Communists Want Obama for President! Endorsements Galore!

Do you think I am kidding about all the Communists endorsing Obama?  Check the facts!  The truth is that President Barack H. Obama has done more in four years as President to unite the perpetually fueding Bolshevik, Menshevik, Maoist and Trotskyite wings of the U.S. Communist Party than any world political leader since Joseph Stalin himself!  And Stalin actually killed people to do it!  Here are the facts:

-The U.S. Communist Party USA, long dedicated to smashing the capitalist state, snooped at by the FBI and CIA, den of spies, Chaired by Sam Webb, made public the endorsement of Obama as early as last August, according to Fox News;

-Last June 8, John Case, a senior writer at “People’s World,” the principle organ of American Communism, wrote about “[t]he danger of a Romney election” and stated, using Obama’s own phraseology, that Obama must be elected and “[l]abor and progressive forces must double-down on unity to prevent a national Walker-like regime from seizing power”;

-Mariela Castro, Fidel’s niece, daughter of Raul Castro, the current Cuban communist dictator and a Cuban Communist Party official in her own right, told the Wall Street Journal in June that “Obama needs another opportunity”;

-Apparently, some Communists in America really, really like Obama, because this is their SECOND endorsement of him.  In 2008, many communists welcomed Obama’s election.

-Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was once quoted saying “What’s so bad about Communism?” While a young man in Hawaii, Obama met staunch communist Frank Marshall Davis, whom he described in his book as “a mentor he could always look to for answers.”  At college, Obama stated he was a Marxist-Leninist and according to Dr. John Drew at Occidental, he was a “Marxist revolutionary.”

However, all Obama really wants to do as President is make sure the wealthy (plenty of whom are people with underwater mortgages) “just pay a little more in taxes.”  Yeah, sure.  I think history tells us that isn’t all communists want people they favor in power to do.







Obama picture keychain being sold next to Chairman Mao’s Red Book and Red Chinese Communist buttons and paraphernalia at typical Grant Street Chinatown junk shop in San Francisco, May, 2010. Picture by Jim Lacy.