Is Romney’s Debate Victory a “Game-Changer?”

Mitt Romney’s solid first debate victory surely brings encouragement to Republicans but is it a game-changer?  The answer is, not yet.  There are still four weeks to go in this election and that is plenty of time for Obama to recover in the final debates, as Ronald Reagan did in 1984, and also plenty of time for his Chicago machine to dish up plenty of their mud to keep their man in office.  In my opinion, Romney’s good debate showing will cause his base to energize and raise him some more money, and it will also cause Obama to personally focus on the next two debates, and his team will now start getting really dirty with Romney, to raise his “negatives” among the voting populace.  So, the debate was not a game-changer, but it is a step in the right direction in what is starting to become (hopefully not too late) a more wide-open race.