature to count? Please let me know. Thank you, Renee DePeso

  8. West Walker says

    Agree to the points raised; The Recall is a chance to organize a ground game in each precinct, and involve each County Party. This organization could remain intact all the way through November. To simply be about $$ is not the answer– we need boots on the ground in every neighborhood now.

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