Ron Paul, al Qaeda’s President, not ours.

The  al Qaeda criminal terrorist network doesn’t need to launch terror strikes anymore to be successful.  They just need to help Ron Paul get elected President.

Paul made an utterly stupid comment yesterday which should leave no doubt in the minds of the libertarians still supporting him that he not only has literally  no chance of getting the votes of most any sane people in America for President, but that his “message,” which is supposedly even more important to libertarians than getting Paul elected, is hugely flawed.  According to the New York Post, Paul said that the CIA Predator Drone attack in remote Yemen a few days ago which killed murderer Anwar al-Awlaki, the current leader of the al Qaeda network, “was unjustified because Awlaki faced no U.S. criminal charges.”

One would think that Paul is being coached on his press statements by Harvard’s favorite attorney Alan Dershowitz and the American Civil Liberties Union.

The fact is the United States IS AT WAR with al Qaeda, a DECLARED WAR, and has been since over 3,000 of our innocent citizens were murdered by al Qaeda on September 11, 2001.

Al-Awlaki was a General in this war against us, and the principles of freedom.  Though technically not “indicted” yet,  he is on several criminal “wanted lists” for his involvement in additional numerous threats against innocent Americans, such as the Times Square car bombing, the “underwear” airline bomb attempt and the “Fort Hood Massacre.”  (You do not have to be “indicted” to get on a wanted list, you simply have to kill somebody!)  For his crimes, and his actions as a foreign combatant, he was placed on a CIA “authorized to kill or capture” list by Executive Order of President Obama in April 2010.  Politically, Al-Awlaki urged an end to western democracy, the imposition of Koranic law, the suppression of women’s rights, and terror bombings against civilians in the West as a means to accomplish his political goals.  He was literally a ghoul.

Paul’s references to a lack of criminal charges suggests he feels that al-Awlaki’s “procedural due process rights” in U.S. criminal law were more important that eliminating this foreign combatant terrorist who was literally on the run in a Toyota truck from the chasing Predator Drone above.  In this regard, Paul makes the most extreme example of “form over substance” I have ever considered.  As a lawyer, and a patriot, the stupidity of Paul’s position leaves me breathless.  He would rather see al-Awlaki get away from us in that truck to go on killing innocent Americans., rather than be called to ultimate account for his war crimes.

War criminals do not have procedural due process rights.  When our troops stormed the Norman coast under heavy opposition fire in 1944 to liberate the French from Nazi Germany, they did not have to ask any Judge Advocate Corps lawyers in advance whether it was O.K. to pull the triggers on their weapons.  War is war, not the O.J. Simpson murder trial.  Paul confuses the two, and because he has done so, he has demonstrated yet again what a menace he would be to America if he were President, and what an embarrassment he must be to libertarians.

True libertarians understand that war is an unfortunate but real function of Government, especially when a war is a just war to protect freedom.  The war against al Qaeda is a just war and a declared war.   Ron Paul’s standing on misconceived “procedural due process rights” of the terrorists killing us is not libertarian.  Rather, it is crazy, and that is why Ron Paul is more al Qaeda’s candidate for President, than ours.