Maxine Waters is Right: Obama’s Jobs Plan Stinks

Ultra-liberal California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is on the wrong side of almost every issue except one: Obama’s jobs plan just stinks.

     Of California’s 12.1 percent unemployed, not many of them are teachers.  Teachers here, thanks to their powerful public employee union, are doing pretty good, pulling down well above average wages and excessive pension rights that taxpayers really cannot afford, which contribute mightily to our state government’s perpetual debt crisis, itself a huge drag on the economy in general.  Yet of the unemployed in California, almost 35% are young people in the recent high school graduate age category who are without work. Of those, about half of young black males are unemployed in California – three years into Barrack Obama’s presidency.  Over 21% of black Californians in general are unemployed. Where is their hope in Obama’s plan for a job?  Well, they have very little hope under Obama.
     The Obama national jobs plan outlined this week is pretty simple: hire more teachers.  But of course unemployed young black men in California don’t have the college education to qualify for the necessary teaching credential.  Oh, and Obama’s plan calls for continuing to pour more concrete in government road projects.  However, unemployed young black men, being new to the workforce, don’t have the skills to get admitted into the construction trade unions that might benefit from more stimulus spending on road construction, let alone the seniority in the union to actually get hired to work on a project.  Obama’s plan for small business is to offer more loan programs through the Small Business Administration.  However, what small businesses need is tax relief incentives to do more hiring, not bureaucratic loan programs that take weeks to apply for and complete the application forms and even then are impossible to meet the qualification regulations.  Not much hope there for any employment boost, including for black and Hispanic youth, where the unemployment problem is worst.
    It is this dirth of a real jobs program that has prompted California Congresswoman Maxine Waters to call out Obama and say, “treat blacks like they were from Iowa!”, meaning, give them the same special attention that the presidential candidates are giving to the citizens of America’s earliest presidential primary state.  Record unemployment levels in California call for attention to the unemployed across the board, not just black unemployed, but there is no denying that among black and Hispanic youth the problem is most acute.  Waters and Obama’s problem, along with many leaders in the minority communities, is their lack of willingness to embrace new, targeted solutions in the minority communities, such as the “enterprise zones” called for by famous economist Dr. Arthur Laffer, which would eliminate job killing Federal and state regulations in designated urban areas to draw capital investment and new job growth.  But more than one black economic writer has blasted the idea as “ghettoizing” and leading to creation of “sweatshops” instead of new jobs.   Union rhetoric.  So the stasis of ideas simply leads to new extensions of Federal and state unemployment compensation, leading to even more government debt, and undoubtedly sets a stage for more youth crime, leading to a host of other undesirable outcomes for the people affected, and for taxpayers.
     Reaction on Capitol Hill to Obama’s new jobs plan has been to see it for what it is: just more politics.  Obama is simply pandering to his public employee union supporters and giving himself an excuse on his dismal jobs performance when the Republican House of Representatives ultimately decides most of the plan is worthless.  Regardless, even people who should be Obama’s core supporters, like California’s Maxine Waters, can see that his economic policies are not “creating jobs”.   And the deeper analysis is that Obama’s policies are destroying wealth, and without wealth, there can be no money in the private sector to hire anybody, let alone youth unemployed.


  1. Julie Tanked says

    Obama’s job plan is no doubt more borrowing to make “his government tax -money, make- do,, shovel- ready, jobs, for men with a shovel. Metal or wood ill do. It is not a steady job like in the local spinning mills to keep the wheels turning. Women can sweep the streets like the Russians use to do. But the women must have a broom to work with, rather it be twigs like in asian countries, or a good stout broom made by the blind. That is if the blind still can do those things for work, due to being over-educated with college degrees they don’t need.. And the jobs the women could have would be spinning cotton. And if only the field hands could once again pick cotton no matter what color they are, this multiethnic race mix doesn’t mind who picks cotton, and the old slow way will give owrk. It is steady it pays low, there is no union, and if there is one it is impetent.. Then there is the northern apple and potato pickers they can be put back to oerk that gis the tibes in the rex who is a havard grad and or docotr, a job weaving potatoe baskets again. Everything was just about right back between the 30s and the 50s. Then hell hit hime, the hippies and dippies appeared, the work left for better mannered people i quess. Now i betcha again a bunch of men got together, i will betcha they could sew shoes like moccasins right on the street in good days and make a buck. I recall the men from shoe shoppes doing just that about in the 40s. IT IS CALLED STEADY WORK, NO MATTER IF ITS SEASONAL OR SLOW AT TIMES, IT IS WORK, AND MAKE DO. EVERYBODY CAN’T ALL BE TEACHERS. Seeings I could not read the above story pof Obama and Waters, I will pretend i could see it, and take a shot at this at jobs . jobs… Shoe work, mill work.
    Rome fell because they stopped making shoes, they bought from other countries, and they fell into decay and laziness. They drank way to much wine from UNGLAZED POTTERY JARS/ bottles, and the mercury or some substance in the clay pottery killed some, and drove others made to lazy. Some to insane. That is why Rome fell. Tht is the absolute truth from an Italian Prof. voice in college for a class I slept through most of the time. That part woke me up. He had lived there and he studied enough to get the truth. They did have shovel and sweeping jobs. But no cleaning the buses jobs. Getting the train ready to roll backward jobs . Good jobs that last years.

  2. Well,for once in her life Maxine got something right. Wonder what took her so long? Obama’s jobs plan is a farce and a front for new taxes. He’s asking for $400 bil when the last “stimulus was a total flop. You’ll never have shovel ready infrastructure jobs as long as the EPA is still around. This is especially so in California with their envirofreak laws. Businesses aren’t interested in hiring because they’re looking for alternatives to relocate due to California’s punitive taxes. Everything is illegal in California except the Delta Smelt and alien Mexicans. Sorry Maxine,your state legislature along with idiot voters have contributed mightily to California’s demise. Yes,voters! Rerun Jerry Brown for governor? That’s as stupid as Nevada’s diehard Dummycrats putting Harry Reid back in the senate. It makes no different if one is black,white,green,or a purple people eater,California will continue to sail downhill along with the rest of the country under the Obama regime.


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