With This Order, Illegal Immigrants Can’t Be Sent Home, Even When Deported

Barack the First is creating chaos all over the nation. He has dropped 429 illegal alien criminals on Chicago—and refuses to tell a U.S. Senator their criminal backgrounds. In Fontana, dozens of illegal aliens have illegally been given shelter in a Church, in violation of local laws. Then they were released to illegal aliens—in violation of State and Federal laws, while others were driven to the local bus station—to disappear. Obama is demanding Congress give him $4 billion to continue the nanny service of the illegal aliens he had imported from Central America.

Obama told audiences, as late as yesterday, that he was going to deport most of these people. Yet, as best can be told, over half have gone into the wind, sent to illegal aliens, some forced into the human sex trafficking industry. In fact, NONE of these illegal aliens are going to be deported—NONE. Obama is issuing orders to keep them here because their home countries are dangerous. Maybe they should all be sent to Chicago, without weapons and see if that or their homeland is more dangerous.

In fact, Obama is setting the illegal aliens not to be allowed back in their home countries—chaos.



With This Order, Illegal Immigrants Can’t Be Sent Home, Even When Deported

Mike Slater, 760 KFMB, 7/10/14
Exclusive to the California Political News and View/California Political Review
Thursday morning, Paul Beeson, Chief Patrol agent at the U.S. Border
Patrol, joined the Mike Slater Show on 760 KFMB in San Diego. Beeson
told Slater part of the “booking process” is to give illegal
immigrants “travel documents” like a passport. Otherwise, they won’t
be accepted back into their home countries if they are deported.

“Everybody that we arrest, we have to process, similar to if a officer
arresting somebody there is a booking that has to take place. Quite
often these people come up without passport so we have to get
information from them that we can provide to their consulate or
embassy, so that we can get a travel document for them, so that if
they are returned back to their country of origin that government is
able to accept them.”

Hear Beeson radio interview here.

The problem is, agents have been told to NOT fill out the forms that
would result in immigrants obtaining travel documents. According to
Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council:

“Our agents have been ordered not to do the forms that would provide
for those travel documents, and not to do what’s called a credible
fear packet, which would get these people before an asylum officer… If it
were not doing that form, which our agents have been ordered not to
do, how are they going to get back to their country?

Hear Moran interview here.

If these immigrants do not receive their travel documents, even if a
judge deports them, they will not be accepted by their home country.

According to Moran, “This is a huge red flag for us because the only
other alternative is that they’re going to kick them loose on the
streets of America.”

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  1. It's time says

    As long as our worthless, coward, chickenshit senators and house reps let this dictator out-of-control liar get away with breaking the law daily, nothing is going to change. It is going to take EVERYONE to bombard your elected people and demand they DO THEIR JOBS. STOP OBAMA NOW. How bad does it have to get before the riots in the street begin? We can’t wait until 2016 to be rid of this POS.

  2. The 113th Congress is a assembly of spineless, corporate stooges, lobbyist lackeys and self-serving cowards that are paralyzed and useless. Vote everyone of these pathetic losers out that’s up for re-election in 2014 – VOTE THEM OUT!!
    Congress, wake the hell up ~ IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!
    WTH are they waiting for? To declare himself KING!

  3. Gentleman Jim says

    This is a slap-in-the-face to every immigrant citizen who went through the legal process of immigration and citizenship, and to those who are still waiting!

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