My take on GOP Presidential debate, CNBC

Trump did not fade in this debate. From the start he answered the first question about “weakness” honestly and he didn’t lose it when CNBC’s liberal John Harwood baited him twice in the second question on his Reagan-inspired tax plan, and in his closing statement. Rather, Trump rose to the occasions when he was asked tough questions. Carson was definitely not quite as “gifted” in responding to the questions as he may be at neurosurgery, gave some unfocused answers, but rallied well when CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla tried to link him, unfairly, to a business ethics issue, and got better deeper into the debate. Between just Carson and Trump, however, I think Trump won.

Kasich tried to help himself by attacking “fantasy” proposals off-the-bat and showed some real good common sense and passion, but probably didn’t get the traction he was hoping for. Rubio’s answer to missing Senate votes and his response to Jeb Bush was outstanding and his performance overall to tough questions on personal finance and other points were great and close to break out.

If there was a loser, it was Fiorina. She surely gained no ground given the focus on her firing at HP, reminding listeners of a business failure; her ducking a direct question about taxing the Internet with bloviation; and her rudely interrupting all of Rubio, Cruz, Trump and Christie when they were all on a roll, and her repeating the “secretary to CEO” lie for which the Washington Post gave her three Pinocchio’s, were all bad moments for her.

Bush stunk of the GOP establishment and was unconvincing, and might have been as bad a loser as Fiorina as well if he were not so well mannered. I heard him say higher income people should pay more taxes and get fewer benefits at the end of the debate. Unfair! Yet I don’t see any of these or the other candidates dropping out before New Hampshire.

Rubio did just great as did Cruz, and even Christie to a lesser degree; but no one broke out much, and we seem to be moving toward a historic brokered convention where the early primaries will not settle on one candidate, and California’s June primary could actually


  1. I am always curious why no body talks to or about Rand Paul? In the debate he was only allowed to speak four times and one of those was a response. After the debate nobody interviewed him and the press does not talk about him even when he had good answers.

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